100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to RIDICULOUS Medical Memes #8

  1. As an optometry student who would be interested in purchasing your scrubs, I wish the logo was on the side (arm sleeve). Otherwise it’s kinda in your face. Also, please make them available in wine/burgundy (that’s the only color my school allows).

  2. Also, go see your optometrist for your annual vision exam! Think about it like this: you go to your primary for general health, not your cardiologist.

  3. Doctor Mike: Speaks Spanish
    No one:…
    Absolutely no one:…
    Me: Cries in Spanish
    Me: Falls in love in Spanish
    Me: Dies in Spanish

  4. WD40 is not a lubricant it is actually a solvent. Its main use is to displace water and dissolve rust. People please stop using it as a lubricant you're going to eventually damage whatever you're trying to lubricate.

  5. It's not jst 15$. After my pancreatitis total bill after insurance adjustments was 1100. For some fluids, lipase/alt test, and ondansetron and loperamide, and exams. I didn't go to the er either

  6. Just love ❤️ you soo much did u say b 🤣🤣 thank god we’re not related I would just call u every time i felt anything wrong a eyelash 🤣🤣

  7. Thanks for the laughs bad week im in the cardiac care unit need a angiogram possibly a stent and im only 37 and my dad died Sunday night so definitely need a laugh

  8. Why would urinal bottles be reusable? That's… gross. We just use cardboard ones that disintegrate when put through a macerator. They're cheap to replace compared to sterilising plastic ones and aren't an infection control nightmare.

  9. Omfg, he speaking spanish is so awesome. Latina girl here, doc <3 <3 (im brazilian, though, so i dont speak spanish hehe)

  10. mike at 4:07: very reasonable price, 40-50 dollars
    me: what the fuk
    is it just me or 40-50 bucks for a shirt pretty expensive

  11. Hey Dr. Mike, the theory of eyesight getting worse from near study isscientifically proven to be wrong.
    What actually can help the eyes is sunlight, a deficincy of the former can result in your eyesight getting worse.

  12. I can’t hold my phone far away from my face. I’m 20/400. I can’t see it if it’s more than 6 inches from my face

  13. I’m a vet and have not experienced anyone just like oh yeah take my money for my dog. They don’t care as much as you’d think

  14. oh please American doctors do a bunch of unnecessary medical tests to cover their a** in case some patient sues them. That's why healthcare is so expensive in USA

  15. I fall under the Lefty "fun fact" statistic: three stitches in my hand after trying and failing to open a can of mandarin oranges at work 🙁

  16. How many other people as soon as he said keep the device further away moved there phone further from their face🤚

  17. Doctor Mike: Points at DM on Scrub
    Me: Oh sick! Wonder what it’d look like if those were my initials.
    Me: Realizes those are my initials!

  18. “~ do unhealthy activities like SITTING for 13-14 hours”

    MY school: It did not say 12, sit down everyone.

    Fun-but-not-really fact: in my year/grade/level we basically sit for 11-12 hours straight because teachers change, not us and we basically don’t stand during break times cause we’re eating

  19. lol that 30% of kids vaping is a lie. Other than my close friends, it’s hard to find a person who hasn’t vaped in my school

  20. mike not getting the joke at first HOW IS HE SO CUTE and always so positive love his energy omg 😭

  21. Or instead of discussing with the doctor about that 15 bucks you guys should just have been happy about Mr. Obama trying to bring the magic of health insurance to you. Instead, you kicked his butt and now you are stuck with Orange Man. German here – never paid anything for anything when it was about my health, whether it was at the general practitioner, dentist, or surgery.

  22. Me: has a sore throat
    Parents: I think it’s a cold
    My immune system: oh god it’s type 83773782 diabetes how do we stop it?!

  23. Dr. Mike is ridiculous🙄 it's not normal that one human person can be this perfect😱 just how! Sense of humour, smart, kind and compassionate🙄 I need answers🙆‍♀️ and the little Spanish speaking part😫 I'm too old to be crashing this hard on a guy on the computer lol love your content😍

  24. 8:39
    Me: Has bursitis wonder how that happened.
    Me: pushes myself when running and doesn't stretch property since I joined cross country in middle school
    Me: weird

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