Doctorate of Medical Physics (DMP) Program

I was always interested in helping patients
with diseases. UT Health San Antonio has a long track record
of medical physics education. DMP stands for the Doctorate of Medical Physics,
it’s a four year program to train clinical medical physicists. In the Doctorate of Medical Physics program,
I’m an imaging physicist and I supervise the imaging track where the students learn about
CT scans and MRI and some nuclear medicine as well. The difference between the imaging and therapy
tracks in our DMP program is really about the clinical work they perform during their
four years here. Each patient will have a full treatment plan
and we have to approve it and say that we are ok with everything that is going to happen
so if there is a mistake made at the beginning of the timeline, we will catch it before they
are actually on the table being treated with radiation therapy. If it’s a small tumor for example, we do a
SRS which stands for seriotactic radio surgery so we basically blast the tumor with a lot
of radiation and kill that small amount of area basically. Our biggest job is another viewpoint for the
radiation oncologists and a second check for all things in the clinic and we just verify
that everything is running smoothly. So the DMP programs four years so in general
they are going to get you into the field in a quicker time. After finishing a PhD, you still need to go
through a residency program which is typically two or possibly three years. If you enjoy physics and you enjoy the idea
of being able to help people, then this is a really beneficial program for you.

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