Doctor Who: “Spyfall” – Reacción y Review – Reaction – Two Parts

That is a very spy thing to do. Will that taste like mint or something? Okay, the chameleon is looking for certain people “Spyfall.” Yeap It makes sense that we have spies. How beautiful is Yaz. Ah, all of them are really lying about everything. Oh, she has to become a police officer. There are a few stakes now. New year… I feel like this is more Doctor Who than last season. It is like they are more… … self conscious of “Doctor Who”. There is an interference… A space ship? Someone has to drive! Ah, is the chameleon already driving? A mirror! The earrings!! Please! And what it is now? So, some spies were working in something special and all of the died? Are they creating like vessels to “live” inside them? They were all looking for the same guy. They are getting inside! We are out! If it has a good grip, it will be outside… How beautiful the outfit of that girl! Is he an alien? A lot. They trapped it! It is laughing. Is it her? Or is she a double agent now? Maybe she doesn’t give you her sister’s number because she wanna give you a few kisses. That is dangerous, maybe they don’t want to know things about The Doctor. Oh, Argentina was in there! That look cool, it’s like a hand. I love her outfit! And the music… Very good… The Doctor’s outfit it’s exactly the same as the one she has always but… Formal. This shot it’s also “spies stuff” What just happened? Is that a T.A.R.D.I.S? Well, this was something that could happen and I told you so when Missy died. He has change a lot. That was more like… How will they go down? Some of the gadgets from the first episode? I love that and I love it because it was a beautiful wink to Blink. Maybe is like a “time travel thing” to do after the episode like “Uh, I have to do that”. Is the Master trying to save that woman? Maybe he is in love… He found love in her and he did a big plan to save her? From something… Maybe she is dying… I really like this girl. And she doesn’t have a T.A.R.D.I.S. She can use the to go back to her time. She has to find a way to go out… In the 2000. This one reminds me a lot to… “Ada” is an amazing name to an AI. It is the same as the one from The Master’s house. We can bring Ada back in the T.A.R.D.I.S after. Okay, good! The don’t know a thing about The Doctor That sounds like World War. He is chasing them threw time… I like this because I feel like he is fun as THE Master. It is like he is playing… It would be nice if they could go to the future and see everything fixed. She is calling him…. They are using de force! And why they were also confused about Ada? They want to replace them? They wanna Use them as vessels… No one cares about what he is saying? Don’t give this too much thought because you won’t be using your cellphone again. I’ve got a new message! And now they will have his face! He will be trapped for a while And that will make him more angry than before. I love this really small detail. You can’t come back to this… This is so ugly! Yeah, it was kind of… hard leave them with all that… The eyes! Please… I’m really liking this. I’m really liking this… I have to be honest… He has a lot of hate. But what happened?

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: “Spyfall” – Reacción y Review – Reaction – Two Parts

  1. Esperaba con ansias tu review xD Hay una teoria que dice que este Master es posterior a Missy, que supuestamente si se regenero al final, volvio a Gallifrey, descubrio lo del Timeless Child y eso hizo que volviera a ser como antes

  2. Мне нравится ваша естественная и натуральная реакция. И блеск в глазах, когда вы поняли, что дом за окном – это ТАРДИС. И улыбка в предвкушении слов Мастера. И да, пока что эти две серии лучшее что было в 11-12 сезонах./

    I like your natural and natural reaction. And the glint in your eyes when you realized that the house outside is the TARDIS. And a smile in anticipation of the Master's words. And Yes, so far these two series are the best that was in 11-12 seasons./

    Me encanta tu reacción natural y natural. Y brillar en los ojos cuando te diste cuenta de que la casa fuera de la ventana es la TARDIS. Y una sonrisa en anticipación de las palabras del Maestro. Y sí, hasta ahora, estas dos Series son las mejores que han tenido en temporadas 11-12.

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