100 thoughts on “Doctor Tries Disgusting Science Experiment Kit | Doctor Mike

  1. I somehow really like Ari. He is congenial and he seems like someone that I would like to have as a good friend (probably also intrigued by his sharp tongue and smartness). And he is so in the 90's, how dope is that?! Also grease. Man, kid's cool

  2. Dr. Mike, you're really great with your nephew. You're instilling alot of good values in him which is what kids need nowadays. God bless. Thank you.

  3. That boy is so smart and funny, serves you right Doctor mike when he told you they put cotton wool in your b**t. Like that was the dudes way of saying do I look that dumb 😂😂😂😂

  4. "On the bottom of the microwave on the touchpad"
    Dog knocks over water
    "BEAR! This is why we dont let dogs near science experiments"
    me: literally laughing my guts out!!

  5. Ari: Pour olive oil now
    Mike: Where?
    Ari: In the thing!
    Mike: In here?
    Ari: Yeah!
    Mike: How?
    🤦🏻‍♂️He is somehow a doctor.


  6. Next time when the video is with your nephews, please mention it in the title. I am an avid fan of the conversation. Big fan of you all.

  7. friend:EWW! why are you touching a freaking poop?🤮

    Me:poop is just mixed foods🤷

    P.S. i didn't touch a poop in my whole entire life!

  8. 0:32 translate “I have a dog named bear” in Russian
    Ari: я не хочу какашка (I don’t want to, poop)

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