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  1. Nice channel! Found ya during my liking spree ^_^ Yup im just going around smashing the like button on as many videos as I can! Best of luck on your channel! We all need a little support. {especially animators like us lol}

    im gonna make an exception and sub to you dude. ur going places 😉

    -[Sonny (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ]

  2. I found this channel looking for fellow animators. I see a lot of potential in your work man. Your video and animation style reminds me of domics. I sincerely think this channel is going to take off in a matter of no time! Good luck man!
    Also, like Sonnysays said, "We all need a little support. {especially animators like us lol} " So if there is ever anything I can contribute to you feel free to let me know! I love collaboration, and I love helping other animators!

  3. Wow, this is some amazing stuff man. The animation feels so smooth and the content is hilarious. And yes, the bloody scale is my mortal enemy! Well done, you earned a sub from me!

  4. Great stuff mate!
    I liked this a lot. You definitely have potential. So don't give up. And let's both give our best.

  5. You are so talented! I am obsessed with your videos! Would love to collaborate with you on a project. Great meeting you today at Playlist live.

  6. I Saw your channel From A Livestream of Video Creators And I think you're a really hard working Creator I Saw your Subscribers and saw 173k subs okay ….437k views okay But I looked closely WHAT! NOT 173K 173! NOT 437K VIEWS JUST 437 VIEWS!? And since I have worked edit and help other channels and worked about YouTube for 2 month before I got fired ( I'll tell u why later )
    here is my tips and

    89% YouTube population is under 14 So if you are aiming for a more mature audience it may be harder
    ( kid audiences are weird but your late on YouTube and it's hard to get the mature audiences nowdays )
    Try to go more in color for thumbnails there are various other animation channels like you but more popular because they tend to use color try putting color in maybe 1-2 of your vids see if the views differ and if it works use color then
    That's my tips for now Hope my 2 month work on YouTube tips did some difference plus 1 month uploads aren't gonna get you much further I recommend 1 video per week but do that when u earn money from YouTube and think it's work it

  7. Omg you're too funny! I have a true story to share. When I was in my early 20's, I had to have a biopsy of my cervix, at a training hospital. Needless to say there I am, all spread eagle, and I have like 6 students staring and writing down notes. When the procedure first began, the Dr. had gone in to cut a piece of my cervix out, and all I hear is "OOPS"!! WTF do you mean "OOPS"?! Apparently she had cut the wrong section, so I got to get cut twice….And to top it off, instead of telling me the results over the phone, she forced me to fight traffic to get to downtown Houston (Aka HELLSTON!) just to tell me I was in good shape, and did not have cancer. Sweet gesture. I'm sure she didn't get to say a lot of good news to people, so these stories, I feel probably helped keep her passionate about her job. I'm 46 now, and still good to go! I like your video, you made me laugh cause I can SO relate! LOL

  8. I'll never forget the time I had a hot young female nurse examine me. Here I am, fully naked in a gown, and when she starts to examine my penis, I start getting an erection. She says "Don't worry, if you become fully erect, I can examine it better".

    I know it sounds like the perfect fantasy, but it's 100% true.

  9. Hey I just wanted to say I love I love your videos and your animations are awesome I want to see you get more subscribers and because of you and similar channels I've tried out animation on my own channel I'm going to be posting my own video very soon I hope it goes out well just want to say well done Hope to get more subscribers

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