Doctors Answer Commonly Googled Period Questions

– Hopefully, they’ll just nuzzle up to you a little bit more, and be
a little bit more friendly during that time of the month, so you’ll have a little bit more love. (upbeat music) I’m Doctor Lisa Masterson, and I’m an OBGYN and I practice in Santa Monica. – My name is Doctor
Aline Ketefian, and I’m a reproductive endocrinology
and infertility specialist. – Today, I’m going to
be talking about Googled questions on your period. – Bring it on. (typing) – Well, there could be a lot of reasons for your period being irregular. It could be a fibroid,
it could be an infection, it could be a disorder. – One of the most common reasons is due to ovulation disorders. – You have to remember your
period is a vital sign. If it gets irregular,
and goes off the wall, go to your doctor. (typing) – Especially towards
the end of the period, the blood is older, rather than fresh. – It takes a long time
to get from the uterus, into the vagina, and then
out for you to see it, so it also gets oxidized,
and so it gets dark. (typing) It’s not actually your
period, but the hormonal changes that go on with your period. – What typically happens
is when ovulation occurs, and a hormone called progesterone is made, can effect how fast fluid can go through the gastro-intestinal tract. – So, yes, it can effect bowel changes. (typing) It’s a terrible question, but, believe it or not, not directly. – In certain disorders, such as when a woman has lots of uterine fibroids. – If you have a heavy period, you know like one of
those crime scene periods, you can loose so much blood,
in the amount of time, that yes, it can cause
you to loose your life, and you need an emergency D&C, it sounds so awful, but
we scrape that lining, and then that stops the bleeding, and it can save women’s lives. (typing) Well, BV stands for bacterial vaginosis, but basically, it’s not going to help it, it may actually bring the smell out. – Periods would not be expected to help the situation with BV. (typing) Well, cats can certainly
smell the odor of a period. – Hopefully they’ll just nuzzle up to you, a little bit more, and be
a little bit more friendly. – However I would not expect that a cat would be effected by the period itself. (typing) – So, sometimes you can
have really severe cramps. – Very significant pain,
during the periods, can be caused by a number
of disease processes. – That’s usually because
of something called prostaglandins and they
cause the uterus to cramp. Let me tell you, having had a baby, they are not as bad as labor cramps, even though they may seem like it. (typing) Your period cramps may make you vomit, because of the estrogen, those hormones that are going on around it. – Right before the period,
and during the period, the hormones are shifting, and
that can cause some nausea. – So it’s really important
to talk to your doctor, because we can help you with that, sometimes by balancing them
out with birth control pills. Remember, they’re not
just for contraception, they actually act as hormones to balance those hormones during your period. (typing) Well, they can, but they’re
not gonna stay that way, it’s a temporary augmentation. – When progesterone hormone is produced, that actually can induce slight growth. – And also you’re gonna
be retaining water, and that also makes your
breasts appear larger. (typing) It can absolutely
stimulate those taste buds. – Because of the hormone shifts that are occurring before and during the period. – A lot of women will
totally have total cravings, again, so if you’re
wanting that chocolate, indulge a little bit, if that’s
what makes you feel good. (typing) – This can occur if there
are things that we’re eating that can effect the vaginal secretions and give it a more sweet odor. – Unless you have diabetes,
or something like that, then you might, again, want to
talk to your doctor about it. (typing) Oh, the period can make you tired, because of those hormones again, that premenstrual
syndrome, everybody loves that period nap, you go
into coma-like sleep. – Because of the blood loss that happens during the period, we can be
more prone to being tired, again the hormonal
changes that are going on. – If it’s keeping you
from doing your work, then that’s something you need
to talk to your doctor about. (typing) The vagina is a self-cleaning oven, so it should not have an odor to it. – Can certainly occur if there is bacterial vaginosis type
of infection going on. (sniffs)
– That whiff test and it smells fishy, not good, you need something to help that. – So, if there is a fishy
odor, it should be evaluated. (typing) – Well if your period smells like bleach, it’s not because it’s cleaner. – Sperm tends to smell like bleach. – The bleach is a sign of anomia, or you might have eaten a lot more nitrogen rich foods, so you may want to change up your diet a little bit. – Also, if there is a feminine product you use that contains chlorine. – So those are the type of things that can make it cause a little bit
of an anomia type smell. Your period can be a great
thing, it’s a sign that you’re becoming a woman,
you can have a baby. – It’s important to know that, periods can literally come in
different shapes and sizes. – But, talk to your doctor,
use them as a resource, we’re here to help you. – If there is something
that you’re concerned about, it’s really important to
talk to your physician, and get it evaluated. – Really make the most of being
a wonderful, hormonal woman. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Doctors Answer Commonly Googled Period Questions

  1. I haven't had my period for like 3 to 5 m9nths I don't wanna go to the doctor cuz I'm only I 2 and I started my period at 10 and I just stopped I really don't wanna ask cuz it's awkward help

  2. for some of the problems the simple answer is "exercise"… I used to get nauseated and vomit alot to the point that I couldn't eat anything for 24 hours (I even went to a doctor and she told me it just happens because of the hormones, there's no medicine for it), but now after regular exercise, most of those symptoms are gone~

  3. How I describe period:
    Uterus wants a baby
    You don’t have a baby
    Uterus wants revenge

    How my friend (who’s a boy) describes a period:
    Punishment for being a woman

  4. then that means every girl has an infection because 99% of women has a fishy smell on their period . it’s just how we are .. it’s blood coming out of our vagina , why would it smell like candy ?

  5. We weren’t even a minute in the they immediately started talking about diseases and infections when irregular periods are mostly caused by stress or if it’s the first few years I’ve had mine since I was 10 I’m 13 now and it’s still irregular but it’s starting to settle into a regular pattern just wanted to address that bye

  6. My older sister and I have horrid cramps. We get made fun of by our mom somtimes because of our unique way of describing the pain(Me: Oh My LoRd!! It feels like my uterus is being shrdded by a tazmanian devil!! Mom: Hahaha). We can feel our lining shedding and ovulation and it absolutley sucks!!!

  7. Youtube actually knows when I'm on my period everytime I have my period I have a bunch of period and womens stuff on my recommendations and when I'm not on my period it has all of my normal recommendations 😂

  8. i love how these two doctors counter each other in how they are mannerism wise but are still saying the same thing and are still just as credible

  9. Uterus: I have failed to conceive a child this month I'm a disgrace to my family I now stabb myself
    (And that's a period)

  10. Who’s watching this while on there period and feelings uncomfortable

  11. Ok so if anything is off it could be a infection or I could die ok great I'm gonna go cry and have a panic attack now

  12. Except women with endometriosis can 💯 have painful periods more painful then childbirth (as commonly anecdotally reported by many women who have had labour and endo pain). What a missed opportunity to educate about the 1/10 women who have very painful periods, and not dismiss that pain

  13. I had my period for nine/or ten days it stopped for a day and it same roll week started again and then the next day it stopped for a day and a half again and then now it started then stopped back and forth I don’t know what is going on? Anybody know?

  14. I have been peeing A LOT lately. I googled " is peeing a lot a sign of period " and it said OH YEAH so pray for me. if it happens it will be my first period soo…Yeah

  15. Im in middle school and I am so scared because i have literally every sympotom except spotting, but my cramps are extremely bad can anybody help me because I live with my dad

  16. I have a question and anybody can say their opinions but I have a gyno on Tuesday and I got my period today and i was never sexually active(I’m a Virgin Mary) but is there a way my gyno can still give me birth control pills without an examination? Because I’ve have heavy flows and I’ve been rushed to the hospital before, nausea, can’t eat for two days and lightheaded and etc. and I’m really only just going to the gyno just for my excruciating pain periods I’ve had since I first got it when I was 14, and I’m going to college on Friday and I don’t want to have to deal with it, and I’m hoping I can be put on without an exam, or if I can do an examination later, the next time I go to the gyno? Any thoughts?

  17. one time I was on my period and I cried because the unfertilized egg I was shedding didn’t get a chance at life. literally never even thought about that before.

  18. I'm nervous bcs i haven't had my period, I'm only 11 buttttt.. i had my period, then 1 day later it's gone. The blood only lasted like 1 day only, IM SO NERVOUS PLEASE HELP OMG.

  19. A Year late but imma just put a 2k19 meme

    Me* why is do i feel tired on my period?
    Google* You have cancer
    Me* but im-
    Me* smh bull crap

  20. I always hate going to sleep when I’m on my period because I really don’t want to stain my clothes and I definitely don’t want to stain the bed.
    I constantly worry about my period. I always wonder if it’s just gonna surprise me and it’s gonna start leaking. And when I’m on on it I don’t really want to sit down on anything for fear of staining. ( like right now)

  21. No one:
    Me getting up for school:
    My period: hi 😀
    Me realizing that I have gym and I have to do all that running around and do all that stuff in gym we usually do: ;-;

  22. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have cramps on my period, and all my acne goes away, and I'm happier and more nice

  23. Really you can get super tired cuz of ur periods
    Yesterday it was 1 in the morning and I was dancing to KPOP like there was no tomorrow……

  24. When I get my period, I always go back to buzzfeed and watch these kinds of videos about periods and cramps. It’s so soothing, and calms me down from panicking of my horrible cramps and pains. Which helps big time, I get distracted and then learn about periods all over again.

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