Doctors’ Hospital Tribute – WK Rehabilitation Institute

(dramatic piano music) – [Female Narrator] Today,
Willis-Knighton Health Systems dedicates the WK Rehabilitation Institute to all who worked at Doctors’ Hospital, honoring that hospital’s legacy of caring and meshing it into that of Willis-Knighton’s for the future. Hear these words of tribute
to Doctors’ Hospital and its staff created by Willis-Knighton President and CEO Jame K Elrod, a longtime friend of Doctor’s
Hospital CEO Charles Boyd. – [Male Narrator] The opening of the WK Rehabilitation Institute, with the region’s largest
accredited rehabilitation program, will provide our community an opportunity to honor the lives and works of those who worked at Doctors’ Hospital during its 103 year history. Multitudes of wonderful
and dedicated people spent their days in selfless service to patients at Doctor’s Hospital. Now, Willis-Knighton
Health System is pleased to dedicate to them
this beautiful edifice. Their beloved Doctors’
Hospital will soon rise like a phoenix from the proverbial ashes of sadness and neglect
to enter the service of mankind once again as the
WK Rehabilitation Institute. As new life as breathed
into the renewed mission, Doctor’s Hospital and
Willis-Knighton Health System will be eternally linked
in the hearts and minds of the patients, their families, their physicians, and all employees. Willis-Knighton and Doctors’
Hospital are bound together in service to our fellow beings at the rehabilitation institute, which is dedicated to our
Lord’s ministry of healing, as was its predecessor. These men and women faithfully
served at Doctors’ Hospital as physicians and employees,
giving of themselves for a higher purpose than
their own self-interest, doing work that will
surely outlive us all. A common thread which
runs through the life of each of the honorees and
the Willis-Knighton family is borne out of the belief that it is not what a man does that
determines whether his work is sacred or secular, but
rather why he does it. Their service will be long remembered, as will the leadership of my
dear friend and colleague, the late Charles Boyd. Charles was their Chief
Executive for more than 40 years, shepherding the hospital
through some of the most difficult times in hospital history. He helped to transform Doctors’ Hospital from a place to work, into a way of life for countless of thousands
of patients, their families, and the medical, clinical,
and support staff. I thank the Doctors’ Hospital honorees for providing a strong foundation on which the WK Rehabilitation Institute can continue to build. I hope that this tribute
will be a treasure to them, as well as to those who are now gone, knowing that to live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die. Sincerely, James K Elrod, President and CEO of
Willis-Knighton Health System. (inspirational violin music)

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