Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to go through the skills of
Dr. Strange and try to explain the mechanics his mysterious abilities. First is his passive skill. If Dr. Strange’s HP becomes lower than 35%,
and if you receive any damage that is higher than 5% of your max HP, then you will automatically
dash to any direction that joystick is pointed to That 5% of your max HP is really low guys. Basically anything that’s not deadly enough
won’t trigger this. Which is good, since you don’t want to waste
this precious skill on something that wont even be able to scratch you. When you do trigger this though, not only
do you get more mobility, but you’re actually immune to damage for 4 seconds as you can
see in the video. 4 seconds guys, that’s long. 4 seconds damage immunity would feel like
an eternity for your opponents. However though, it has a 270 seconds cooldown. That’s 4 minutes and a half. Well that kinda makes sense with how OP the
skill is. So as long as you don’t see this buff having
a cooldown on your buff area, then you can be confident on your survivability. Next is his first skill
Dr. Strange uses the Time stone to record the current HP and position of your target. Time will then be reversed for that target
within 2.25 seconds. So basically, anything that happens within
that 2.25 seconds in terms of position and HP won’t wont matter, since you will be back
to your old position and HP. That is as long as you don’t die. So let’s say you got 100 HP. and within that 2.25 seconds, you got whooped
and lost 99 HP. It won’t matter since you’ll be back to having
100 HP. Again, as long as you don’t die within that
2.25 seconds. Same with the position. Let’s say someone threw you all the way to
Antarctica within that 2.25 seconds. Once that 2.25 seconds is over, you’ll be
back to where you were before. I guess it’s good for tower diving? You can use it on yourself or on your allies. You can even use it on your opponents, which
is weird. The way it works on your opponents is slightly
different. Rather than 2.25 seconds its 1.5 seconds. Also the skill description when it comes to
your opponents is very confusing. It says that when the opponent target gets
back to his recorded position, its HP is reduced by 50% which is not the case. That would have been too OP if it was. When we tested damaging the opponent. It basically just reduced what ever damage
he had taken within 1.5 seconds into 50% once it was over. Example is when he lost 40 HP during that
1.5 seconds, but instead of recovering all the lost HP like what happens to your ally,
he just recovers the 50% of what ever he has lost So he only lost 20 HP instead. It’s weird though, why would you use it on
an opponent? Maybe just to stop them from moving? What do you guys think? Anyway let’s move on to your 2nd skill. This is your damaging skill. Dr. Strange shoots a bolt of lightning that
deals damage It bounces once more dealing another damage
to anyone it hits. It can hit multiple targets, basically anything
that the bolt of lightning touches as it bounces will get damaged. And not just the impact point. Next is your third skill. This skill is what makes Dr. Strange unique
in his gameplay. He opens portals. The first one appears in front of you and
the 2nd one can appear in your specified direction. Skills and heroes can pass through this portal. Be it your skill, the skills of an ally, even
the skills of your opponents can pass through. Even the heroes themselves can pass through,
although there is a bit of loading when it comes to heroes. You can use this to increase the range of
your skills. As you can see in the video. The distance it can reach is just ridiculous. If you see an opponent with a low HP, you
can reach them with a combination of your third and second skill. You can even include your ultimate. Be careful though, since your opponents themselves
can send their skills through your portal. Or even themselves. This skill is what makes Dr. Strange so fun
to use. The possible combinations you can do with
your allies is just insane. Multiple skills can pass through as well as
multiple heroes. It’s not just limited to one. I guess you can even use this to block an
attack? Maybe to save an ally? Since any missile skills that goes through
here will come out on the other end. Usually it’s the missile or ranged skills
that would pass through here. It won’t work on Hulk Jumping towards his
target. Next one is your Ultimate. You basically shoot a beam of light, dealing
huge damage. Then, once it hits an enemy hero, or has reached
the farthest distance it can go, It will summon energy beams that would continuously attack
anyone within the circular formation. Dealing multiple hits. and it lasts for 2 seconds. This can also go through your portal. Which is awesome. One thing though, when using the portal, you
always need to gauge the distance your portal will have on your target. With the distance of your portal, sometimes
you won’t even have the chance to see how your skill have hit an enemy hero. So there we go guys, those are the basics
of his skills. The variety on how you can employ these skills
inside a game is limitless. You can even use your portals just to chase
down opponents. Or send a skill through while teleporting
through the portal yourself. Any way that’s all for this long skill guide
video for Dr. Strange. On our next video we’ll have a more in depth
look on his gameplay and item build. So what do you think of Dr. Strange? What possible combos can you think of? Share your thoughts in the comment section
That’s all for this video Thank you for watching


  1. Very well details skill explanation, could you do what you did to other heroes? You're one currently the only English YouTuber doing this, it would gain you alot of views.

    Keep it up 👍

  2. Inyeresting combo for diving enemy team:
    Skill 3 then teleport. Once the loading is almost done use skill 1 then surprise enemy with skill 2 or 4. Any damage you take will be negated once you go back to your original position after using skill 1. Enemies will be surprised by the attack, wont get any damage, and you escape.

    Another combo for diving:
    Dive with skill 2 or 4 then use skill 3 for escape when low health. Go near your portal to teleport and use eye of agamoto for immunity while loading yourself to teleport.

  3. So basically His First skill just like Lylia's ult , second skill like Kaja's passive that can bounce the lightning and 4th skill like Hanzo ultimate when he Ghost Form

  4. 1st skill targets: enemies with gud dashing skills to prevent them from escaping… eg spiderman star lord and human torch
    allies- to help them survive in dire situation or allow a mobile heroes like quick silver, spiderman (all dash heroes basically) to dash in, do some damge and return safely… comes in handy
    2nd skill: is ur bread and butter dmg source..
    3rd skill: Love this skill..
    PS: only projectile abilities passes through it instantly.
    Imagine enemies doing surtur.. while u and iron man just use ur spell safely from distance and sniping surtur. That would be a massive advantage.
    Its may also help allies escape from sticky situations.. It increases Dr Strange utility alot.. If ur team has a very gud communication ( Ps: for some reason the game's mic and horn doesnt work) then u can pull off crazy tactics and gameplay with this skill..
    Try this: An ally must be Quick Silver and another aoe instant disabler like hulk 2nd skill or something..
    Make ur silver trap multiple enemies with his ult.. and as he traps them U quickly use 3rd skill (Portal) on enemy from ur tower.. and they will be channelled to ur tower.. and as that happens an another aoe ally will multi stun him under ur tower.. totally in urteam advantage..
    But its a double edge sword too if enemy are etc careful.. as spells from other end will also ported towards ur end.. so be careful..
    Ult: Dont think to use this only as a team fight ability.. try to snipe people too who are fleeing from fights or enemies at back line of fights (like marksman and energy heroes) using portal
    PS: U got to have excellent present of mind and map navigation skills to use Dr Strange to its utmost with team mate ofcourse..
    His main strength is his utility in my opinion

  5. I'm not playing this game but I think the first skill being able to get casted on enemies is meant to stop opponents when they are recalling back to their base. Basically, if they are still recalling and dr. strange's first skill was casted on them, they'll get back to where they are 1.5 sec ago.

  6. Subscribe and like here who came here from the reference of mlbb and yess eho else love this moba game bcoz i already loved it its so cool and more over i does not lag which is the best and i love this game for this reason its so balanced moreover 😇😇😍😍

  7. I just use this in early game to poke enemies:
    Use the 3rd skill to teleport to your target, then when your close to teleporting use the 1 skill to get back when out damaged

  8. He's too OP. I'm a fed storm in mid vs him who is not really fed. He uses his 3rd skill and 2nd ult and I DIED IMMEDIATELY. I was full health tho…

  9. Tangina talagang ml lang alam weird daw sa opponent i cacast yung first nya tanga pano yung kalabn mo pag may high mobility skill? Weird pabayun? Tanga mag dota kamuna or lol gago ml pa

  10. Gawa din po kayo ng guide sa extraordinary ones na game (english ver.) Laking tulong po non kasi parehas ko nilalaro yang marvel tsaka yung isa salamat

  11. lol i use the portal to teleport enemies to my turret while they shove creeps then i use the 1st skill so they can't escape quickly then throw those lightning stuff lol i think that's why u can use it at enemies

  12. I use the 1st skill when enemies gets teleported to my tower so that they will be dragged back to the tower if they escape

  13. 1st skill: I need to bargain
    2nd skill: Not a Thor skill
    3rd skill: Should have used this against Thanos
    4th skill: Not a Mirror Dimention AOE

  14. And they missed the chance to make a skill of him creating multiple doubles, creating or sending heroes to mirror dimention, sling rings, and using the cloak of levitation.

  15. Nice buti may Marvel vids kanaa, lahat sana ng hero pls same ng ginagawa mo sa MobileLegends and metas rotations plssssss

  16. If you are not carefull, 1st and 3rd skill will be a disandvantage.
    One more, player vision when using 3rd skill. Player vision is still same.. its quite hard to know enemies position if the "second" portal is out of vision range.

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