100 thoughts on “Doctor Tries Whole30 Challenge (it was ROUGH)

  1. Hey doc, you should do a collab with One Topic At A Time, reading the subreddit r/fatlogic, or just talking with him about his own health journey. It's really interesting.

  2. Hola doctor mike soy de peru te sigo en istrangram y soy tu amiradora de ti y eres muy guapo me llamo karim

  3. I heard about whole30 when trying to cut sugar. Is it extreme, yes. And it’s not for everyone. But it helped me cut my sugar cravings. I eat more fruits and vegetables still and have found some new healthier Snacks to turn to. I did whole30 over a year ago and it has made a lasting good impact on my eating habits. Like most things, it’s what you make of it.

  4. I have a family history of type 2 diabetes , i would like to know your opinion on the best eating plan to prevent diabetes. Like how much bread or potatoes I can have in a day.
    Will the Mediterranean diet be the best?
    Thank you as always for your informative videos.

  5. I would always get soda water with lime on whole30. That way I didn’t feel left out. Just looks like a vodka soda

  6. Were you just gluten sensitive or do you have celiac disease and how did you over come it. Also omg we have the same birthday 😊

  7. Day 18 of vegan keto, so far I’m loving it. Makes me feel amazing, lighter, I sleep soooo much better. Just like you said though, elimination diets can make my appetite diminish so I have to be careful with that. I suffer from low blood pressure under certain conditions (heat, dehydration, not eating before exercising etc) and get hypoglycemia symptoms if I skip two meals. I was lucky (?) enough to pass out while at the doctors. I was pregnant and showing up for my glucose test. Right when it was time to get my blood drawn I passed out. The doctor said my blood pressure got super low and my body was reacting as if it thought I was injured. The blood test ended up coming back fine, no pregnancy induced diabetes and the doctor said that there was medication I could take for it but that the side effects of said medication could be worse than just listening to my body and avoiding triggering situations. I’m hoping vegan keto helps with these symptoms, seems like teaching the body to rely on fat instead of sugar for energy it would be a step in the right direction.

  8. "See your doctor!"
    I want to! So badly, but I don't have health care. I just graduated from college and cannot get and affordable health care plan to save my life, literally. Unfortunately, this isn't an option so I don't know how to start the road to helping myself. I am afraid of simply going for it with a diet because of the things you mentioned. I know of some preexisting health issues that I should speak with a doctor before going forward with a diet. But we come back to the same issue, I can't afford it. I am lucky I can even afford my rent and other bills. A doctor bill? I just don't think I can add it to the list. Either way, I love your videos and they do help a lot!

  9. Mike, instead of using water at the disco, try water with gas and lemon. People will think it is an gin. No more strange moments!

  10. "why" well for me I have HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) I tried AIP diet for 3 months, I couldn't afford it anymore that's why I stopped, I want to be back on it when my financials are better because I was thinking of going to a dietitian not only to help me with the diet but some supplement ingredients can't be found in my country, and also I want to go to the Dr to check on my medications and if the diet is effecting my health if he's going to give me vitamins

  11. As a practicing DO why would you do a 30-day diet challenge. You realize the differences and what it does to the body chemistry. I am just surprised that you would do or promote this. I really do enjoy all of your videos and what you share.

  12. I have a universal recommendation:
    if you have a health problem, visit your doctor. Affording it is a whole different problem…

  13. Dr Mike: "So my body looked a lot better". Ummmm, where are the thirst traps….. uhhhh….. pics to support this??? 😉

  14. Beans and Grains are whole foods clearly you know nothing about real nutrition and not to mention you miss cheese that's not something a real doctor should miss

  15. How can you know if you have gynecomastia?
    And is it safe to remove from a plastic surgery and how much will it typically cost do that.
    (I think i have stage 2 gynecomastia, I'm 18 years old)

  16. Dr Mike, please make a video about this new virus outbreak! You have a lot of worried fans that live in Asia, including me living in China. It would be great if you could explain what is going on and how to best avoid transmitting it. Please upvote this comment so he can see it.

  17. You should try the potato hack… it's only 3-5 days. It focuses on increasing the health of your microbiome and is actively being used in the medical community to treat inflammatory conditions, fixing insulin resistance, and for healthy weight loss.

  18. Really love your content brother.
    My mother is a nursing officer n unfortunately she has a slip disc. It's really hard seeing her struggle with pain so can you please make a video on slip disc recovery.
    Love and appreciation from India.

  19. Ah, I've been thinking of doing this challenge to see if I have any sensitivities. Glad I watched your video on it first. Idk if I could give up beans 🙁

  20. Heya Doc Mike! How many cans of tuna can you eat in a month without being in danger of mercury poisoning? Also is it true that your hair genes are passed down from your mother's side not your fathers?

  21. Can you do a video about BHT AND BHA in foods. I just spent a night in the ER due to an allergic reaction to this in Jennie-o turkey sausage.
    And that additive is banned in other countries but not here. It's also a carcinogen and hormone interrupter.

  22. 30 HUMAN YEARS = VAMP 50,001.25.

  23. 3:56
    That my friend, is a box that has gOoDiEs like chocolates, yummy crunchy stuff like white cheddar popcorn, chips seems like and the other box has colorful cookies😁👍You're Welcome

  24. I remember when I turned 30… It wasn't as bad as I expected. But here is a fun song about it.

  25. Anyway. I never eat 90% of foods you do anyway, mostly due to taste and my gag reflex as well as cost. Also, my living conditions are sub par and my income is minimal.

  26. I'm going on AIP diet in February after Valentine's, I'm scared I will find I'm allergic to something I love. I have chronic migraines and multiple autoimmune diseases. Interesting you mentioned anemia and vitamin d Drs didn't bring these up and I'm extremely deficient. Way to go on trying this I've been curious.

  27. I actually liked whole30

    I ate better quality foods, was more concious about what foods went in, and lost 9lbs in a month.

    My mom has a liver disease so we decided to do it together. Great learning experience for both of us and I'm glad she felt supported.

  28. You should try one of those 60 day juice fasts, i tried it just coz i was looking for ways to stay healthier and TBF though the first week was really rough for the rest of the 60 dyays i felt great. I don't normally do fad diets and i wouldn't do that one again tho from what i've found out you are only meant to do it the once it's not meant to be a sustained diet. But by the end of the diet i had lost neally 4 stone and felt awesome i had so much more energy and felt so much better. so if your looking for a challeneg and this most certainly is give the 60 day juice fast a go.

  29. Hi doctor mike i dont know if you did a video on this B U T
    I have 2 questions
    1. I can crack my middle finger ( ironic?? ) knuckle like 10 times at the time
    2. I have premature greying since i was in 9th grade ( people think i have silver/grey highlights )

  30. Basically about 8 or so years ago I was 5th grade in a public school in New York, they force the students there was force to eat salad even though the got something else for lunch, ever since then I have a hard time eating them even though I know they are healthy for you. Do you have any ideas that’ll help?

  31. So what were the benefits of the whole30 diet? Who would you recommend it to? Why no measuring? … how would you be able to compare results if you can’t measure. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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