100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to Priceless Medical Memes #7

  1. I always think of my debt when people are trying to sell me something with the rationale that I can pay in smaller monthly installments….NO, I have "SMALL" installments I'll be paying for the next 8 YEARS!

  2. Mike: makes joke about power house of the cell
    Next meme: Rose's are red it's hot as hell… mitochondria?
    Me: *facepalm

  3. Fungus on the feet
    Well that never happened to me.
    In germany people with any kind of skin fungus usually dont wissit public spas or swimming pools
    And the floor is cleand even while opening times .
    Its a pretty low risk here i would be more concerned to wissit a public toilet while a football/ soccer after game time.

  4. Dr. Mike….an cure for Athletes Foot is turtle oil. My ex brother in law had a severe case of athlete's foot that no meds could completely get rid of. My grandmother gave him turtle oil (from a actual turtle boiled…the oil that floats to the top is saved and used for various things). Anyway, he put it on the infected area and covered his foot to let it soak in. Within days his foot was getting better until eventually the Athlete's Foot was gone never to return.

  5. And just an fyi…my nephew had bad asthma as a child and during one episode he had severe chest congestion that his meds were not clearing up as well as they should have. He was going to be hospitalized, but this same grandmother told my sister to buy the hottest onion she could find, mash it up, and give him a couple teaspoons of the juice ( with a little sugar to help with the taste). The heat from the onion juice loosened the congestion so the he could cough it up.

  6. Remedies passed down from an era that didn't have always have MDs or medicine available sometimes kicks the butt of pharmaceuticals.

  7. People suffering from dementia often give you their birthday instead of their age, because they can't remember the actual year.

    My granny has dementia and at her last birthday an intern at her nursing home asked her how many candles she should put on the cake.
    Her reply: "25 should do the trick."
    Nurse: "But that's not your age, is it?"
    Granny: "That wasn't your question, was it? …[gives her a long stare]… No seriously, what was the question?"

    Yeah! She loves to troll people.

  8. After my mom had a surgery a few years ago, she was given a couple pairs of those socks. When she left the hospital, the nurse liked my mom so much that she gave her a few more pairs so now the whole family has like two pairs each. Those socks are the truth. Best thing medical insurance can buy😂

  9. I saw an old man with a really bad case of kyphosis at the grocery store today.Thanks for teaching me something new doc!

  10. When you're so clumsy that you figured out a way to slip in the non-slip socks
    Like slip not trip actually slip in them

  11. Ok I’m a 13 year old girl and I’ve been watching your channel non stop for a while now I take notes when I can hoping to one day become a successful surgeon for the Air Force so I’d just like to thank you for making your videos fun and informative

  12. My mom has the helicobacter pylori, and she hasn’t treated it because before she was pregnant, and now she’s taking care of the baby, I’m concerned that the bacteria makes damage to my moms stomach 🙁

  13. My typical reaction to someone asking for my age.
    Say "yes"
    Mumble "what?"
    Reciting my birthdate
    Ask "what did I just say?"
    Question myself "am I this age?"
    Loudly say "yes, I'm! Yeah!

  14. I Do really love all your video it’s give me lot of knowledge and makes me happy keep up the Good work and God blesss😊😊😊

  15. Lol for the Athletes Foot. There needs to be a PSA for people going barefoot at the airports when they take off their shoes. WEAR SOCKS!!!

  16. Salt on pizza? Every pizza needs 3 pinches of salt, but that is for the dough and sauce. More is bad for da taste

  17. Me: Its just a cough
    Mom: Its just a cough
    Dad: Its just a cough
    Doctor: Its just a cough
    Google: Its just a cough

    Bing: Goodbye my friend ;(

  18. Okay wait, americans put salt on Pizza? Why? I mean, a tiny bit of salt in the sauce, sure. And cheese is salty. But why do you put extra salt on Pizza?

  19. 1:47 Crisis Counselor: really Dr. Mike? You can handle a cardiac arrest but a suicidal statement has you flustered? I get paid $24 an hour to save lifes, he gets paid $240 an hour… Good thing I don't do it for the money…

  20. 7:15
    Just a couple of weeks ago I had to go to the doctor for an infection, she asks for a document which states my birth date and she goes "So…how old are you?"
    (Which is funny 'cause it's 2019 and I was born in 1999 so it's not like she had to do some crazy maths)

  21. Hello! I work at a place that sells great quality scrubs and lab coats … it’s called Medelita. Also I am going to school to become and OBGYN ! 🙂

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