Doctors Explain Why U.S. Healthcare Is So Expensive (HBO)

Mitch McConnell unveiled new modifications
to the GOP health care bill today in his latest attempt to sway 50 Republican senators to get behind repealing and replacing Obamacare. The new bill adds $45 billion to help
states deal with the opioid crisis— a nod to previous holdouts Rob Portman of Ohio and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. It also allows barebones plans to be sold
to the Obamacare exchanges— a pet policy of Senator Ted Cruz. — I think we’re making serious progress towards coming together and unifying our conference, and getting a bill that can command the support
of at least 50 senators and pass it along. — This version of the bill also has a provision
giving members of Congress and their staffs a wider array of benefits than other Americans
who actually purchase their own coverage. McConnell says the Senate will vote next week. One group that’s been consistently
opposed to Obamacare repeal of any kind, is the American Medical Association— the country’s largest organization of doctors. Michael Moynihan went to see some
specialists to find out what’s going on what’s going on with the future of American health care, and himself. — Um… okay. I’m just gonna put those on the floor. I’m, like, legitimately nervous. I think I have cancer. I always think I have cancer. You know what the major problem
with American health care is? It’s paperwork. Are you kidding me? 10 or 12 pages? V, O, H, C… Do I need glasses? — We’re going to check right now. — Shit. — Excellent. — Okay, let’s talk about Obamacare. — We will. — You sure?
— Yep. — Alright, let me just take a look here. A typical insurance, on an initial visit like this, which takes me about one hour, pays about $100 or $95. The cost of that hour, for me to just keep the office open and operating, is about $300. — So when insurance is actually paying for it, they’re not paying you enough. — They pay me a lot less than the visit is worth. — So that’s why you don’t take commercial insurance. — Right, because I couldn’t afford to do it. — This is gonna be your glasses. — Are you kidding me? You’re fucking with— I’m sorry, do I need glasses? — So far yes, a little bit. — If I’m self-paying with you, how much does it cost? — That’s a really good question. — You don’t know? — I think it’s $350. But, um, the front desk actually
knows that price better than I do. — Can I ask you a question,
is it odd for you not to know? — I don’t want anything about my care to be influenced
in any way by the type of insurance you have. — Oh, shit.
— Yeah, sorry. — Be looking straight ahead for me. — I don’t like this part, by the way. — Yeah, no. No one likes it. Everyone gets mad at me for this. — Really?
— Mhmm. — You seem quite nice, though. — In terms of the impact the ACA
specifically has on the practice, it has increased the level of administration that
we need to do in order to get through the day. So, we used to be about 10 percent
administration and 90 percent clinical, and we’re now, like, 40 percent
administration 60 percent clinical. There is the insurance company that’s
trying to pay out as little as possible, even though the patient is paying them. So there’s just a huge layer of administration
on top of the actual medicine. So I think that we’re spending a whole lot of money administering a system that
actually doesn’t work very well. — There is a deep corn in here. — Ow! — It’s all good, I’m sorry if there’s any discomfort. But I think it’s more fear than discomfort. — Yeah. — In the realm of health care, and the mess and the morass of health care, how do you see that affecting your practice? — It affects it everyday.
— How so? — After the Affordable Care Act, people got insurance that had not had insurance. — We spend more per patient than
any other industrialized country and our care… isn’t as good. Why is the American health care
such an outlier in that sense? — What I see is that there’s a tremendous amount of greed on the part of the insurance companies. — Why is that? — Insurance companies manage care. Instead of a doctor getting $250 easily, they get $12. $40. $60. — Good afternoon, Mr. Moynihan. — Doctor. Are most people this uncomfortable,
like, the first time they come? — Not really, to be honest with you. — Really? Oh, he snaps it on… it’s like… — Okay, I’ll take it easy. — You support the ACA, but it’s made your life more difficult? — In a lot of ways. I think a lot of us support it, because of the altruistic aspect of it— to cover as many to provide coverage
to as many people as possible rather than having them go
to the emergency room for care. I’ll check you for a hernia, okay? — Okay, okay. — Okay? So a little pressure, okay? Don’t tighten up, don’t tighten up— — No, but you’re pushing my balls! — I know, I know, I know. So you can sit up for me now. — Tell me what you think of
the Republican replacement plan. — So, there is no way I felt like
I could palate, you know, what it is— and that’s really taking away
a lot of the coverage over time. — I would not want Obamacare as my insurance. And, as a physician, I don’t want Obamacare as my insurance. Nor do I want even what’s in the Congress now. That’s even worse. — Is it in your vested interest to have a single-payer…? — Yes. — We’re a wealthy country, and we should have universal health care. — I think I lean towards universal health care. I think it’s the obvious,
appropriate solution for the country. — I think those who disagree with you are in Congress. — Well, yes, and the people who
put them into Congress, I think. — Well, yeah, that’s right, too…
— It’s not a small group. — Thank you, doctor. It was lovely meeting you. I appreciate it. Thank you for taking the blade to my foot. I feel, um… I feel better. I dunno if I do.

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  1. What I see is that there is a tremendous amount of greed on the part of the insurance companies"
    WATCH MORE on administrative health coverage:

  2. Doctors don't treat patients anymore, the health insurance company dictates your care. If the health insurance company says your treatment is not medically necessary then you die. Unless your rich and can pay out of your pocket. Nothing but greedy companies taking more and more money and giving a lot less care.

  3. I'm a physician at a private practice office. I and the office spent enormous time on administration because of a broken insurance system. It's like having to deal with middlemen who are not serving the interests of either the patients or the providers. Their primary goal is to maximize profits for the shareholders. This is why you spend so much on your insurance, deductibles and copays. We need a single payer system whose primary purpose is to serve public health.

  4. Capitalism is America’s national religion. The desire to maximize profits controls everything in America, from health care to mega churches. 🤑

  5. So, we should agree with a Dr that doesn't even know the accurate price for a visit? 🤔 One that doesn't do the administrative work; therefore, they don't know about any expenses.

  6. Meanwhile, the entire rest of the developed world is staring at the US, shaking their heads and wondering what the problem is.

  7. America is a broken society
    Corruption is rife
    Litigation culture of the US
    Rich greedy insurance companies
    Ridiculous layer of administrative overheads
    Rich greedy Republicans
    Poor understanding of so called “socialised healthcare”
    Fear of a universal system

  8. You have docters that lie to you. When it comes to surgery took 15 years and Obamacare. You should record your docter visits. A lot of docters were too lazy to do paperwork. So then you have to keep going to the pissants. 50 out of 60 docters i have seen worthless. Revolving door.

  9. Corporates run America that's why the health system is so expensive they don't want to pay Americans a wage they can live on while they pocket billions they are destroying this country trump was going to drain the swamp but everyone knows he's the face of the swamp a country where if you can't afford health care go out on the street and die while the government pours trillions into the most expensive war machine in human history greed is killing America

  10. Wait doctor say wants single payer but complains about getting peanuts from the insurance companies?? Do they not know that the government will force them to take more patients and pay less SMH. Doctors need to take economics 101. Where is the explanation to the title of the video though?

  11. Absolutely nothing in this video explained why health care is so expensive. Way to get in there and not even scratch the surface, Vice!

  12. We won’t be a wealthy country if we have universal coverage. Countries that have it do not have the wealth the US has

  13. Great opportunity to hear from doctors but the reporter is obnoxious. His exaggerated reactions to a simple doctor visit are completely unnecessary and he's gotta be faking them. If he's not, he needs to grow up.

  14. The us doesn't care as long as the companies make there profit. They made people pay for insurance they couldn't afford, and then really couldn't afford to use. Paying for insurance , if you have to use. Two thirds of your yearly income is gone , before insurance kicks in

  15. I really enjoyed the way this subject was treated. It was interesting to see how the Dr visits went. I agree that the doctors want to do their passion. Not ppwrk.

  16. Greed, At. Every. Level.

    Insurance companies, pharama, medical equipment manufacturers, and providers.

  17. Greed, At. Every. Level.

    Insurance companies, pharama, medical equipment manufacturers, and providers.

  18. I keep seeing these Vice videos that have titles that imply I will learn something that I never learn about in the video. Probably pass on most Vice videos with such titles from now on, besides their obvious liberal bias with which I rarely agree. Where are the doctors that you spoke with who said they would have to find another profession to make a living at if one payer goes into effect. The doctor in the video makes it all to clear that he would not be able to cover the expenses in his practice if all he had were insurance patients. Insurance only pays 1/3 of the expenses required to operate. Then he says he wants a one payer system. I guess he wants to close shop and move into a commune medical facility.

  19. LOL. The doctors want $350 but insurance only pays $60 so that makes health care more expensive? Love the math!

  20. Just go to Commie medicine: Doctors get paid the same as street-sweepers.Boom! Sweet. You don't like it, Comrade Doktor? You go to gulag…

  21. For anyone wondering, here is where the costs really go insane. A doctor can’t get insurance companies to cover their costs of a regular patient appointment, but a hospital will charge $50k for a surgery that took 30 minutes. It’s not the private practices, it’s the hospitals, hospital networks, surgery centers, etc. and the drug companies, who are profiting, and bleeding the health care system dry of any funding that could of been available for a private practice to get a tiny bit of profit to keep the lights on.

  22. Im an orthotist, the cost of health care 100% is due to profiteering middle men like administrators, insurers, third party durable medical equipment providers, etc.

    Perfect example: medicare considers a fair price for a sling to be 40 dollars. That SAME sling is sold at 200-900 dollars when the dme qnd insurer gets done charging the patient. Why the mark up?

    You have a contract with your insurer to pay a coinsurance.
    A typical American policy is:
    you pay about 200 a month premium, have a 3000 a year deductible , then a 20% coinsurance until a max out of pocket at 6 grand is met.

    If they charge the patient 20% of 40 dollars fair cost then the insurance has to pay for the bulk of that item.

    If they charge 20% of 200 then the patient just paid for the whole sling due to the mark up and the insurance didnt have to really pay for anything.

    Charge 20% of that sling at 900 and the insurance just made a profit off of you.

    This is why a band aid that costs a penny becomes 4 dollars in the emergency room: they are wayyyyy upping the cost so they can make total profit off the patient. The profit level is so huge its to the point that most americans cant even afford basic health care.

    Americans mistakenly assume this is paying the 6 figure salaries of doctors. Its not. The bulk of this profit goes into the pockets of ceos and administrators who take home tens of millions for literally jacking up prices on sick people. They are immoral. Provide NO service, and are being rewarded simply for being greedy and psychopathic.

  23. In the meanwhile, the Sosh-owned media will see to it that the nightmare that is Socialized medicine will be misrepresented to the greatest degree possible. A man in Canada died of colon cancer while waiting in line for many months for a colonoscopy. Now, THAT'S high-quality health care. Dead men tell no tales. And that dead man isn't able to raise a fuss about it. So, I WILL.

  24. Title should have been “Vice shows doctors who support single-payer healthcare without giving any real explanations about why they do.”

  25. This was heavy on opinion but short on facts! It was WAY too simplistic to merely lay the whole issue at the feet of Insurers. Nothing was said about the huge burden of Medical Education/School Loan Servicing, about our litigious system that drives unaffordable Malpractice Insurance, about astronomical numbers of people who do not contribute but draw heavily upon the finite resources of Medical Care, and there’s the long line of expensive medical supplies, prescriptions and services that accumulate and drive prices through the ceiling!

    The very mechanisms in our economy designed to create competition, lower prices and drive innovation are hobbled by government, bureaucracy and bad ideas. There is ALWAYS a gap between desirability and ability. So called social medicine is a pipe-dream and worse, a distraction from the hard work necessary to fix our broken Medical infrastructure. Our representatives are too inhibited by influence and donations from providers within the Medical Structure to make true beneficial decisions in this arena. It us up to the citizenry to inform themselves, innovate and LEAD our representatives in the directions that our families can live with!

  26. I get insurance through my job and prior to this I was always able to get insurance through my parents, who got it through their jobs. All self-funded plans. Regardless of the deductible/coinsurance/co-pays and stuff I have to pay, I'm extremely lucky. Many people with Obamacare get really shitty coverage that is unbelievably expensive. Even the shitty HMOs that don't cover anything cost $600+ a month. There are very few people who can afford an extra expense that big, plus the $6k deductible, plus the coinsurance, etc. The U.S medical system is completely ridiculous. I currently work in a job where we have to interact directly with insurance companies and it doesn't surprise me that the state of health care today requires so much administration. It is not easy to get an insurance company to pay even the amounts that they are legally or contractually required to. They use any and every excuse to stonewall and delay insureds and providers until people decide to just give up and cut their losses. This generally results in the "surprise" medical bills people often get, which many times are not even applied to the deductible/copay/or out of pocket maximum tallied by insurance companies. If there's any industry in the world that needs to be totally obliterated, it is private insurance.

  27. A doctor is the worst person in the system to explain payment. Can this MD explain the cost of medications? Do they explain that a primary care visit being treated by an NP or a PA would cost less? Sorry, but MDs are overpaid.

  28. I had an allergic reaction while in Panama and was taken to a public hospital. Since I was uninsured, I had to pay $8 out of pocket. Lol

  29. The highest paying fields in North America (and much of the world) today center on: Entertainment, politics, weapons, and drugs. Doctors are the pushers for the pharmaceutical industry (drugs), that's why they are paid so damned much. It is as simple as that!

  30. Absolutely insane, the medical system in the states. My surgery was $300,000 USD in California. I came back to Canada and my doctor was like what? That’s a $2,500 surgery here. Absolutely insane, the USA and t

  31. Government healthcare it completely corrupted and the are exploring Medicare and Medicaid by over charging people just cause all those program uses tax payers money

  32. It better for all doctors to function exactly like a restaurant or fast food ones you go to doctor and all procedures have a price then you choose what you want they you just pay

  33. All paid cash or credit then you can either pay in full or monthly but it will be to the doctor or office directly

  34. And cause they no more free unlimited tax payer money insurances all doctor offices need give better care than rest to charge more and it will create a free market system true capitalism not crony capitalism like now

  35. No socialist or communist should have any type of job that is care of people as they love stealing the population money

  36. You can either have "Obamacare " or you could have "Universal Healthcare ", the Right Wing Republicans want neither, so people would suffer. Remember "Repeal & Replace "?, they couldn't do either. So I would say to those who want to further gut "Obamacare ", would you like "Universal single payer " Healthcare " instead? I personally believe both would be beneficial if implemented properly. 💰💰💰

  37. The healthcare in Europe & other countries is far better than ours, too much greed, too much bureaucracy in our system. 💰💰💰💰💰

  38. I will push for Universal Health care, being born in Panama, I am a product of it 💰💰💰💰💰

  39. mri in america with old teck 5k and 4 months wait. mri in vietnam 100 bucks or less, modern teck, no wait, no scheduling.

  40. Just give us exactly what Canada The UK and France has, go there, study it and bring same system here. Hell with it! We have the worlds greatest healthcare system for making the rich people who own it and their investors richer!

  41. " what i see is a tremendous amount of greed on the part of the insurance companies "
    says the woman that takes home probably in excess of $200,000. a year , drives an $80,000. car , lives in a 1/2 million dollar house , belongs to a $25,000. a year country club , has maids and a gardener etc , etc , etc .

    i don't think universal health care is the answer , but we need to figure out what will work .
    with all the so called " think tanks " and " consulting firms " in this country , you'd think we could .

  42. A few years ago I started to have problems when I urinated,I'm a very old guy.
    I also thought I might have cancer.
    I made an appointment to see my Doctor, which was made for the afternoon 2 days later.
    He diagnosed a unitarity tract infection but just to be sure he sent me to the Prostate Department of my local HospitaL.
    The appointment took 2 weeks.
    They investigate and I was given the all clear regarding cancer.
    My own GP had prescribe a drug called Finasteride to control the infection.
    I filled in no insurance claim, no paperwork, period. I paid no co-pay, no-deductibles.
    The drugs? 
    No charge.
    I paid no bills because I had no bills to pay.
    Single payer UHC, NHS, UK.

  43. Why did none of those doctors talk about his yellow eyelids, maybe healthcare in America is worse off than I thought

  44. It's simple. We pay higher prices to live. Socialized medicine is basically on the level of our emergency health clinics. Here is a link as an example.
    Don't be turned off by the title. Listen to his experience at the hospital in Paris. The emergency technician that arrived knew what to do, the public hospital staff knew what to do and the surgery hospital knew what to do but did not have a surgeon available. It was several days before a surgeon performed surgery.

  45. 1 hour exam. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, You mean the patient waits a hour to see the doctor for 5 minutes. It is more like $1200 per hour.


  47. Biggest scam in america, and it's not even the governments fault, it's the people. You have power to change, bernie tryed but you laughed, now you have this orange idiot in house, hopefully people wake up soon and understand that private insurance companies only want money, they don't care about afford able care or your well being

  48. What you DIDN'T hear in this video is the effect of costly malpractice insurance. Many states, such as Pennsylvania, have been subsidizing practitioners malpractice insurance, so ambulance-chasing lawyers can get rich suing everyone "for the people":

  49. That's a terrible video that tells people nothing the eye doctor is someone you see every two years for glasses because we all know that if you actually had an eye injury he is not going to be the one that's going to do it because doctors today don't operate do you have different classes now I guess to like the one that you operate and ones that don't my general practitioner does not do operations on he'll deliver a baby not yet he's not cutting anything open but in the old days when I was a kid the doctor did everything

  50. Why does the optician need so much just to pay for his office? In the UK eye examinations are usually private too yet the the average cost of an eye test is about £21.31 in England.  If you are on welfare benefits, over a certain age or have medical conditions this is free and paid for by the National Health Service.  The eye examinations include many tests and scans and consultation that will take about an hour. I will be processed through a range of people, all doing their own job. The process is as easy as going in to a barber shop or supermarket. I can book online for an appointment or often just walk in. You will get a prescription for eye glasses etc that you will buy from that opticians or anywhere else if you like and a copy of any scans if you want. The NHS will still provide eye treatments and will do regular hospital check ups if you are diabetic or have another relevant illness. It would seem to me that the US system is not geared up for high footfall that would make things cheaper.  Clearly there will be a lot of vested interests to fight against and investment needed for the services to modernise that people who don't like change will revolt against. I don't think our qualified staff will be paid much less than Americans its just that ours learn to deal with a larger number of people with the same quality.

  51. I've been alive 29 medical advice is don't buy into this nonsense.they can build a healthcare system but not fix it.uh yeah🤑

  52. This is BS the first dr. Saying private insurance only pays him $100 per…. all the doctors I've talked to say that about Medicare!I'm not say our healthcare isn't over priced and needs some fixing but Obamacare or any single payer/government isn't the answer!!! And this video is crap!!!!

  53. The problem here is not that the insurance companies are too greedy, it's just that there aren't that many insurance companies. If the barriers to insurance were fewer, there would be a lot more companies trying to get the best doctors into their networks, outbidding their competitors, similarly, they'd have to provide the best coverage for the best price for consumers.

    Free markets can work miracles for healthcare, it's just that no country in the world truly has free-market healthcare, there are tons of regulations and red tape that prevent a perfectly competitive market from existing.

  54. Dude, if you take 1,000 mcg of selenium daily you never get cancer.

    The greatest advance in health care will happen when most people go into Prevention.  
    In China 1/3 of the people use liquid colloidal minerals to prevent disease, 
    eat mainly vegetables to prevent cancer, 
    use Quigong exercises to prevent many diseases, like arthritis, etc.

    Ask not what the government can do for you. – JFK.

    Please join the Friday Students Strike for the climate Emergency.
    SF City Hall noon.
    Youtube: paul8kangas

  55. The problem is when they don't even want to tell you the cost before you go to the doctor. I asked a clinic how much they charged for consultation and it seemed like I asked them an algebra question. I'm young but I rather die than go to any hospital here.

  56. This is a system of oppression at its finest. It was designed to keep you working and to take away your wealth.

  57. Am I the only one who can't afford it? I just go to the hospital when I have to. Cost me 2000 to sit in the Ed for a doctor's note for work. Guess who ain't paying. Suck my pecker

  58. As an Aussie family we earn 165k and have private insurance on top of the Govt medicare insurance it costs about $8500 in taxes and deductions per year. That covers my whole family (4people)and also makes just about everything very cheap or free. Some examples – a GP (MD) visit free!, a shoulder reconstruction which cost $8000, I paid $250. $1500 dental treatments for family, my cost $0.00. The Australian government also has the PBS pharmaceutical benefits scheme. That makes almost all prescribed drugs $30 maximum. Antibiotics cost around $11, cancer drugs cost $30!
    Its a good system but its not free! My $220 fortnightly deductions and 2% income levy is substantial.
    Also people who cant or wont🤬work bog the system down as they don’t contribute to the funding pool. Australia Being an egalitarian country will ensure its citizens are looked after. Public system is good. Private + public combined is very good. When i hear about Americans dying from type 1 diabetes as their insulin costs $1800 a month I’m disgusted. In Australia that would be absolutely free. It comes down to the government caring for its citizens. If big pharmaceutical companies tried the evil shit they do in the USA, in Australia they would be bashed to death on the spot. It appears the US Govt cowardice is responsible for your mess. Very sad.

  59. lmaoo this is wild. alot of the people in these comments are not even american which is another conversation to be had

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