Doctor Strange 2 Clip – Ghost Rider News and Scarlet Witch Marvel Phase 4 Theory

rjust because Quentin Beck makes up lies about the multiverse doesn’t mean it isn’t real doctor strange and the mole
person madness I mean what excites me about doctor strange is what made him great in the comics that he doesn’t fight villains from this earth or even from
this universe but from the multiverse of other dimensions so you get into all
kinds of psychedelic weirdness which this movie is going to but when I came
and talked to Kevin about doing a sequel I said I don’t want to do just another
sequel to do a sequel if I’m going to do it it has to go into the territory that
drew me into the Doctor Strange comics in the first place which is how they
dipped into the Gothic and the horror and and the horrific and we’re going to
make the first scary MCU film so what’s next for him
just easy softball questions I think yeah just some you know home economics
and cooking where and a kind of crazy line in horror I’m really excited to be
at the dawn of this project and I think it’s vital to maintain the integrity of
humor and stuff that we had in the first film but with this twist of horror which
I think will really have people grit is that twist of horror going to change any
way that you approach him as a character at all or um he’ll be facing unexpected
things I think he’ll be in a position rather like the audience of not knowing
what’s coming at it there was a lot of authority to his character I thought in
the avengers iterations and even in Thor as well so we’re going back to kind of
trying to destroy him a bit I think early days but when you have a strong
sorcerer it also helps when you have a strong Witch and The Scarlet Witch is
appearing in this movie alongside anything that you can tell us about how
your Disney Plus show will play into Doctor Strange and the multiverse of
madness I don’t know if I could answer the how but I think it’s I’m really
excited to be able to link one story on one medium and bring it into the futures
we haven’t done that yet and I think that’s super unique to MCU you really
like the character of Nightmare and the concept that the nightmare
realm is a dimension I always thought that was one of the
that’s early that’s like in the first strange tale I think that’s in the
introductory episode of Doctor Strange and I always loved that well we
decided not to do that just because that’s a bit of a complex idea to try to
introduce everything that we do introduce and introduce the idea of
nightmares themselves as being another dimension I hope somewhere down the line
we get to explore that except I think that’s a super cool content welcome back
everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my new Doctor Strange – Ghost Rider
video mostly talking about Ghost Rider there’s a lot of other Doctor Strange
2news in the supernatural MCU stuff that they’re setting up but recently you
probably saw a bunch of news announcements about them canceling all
the Ghost Rider projects that they were working on in favor of MCU projects so
everyone put your conspiracy hats on and we’ll break it all down we’re still
doing the giant infinity saga box set giveaway all you have to do to enter
that is be a subscriber and leave your best MCU Ghost Rider theory on the video
we’ll just break this down top 5 style because there’s a whole bunch of stuff
getting into what’s going on with Scarlet Witch what they’re doing with
x-men mutants and then the larger MCU horror movies that they’re setting up
through Doctor Strange – like blade but starting with number 5 Marvel and Kevin
Feige announced that they were using Doctor Strange 2 in the Scarlet Witch
character to crack the multiverse open wide and introduced a bunch of new types
of characters and concepts to the MCU I’ve already done a couple videos about
how Marvel has already technically canonized Scarlet Witch as a mutant in
the MCU without using the word mutant they had to step around it before the
Fox Disney deal closed that’s a moot point now because they can do anything
they want to with mutants and x-men characters part of the reason for doing
so much Scarlet Witch stuff and crossing her over with Doctor Strange is just
getting into the weirder mutant x-men Base Scarlet Witch
stories is setting some of that stuff up for Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5
Doctor Strange – is meant to be the launching platform for a bunch of
different big concepts that they haven’t done yet they confirmed they’re doing
the blade movie at the big Comic Con panel that’s another good example
vampires in the MCU and now Ghost Rider another one of their major supernatural
characters that up until now they had not done in the MCU for in recent years
agents of shield introduced the Robbie Rhea’s version of the character he’s the
third version after Johnny Blaze then Danny ketch recently Marvel and Donnie
Cates just created the cosmic Ghost Rider character super popular but he’s a
version of Frank Castle Punisher who becomes the next spirit of vengeance in
before the summer you all heard the news about how Marvel television had been
developing a live-action Ghost Rider spin-off series on Hulu starring the
agents of shield Ghost Rider and it was meant to cover his continuing adventures
they had started to set up some really big cosmic multiverse stuff with that
character that I’ll talk about in a second previously the character left
shield at the end of season 4 talking about how he’d been fighting this giant
interdimensional war and that was the shield writers way of explaining why he
wasn’t around one because they couldn’t use the character in every single
episode and at the same time trying to incorporate elements of Avengers
infinity war and Avengers endgame broadening the multiverse stories as
they’re now doing through Doctor Strange – in the movies this is the clip he went
out on talking about this big multi-dimensional conflict that he was
fighting in dimensions space planets it’s all connected plenty of them
qualify as health the earth is just one territory in a war
that’s been going on forever they did a pretty decent job with a character for
the budget that they had as you go with that saying that the MCU version of
Ghost Rider when they do introduce him is going to be way way bigger but if you
didn’t watch that season of agents of shield they did do a version of Johnny
Blaze and Danny ketch with some cutscenes and Easter eggs for Robbie ray
is his origin story so they were doing comic book
Ghost Rider backstory eventually the idea was they would use that Ghost Rider
spin-off series they were doing on Hulu to explain more about the cosmic
multiverse story they had been setting up with his character three I recently
did a video about how Marvel now completely just changed everything about
the way it handles TV shows in the last couple of months Kevin Feige was
promoted to oversee all aspects of storytelling from Marvel so he’s in
charge of all Marvel television shows all Marvel movies and now all Marvel
Comics when that happened he snapped a ton of marble TV shows including the
Ghost Rider TV show that he himself did not develop like he didn’t have any hand
in developing that Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider for agents of shield
formally Marvel said that they in Hulu had just parted ways and wouldn’t be
going forward because of quote-unquote creative differences but put your
conspiracy hats back on because what’s really going on is now the vast majority
of Marvel’s new TV shows will come through Disney Plus be really big-budget
and totally connected to the MCU like when daredevil comes back he’ll be MCU
daredevil the same is true for Ghost Rider
so to Marvel doesn’t have any plans for another solo Ghost Rider movie right now
but as Kevin Feige recently explained what he was talking about vampires and
bladed the MCU that they’d always planned on eventually doing all these
supernatural characters after they’d done their homework setting up the
concepts using the Doctor Strange movies and Doctor Strange to is just the next
example of that this is him talking about why they waited so long we
have for years wanted to find a new way into blade we
love that character we love that world now with Doctor Strange and the
supernatural elements coming into the MCU it felt like we could we could
definitely start exploring that mahalo once come in and meet with us
and when Mohali wants to meet you take the meeting and I think he had just come
off of his second Academy Award and we were talking very polite and he was
talking about what a fanny is and then he just cut right to it and was like
blade and we’re like yes as he implies they had big plans for horror and
supernatural character movies blade is just the next one that’s getting his own
solo movie Doctor Strange too in the blade franchise is where you’ll see all
those types of characters being set up for the first time before they start
crossing over with other characters that’s why it should have been no
surprise that right after the news about them cancelling the Ghost Rider TV show
news about them setting up the concept of MCU Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange 2
started happening like oh of course Kevin Feige is taking the Ghost Rider
character back because he totally has plans for that character in these movies
the same is true of x-men and Scarlet Witch you set up the concept of mutants
in doctor strange – when you’re talking about these really supernatural horror
based concepts you get into the really weird stuff so that it doesn’t seem so
weird when you actually do an x-men movie at a couple more years so right
now my early prediction for Ghost Rider showing up in the MCU are that when
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch are traveling the multiverse during Doctor
Strange to battling nightmare as it sounds like he’s the villain like Scott
Derrickson is saying during that clip they said if the concept of the spirit
of vengeance the idea of Ghost Rider and set up the concept of vampires and other
types of supernatural creatures nightmare the character is one of the
fear Lords and the dimensions that they rule over are sort of adjacent to each
other in adjacent to the ground where Mephisto and the spirit of vengeance
come from the spirit of vengeance flows from Mephisto he’s the person that gave
Johnny Blaze the spirit of vengeance in the first place but number one because
right now blade doesn’t even have a release date I’m expecting it’s going to be
sometime between 2022-2023 really soon after these
Marvel phase 4 movies and Black Panther 2 which they do have specific
dates for but let me know how you want them to handle the Ghost Rider character
just in general in the movies when they do introduce him while I was making this
video they confirm that ant-man the wasp 3 is moving forward at Marvel so they’re
making that movie I’ll do a video about that next so as long as you have alerts
enabled for my channel you should see that video when I post it so everybody
click here for that brand new Avengers 5 announcement
click here for the boys season 2 teaser trailer thank you so much for watching
everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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  1. Here's my new Doctor Strange 2 video. Ghost Rider MCU and Scarlet Witch X-Men. Post all your theories in the comments! I'll do a Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 video and Ant-Man 3 next. Here's my new The Boys Season 2 Teaser Trailer video!

  2. My thoughts are that when we get to Blade and start seeing movies with more of the dark super natural movies, we could easily introduce Ghostrider at that point.

  3. Ghost Rider theory:

    I like the Robbie Reyes version from AoS. They should bring him back as the main Ghost Rider as he's already mentioned the ongoing interstellar war. They could introduce him as an official MCU character when he's bringing back the Darkhold to the dimension it came from. That dimension could be a version of Hell or the Nightmare dimension. There in those scary parts of the multiverse is where he meets Doctor Strange.

  4. They need to keep Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider and that way they can continue to tie Agents Of Shield in with the movies. He already is known and it would be easy to tell his back story that way.

  5. I have a feeling Ghost Rider will be a part of the same show as Vision and Scarlet Witch. If they move away from the version created in Agents of Shield, I think that would be a mistake.

  6. What I love about the MCU is there's so many stories to choose from. I have a Punisher-Ghost Rider cross over and it's great. Make mine Marvel.

  7. from The Ghost Rider Point
    Agents of shield went so way more up then
    before , Its A petty That It ends But I'm Glad We Got,
    what we Got , I Still Enjoy Re-watching Agents of Shield

  8. My theory is that we might see the spirit of vengeance himself in another universe in doctor strange 2. Not a character inhabited by him but the spirit of vengeance in its true form. It would make for a sweet cameo and open up the possibility for a character in the mcu to become the ghost rider by merging with the spirit. Less of a deal with the devil and more a broken character bonding with an entity that brings justice in a broken way, that way the writers can have a back and forth between the spirit and it’s host. Just a thought, hopefully good enough for the infinity saga box set🤤

  9. Because of how agents of shield handled ghost rider, I don’t think Robby Reyes is the ghost rider we’re gonna see. I believe we might see a Johnny blaze ghost rider. That’s just my theory

  10. I have proposed a new Ghostrider character in the long line of iterations of the character. My idea would potentially bring Hugh Jackman into the MCU by making him "GHOSTRIDER WOLVERINE". Mephisto would offer Wolverine a "deal" after his death to complete a task for Mephisto in exchange for a new life as a fully human man. If Hugh Jackman still didn't want to renew the role, Mephisto could place Logan's mind into a new body and a new actor could take up the role. Then Mephisto would renege on the deal, as he often does through deception and Wolverine would then be part of the MCU. Marvel/Disney has not responded to my proposals.

  11. I want to see ghost rider try to hook up with scarlet witch. Im not saying I want the to do it, I just want to see him try.

  12. It would be so awesome to eventually get to see Johnny Cage Ghost Rider in the MCU, the way he is now in the comics. The King of Hell

  13. I know its a long shot but maybe in Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider and Daredevil join the MCU at different points. Daredevil to help Spider-Man with his identity and Ghost Rider to maybe help Spider-Man with a supernatural threat? Maybe?

  14. Ghost Rider will probably be in an Extra Credit scene talking to Memphisto making a deal where he has to kill Dr. Strange

  15. I definitely would rather ghost rider get his own movie but I could see them introducing him in blade or moon knight

  16. This might mean that they might possibly bring the Spiderman characters like 2099 spider man but not miles because his uncle in the movie plays the shocker in spider man homecoming and he said that his nephew was waiting.

  17. I’m totally excited for Ghost Rider coming to the MCU! He’s probably one of the most interesting characters and not to mention pretty badass! With all the new MCU projects on its way I’m probably the most excited for this dark horror multi-verse coming starting with Doctor Strange 2.

  18. The return of Ghost Rider in MCU with Gabriel Luna and rumors of the return of the infernal motorcycle of the Ghost rider, we are talking about the superpowered american superbike Triumph Daytona 765 Moto2 Limited Edition ,amazing !!!

  19. It was fun seeing a version of Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield. Glad that he will get to ride off into the multiverse of the MCU now ha ha ha.

  20. Ghost Rider will have to be reintroduced through a multiverse traveler (ie. Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Antman…)

  21. The Ghost Rider title should be portrayed to be a lineage of Ghost Riders from all eras of human history and say that Johnny Blaze is the king of hell, so that the Robby Reyez Ghost Rider can still hold the title as the latest Ghost Rider descendant.

  22. I wanna see Mephisto bullying Zarathos.
    Ghost Rider being a carrier of the essence of Zarathos, will have a healthy grudge against Mephisto, that grudge would serve as a continuous plot device to insure future stories.

  23. Theory: I would definitely like to see Ghost Rider show up in Dr. Strange 2. However, I think he won't show up until phase 5 maybe Blade or Thor 4?

  24. I have seen the old ghost rider movies and I think ghost rider won’t be the ghost rider because the devil but because a meteor or another infinity stone.

  25. Theory: Ghost rider will just be a post credit scene on Doctor Strange 2. I think this movie will open the door to ghost rider and other characters to the MCU

  26. MCU is going to do a huge build up before they start the cross over but its definitely going to be Doc Strange and Ghost rider id like to see Guardians reaction to Ghost rider

  27. My Ghost Rider theory…
    Johnny Blaze loses his father in the blip; during that 5 years he delves into the mystic, and finds himself on the darker side of the mystic arts. He sells his soul to get his dad back (though mephisto didnt have the power to bring his dad back) and takes on the spirit of vengeance. Once hulk restores those lost in the blip, Johnny figures out that mephisto lied and took his soul under false pretenses, and goes on to hunt mephisto, which leads him into the multiverse; where he meets Dr Strange.
    Boom. Make it happen, mcu.

  28. I think the post credit scene will explain how house of m has already happened. ghost rider and other characters were all caught in it.

  29. AOS ghost rider is already mcu ghost rider aos is in the mcu and so are the Netflix series and they already have mutants they just call them inhumans so it’s not like it will be hard to add them since they are already there

  30. Marvel: Partying and makes a Billion

    Marvel: Partying and makes a Billion

    Joss Whedon: Hey, you remember me? Still friends right? That was a long time ago right? Need a director? Can I come back and join?


  31. I think they should tie ghost rider in with the soul stone. Since thanos destroyed it, ghost rider comes. He uses his penance stare to feed the soul stone. Since it was destroyed he shows up. Just a thought

  32. Blade and Ghost Rider team up movie after the solos called Spirits of Vengeance. Do a trilogy, dropping a movie every two years on Halloween. Nuff said.

  33. I feel like Mephisto has Ghost Rider trapped and when they go to that world he'll be set free and possibly a set up for a potential spot on the Stage 2 Avengers?

  34. will ghost rider join the avenger team and the garudians if they join with them or other chararcter that join in the avenger just like in the comics

  35. Dr strange will run across G Rider in one of the dimensions and find out they are fighting the same war and are from the same planet. They will start off fighting before they realize they are on the same side.

  36. We should consider that we will have a new GHOST RIDER from mcu. And I can't wait for it. But I'm afraid that I'll be sonic the hechak movie first Disayn.

  37. Ghost Rider theories: When Thanos snapped, poor Robbie Reyes was one of the victims. When Reyes became dust, the Spirit of Vengeance defaulted back to either hell or Johnny Blaze. This gives the MCU film makers some options in how they can handle Ghost Rider. If the spirit was sent back to hell, Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch can explore the realm of hell, release said spirt, and it can once again take over a host, either Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes, whichever one the writers choose. If the Spirit defaulted back to the previous host, now we get to see Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider in action in the MCU. Or they could make things simple and leave Reyes as the Ghost Rider–If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    The writers definitely have a few options when it comes to Ghost Rider.

  38. This all sounds really great but I’m afraid that Disney will find a way to fuck up another beloved franchise.

    Disney really has become a Hollywood monarch as of late.

  39. My theory:Is that at the end of Doctor strange 2 the end credit scene a demon will Escape and it's going to be ghost rider or the demon who gives him the powers

  40. Nightmare is setting the scenes for the next big event Chaos War and Ghost Rider(s) have been in the MCU forever…and we'll get a Cosmic Ghost Rider film eventually

  41. I think Frank Castle Cosmic Ghostrider would be perfect! I didn't realize that Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider opened a portal just like Doctor Strange in AOS, until I saw this video! It definitely ties the characters together! Ta mate! Onya Charlie!

  42. You properly have thought about it but…. is it jut me that looking forward to and can’t stop thinking beta ray bill!! And ghost rider with dare devil joining together into the mcu. Hopefully 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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