100 thoughts on “Doctor Who Jokes Compendium

  1. nonono, clara, cpatain jack an rory go into a bar. everbody dies.
    captain jack walks out the bar, clara walks out another bar and rory walks out a bar in the past 😀

  2. hers one.

    What is the name of the episode where the Doctor visits the Jungle of Nool?

    Horton hears a Doctor Who.

    (haha i know..thats bad DX)

  3. What do Daleks do in the shower?
    What do Daleks do when they dig?
    I once phoned the local council and asked what precautions were being taken against a Dalek invasion.
    They said steps were put in place.

  4. #TimeLordConfessions- I take pictures of cacti and send them to my Vinvocci friends with the text "I found your brother!"

  5. Captain Jack, Rory and Clara walks into a bar. They all die. 
    Captain Jack walks out of the bar. Rory walks out a bar in the past. Clara walks out from a different bar.

  6. Sometimes I like to take pictures of cacti and send them to my Vinvocci friends with a text saying "I FOUND YOUR BROTHER!"

  7. I have 2 why was hurt afraid of Mcoy because Mcoy Hurt Mcgann (sorry if I spelt McCoy wrong) what did eleven say to A skunk before they left the Tardis?….Come Along Pong !!! Hahahhahaha Loool i hope you thought they were funny !!! 😀

  8. No, no, no! The correct response to "Doctor who?" is nothign, because silence wil lfall whken the question is asked!

  9. Why did the FACE of Boe not go to the party?

    Because he had NO-BODY to go with

    🙂 your welcome

  10. Yo mama so fat, the T.A.R.D.I.S. thought she was a planet and tried to land on her!!!
    ohhhhhh!!! you just got burned by a timelord!! Burned like Gallifrey!!

  11. I think this is the only funny one ive heard:
    Q: why do daleks eat so many apples?
    A: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

  12. the only one I laugh hard was the stlitheen one, they're not quite whovians. If they we're they would get it

  13. 1,2,3,4 ready for the time war? 5,6,7,8 daleks yell EXTERMINATE! 9,10,11,12 doctors dead and silence fell 12,11,10,9 let's all go back in time 8,7,6,5 one fellow called Clive 4,3,2,1 grab her hand a whisper run

  14. So sad that "Hollidays of the Doctor" has disappear.. (sorry for my english, I live in Belgium)
    PS : I love your vidéos <3

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