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  1. For some reason when he said if you pinch the top part of your nose it will stop the blood flow… and I immediately did it even though my nose is not bleeding😂

  2. Dont know if this has been said yet but having something warm and tight wrapped around you (like a weighed blanket) makes you feel safe and peaceful because it simulates the coziness of the womb

  3. Radom person:I don’t think that mike is your real name
    Mike:No it’s not its actually Mikhail Varshavski I wonder if people knew that
    (Zooms has into name bage)
    Me: wheezes🤣and laughs till stomach hurts

  4. There’s a book written By a Woman with autisme who had panic attacks, And she invented a sort of machine/cabin were she would het pressure on het body and head. This helped her so much. She actually sold this idea to slaughterhouses where they use it to calm down animals before they kill them.

  5. The fact you said blankets can't help with mental health is actually kinda wrong, this is coming from someone with mental health actually…, and I have two twin brothers who are autistic…and blankets rapped around them help them a lot…same with me when I have panic attacks…. I'm not trying to sound like I know everything but I just wanted to inform you that that wasn't fully true…also love your videos.. helps me wants to learn for once🤣 edit: sorry English isn't my first language…

  6. Actually talking about bloody nose I had never gotten a bloody nose before my brothers did but I never had one not even once 😀

  7. I used to get the gnarliest nosebleeds EVER!!! They would last for hours, i would stuff with toilet paper but i would have to change it in seconds and eventually it would get so bad that even if i did the lean forward and pinch method, it would still run down my throat and even out my mouth. Been to a doctor but they said it wasn't life threatening.

  8. Hey Dr Mike, i get bloody nose quite often… I dont really stay under the sun much but my nose just bleed without reason… What does that meannn?? I need explaination😥😥

  9. My brother was cleaning the floor until he started spinning like a tornado with the broom and the broom broke and hit my nose that's the first time I had a nosebleed it felt good

  10. 2:43 my sister has grey hair and she is 14 , my mom has grey hair and she is 35. Mom says they're stressed from me! 😅

  11. Dr! Hopefully you respond to this.. I’m very concerned. My gf started taking Afrin months ago based on my recommendation because she was congested. I also though told her not to use longer than 3 days.. here we are months later and she is hooked! I told her she is having rebound congestion from the spray.. any advice on how to get her off?? Mind you if she doesn’t take …she is stuffed up. Thanks

  12. I’m kinda glad I finally know why tilting back is bad because I hadn’t ever had a problem with doing it when in a situation where I needed to be subtle about it.

  13. In Russia, the name Mikhail is not pronounced as Mc-Kyle. It’s actually Mik-ha-il. But Mike can use whichever he prefers 🤣

  14. I have Lupus and my flare ups often causes some major fatigue and drowsiness, I have no energy to do things like laundry. Also, during flare ups, my fingers get swollen, so I can't grip the laundry basket. Any suggestions?

  15. Do you have any immediate cures for chronic headaches? I get them everyday.
    Also how bad is it that I literally NEVER drink water? Am I going to die? lol

  16. When I have a bloody nose I do what I was taught by one of my martial arts masters. He said that you'll get hit in the face in a fight it's just how it goes but if you have a bloody nose you'll make it a lot harder to fight for yourself. So, he said that I need to get my distance and press a little on the brachial artery about 2-3 inches below your armpit to stop the bleeding so you can keep fighting. After learning how to do it my bloody nose has never had any issues stopping in less than 5-10 seconds.

  17. If you bring someone back to conciousness and they're a femi-nazi and want to sue you, can you legally pull the plug

  18. I died a little when he said A minus instead of A negative.
    You're a doctor man! 😂 You can say complex conditions and you say minus?

  19. I got a cold sore on my eye luckily it didn’t get into my eye but it was terrible I got prescribed medicine for that, I also get really bad migraines at least once a week, I just take aleve to stop the symptoms but Where trying to find the cause. 🙂

  20. I'm gonna be honest I'm very scared to go for my echo every year because my doctor is a guy I get panic attacks months before I even have to go…..weridly I'm one of those people you can ask me if your hurting me as many times as you want I will always say no I'm very silent I will never say when I'm being hurt……because like sometimes I go for a echo and they press down to hard but it's on me for not saying anything I decide to work on distracting myself instead to calm my breathing…..I dont know I'm just werid

  21. Doctor mike, I haven't been able to straighten out my leg for the past 4 months. I don't know if it's a strain, tear, or rupture
    It hurts at the hamstring all the way up to my buttlocks.

  22. Dr. Mike. Please clear up this myth. It is believed that some woman can get a full period for months into a pregnancy, is that really true??

  23. As a massage therapist, I know many of my clients prefer female therapists because they can’t relax completely around men. After a lifetime of sexual abuse, I can say it took pushing myself fears to have male doctors. I sometimes choose male medical providers to practice being around men in a safe atmosphere. But the question asking of it is silly to prefer a male doctor? It may not make sense to men. I do like Molly’s point (love her). But I like a female gyno due to my history.

  24. Thank you for making great content I wanna be just like you when I’m older right now my mom is struggling from rent I really wish there was a way I could help but I’m too young to get a job

  25. Hey Dr. Mike,
    I'm a Pharmacy Technician…
    I recently had a petient ask if they could use flonase to stop thier bloody nose.
    My immediate thought was HELL NAH

    (I consulted briefly with POD)

    POD: you never want to put liquid in your nose when its bleeding. Get a cotton ball and pinch

  26. Weighted blanked don’t cure my anxiety but they do comfort me and make it less. I usually have to take my anxiety medication when I’m having an episode but, I won’t deny how much weighted blankets help.

  27. I am so susceptible to nosebleeds and U have the quite often. At this point when I have a nosebleed I dont freak out and do what I normally do. Get a cloth, pinch my nose with it, tilt forward, breathe with my mouth and wait for 5-10 min.

  28. Dr. Mike this might get buried. Why can’t you chew chewy gum or use mouthwash when you are going to have an operation? You’re not swallowing it. My brother’s operation got canceled because he chewed gum.

  29. I did a first aid course bc I do the first aid at my middle school and I did that nose trick it formed a like sack of blood which is good because then it comes out then the blood almost instantly stops flowing through the nose I put an ice pack at the back of the head pinched the bridge and made sure she kept leaning forward
    The nose bleed was really bad it was everywhere and it went on for more than 20 minutes before we followed that procedure bc the teacher told me to do it and the first aid course only started the day after
    P.s it was a 12 hour course and I would highly recommend taking that course it is the bottom line of basics but it's the huge injury basics the ones just so you can save a life and let the real professionals take over

  30. Is this how I cure my 2 & 1 hour nose bleeds? Oh nvm I already knew these things xD
    It’s just because I typed this before I saw the nosebleed part

  31. My husband sleeps with the fan on pointed directly at him. Every day no matter the weather. Drives me crazy dont know how to convince him to stop.

  32. I learned bacis med stuff

    So every time my friend got a nose bleed I told them to tilt down but the other friend Called me stupid ask told my friend to tilt

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