100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to Silly Medical Memes #6

  1. As I person who had to get a MRI every 3 years that sums it up. At least I got to listen to music. 😂 with that magnet base in the background.

  2. "Covering up is the best way to protect yourself from the sun."

    Me wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans every day: That's GOOD for you?

  3. 2:54 yeah I’m allergic to octocrylene and it’s really hard to find high SPF sunscreens without it so the struggle is real

    3:08 I’m watching YouTube on the tablet that I’ve had for three years… and there’s no way my mom could afford premium for me because she lost her job and currently has less than a dollar in her bank account… our grandparents give us most of our stuff

  4. 2:22 A YouTuber named SomethingElseYT made a video were he tells you everything you need to know before watching Endgame and infinitywar

  5. Mike I dont know how to say this but dont worry the anime world will take you cuz you are a furry now so gud luck ye cat boy

  6. Dr. Mike:
    There's blood, there's pain, there's tears

    We would say welcome to my world but it only happened to you once and it happens to us every month

  7. I have an Android, I only use my mom Netflix don't have anything else so I don't need sunblock. 😎😎🤣🤣

  8. This purple dude wants all six stones to wipe out half the creature in the universe but avenger killed him twice, and Iron man and Black widow died

  9. I've had an MRI scan and many things like that bc I have scoliosis and I even recently got surgery but i'm ok. ^-^

  10. Our bio teacher taught us this for our taxonomy class. Do kinky pants come off for good sex. She was a great teacher.

  11. Wrist bones:-
    Scaphoid shy
    Lunate lovers
    Triquetrum try
    Pisiform positions
    Trapezium that
    Trapezoid they
    Capitate can't
    Hamate handle

  12. "Someone needs to make a summary of Marvel or a summation to watch."
    Adam from SomethingElseYT: This is where I come in

  13. Hey Mike, I know this question is strange but is it normal to wear women's clothes as a child, like, is it just me or are women microscopic bacteria?

  14. If my doctors were half this amusing and fun to laugh at, I’d actually attend my doctor appointments 🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. Dr Mike, can you also talk about people who live in the North. Should they or we use how much of Vitamin D supplements? We do not get sun much as you know.

  16. Some, Lovers, Try, Positions, That, They, Can't, Handle

    Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate

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