Doctor’s Orders: Mayo Clinic Sets Up Own Air Ambulance Operation

Moving from a helicopter air ambulance company to a fixed-wing operation, that’s been really a quite a challenge, an interesting challenge, but at the same time, it’s offered a lot of new opportunities. Because we had never operated an airplane before, we were not required to do proving runs, but we had to do a tabletop with the FAA and show that we could operate an airplane. We were bringing in a whole new group of pilots because, again, we didn’t have airplane pilots. We have helicopter pilots. We basically had ten pilots that we’re pulling over that we had to engrain into this culture. We come from totally different backgrounds and totally different ways of operation. By adding both the helicopter program and a fixed-wing program, it actually aligns very well with the ground ambulance network. We’re fortunate that the patient is able to get the exact same care, whether you’re on a airplane or a helicopter. And so having that portfolio of aircraft available to us has inevitably been able to bring the patient in to Mayo Clinic that much faster.

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