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  1. Paul Thomas MD and Mama Dr Jones and the two youtubes who I took alot of interest in. I like the information that they put out, please get in touch with them about these videos.

  2. First was funny only over emotional cradled babies would be trigger by such a funny rhythmic joke. The second one was lame didn’t make me laugh, but it’s still a joke Jesus this generation is just degenerating to an emotional cesspool of snowflakes.

  3. I am not a doctor but I did diagnose my ex's appendicitis by googling! Took her to the ER for a second opinion. I was right and she had to have surgery.

  4. I gotta tell you my experience with doctors as someone with a chronic pain condition and a mental illness has been mostly negative…
    My family doctor who had been seeing me since i was born got sick of me talking about how much pain i was in and told me to go away because he has people with real problems in his waiting room…

    i was 24…
    I had chronic migraines and at the time and had been suffering for 2 years with constant pain… CONSTANT… I also had depression and had in the past tried to off myself, though that was when i was very very young… this man i had trusted my entire life with my most intimate details regarding my health decided i didnt have real problems… probably, looking back, because i was young and female and didnt respond to the very first med he shoved my way…
    He almost killed me that day, though he will never know it…

    Fast forward months and im scared to go to the doctors… I just gave up getting better… I lost my job… I couldent work… mentally and physically i was a fucking mess… Found a new doctor on accident. he probably saved my life… went and got the tests i needed and was passed onto a neurologist who knew what she was doing and she stuck me on botox of all things… and it worked… im still always in pain but ya know way less now. im not stuck in bed anymore…

    Anyway i wanted to tell this story in hopes some medical professional will see this and learn something… were trusting you, and especially with people who have been in chronic conditions or who have had mental illnesses for awhile, doctors, nurses, ect have probably treated us like sh*t (just go to the er thinking your dying but your really having an anxiety attack, heart palpitations and all and see how your treated there…) i want you guys n gals to know exactly what your running into when you run into someone like me who dose not trust you automatically. hell i was the one who told my new doc who i absolutely love to send me to a specialist because i figured i had fibro and yeah i did lol dr google caught it while real doctors ignored my pain for years. were not doing it because we are stupid and dont know the value of a real doctor, were doing it because we know a real doctors value only extends as far as your own education. otherwise, they will walk on you.

    ANYWAY this isnt a jab at anyone… Well lol my old family doc i guess but lol i really love and trust my new doc because hes really helped me! he listens and hes willing to work with me. that dude is a hero.

    this kinda joke tho…
    Wonder how many people have died because they where ignored by idiots who KNEW there paitant was faking…

    end rant (sorry about my dyslexic spelling lol wow thanks for reading lol)

  5. I'm a doctor I dont want to be on social media cause we are in a very sensitive time where everyone is sooooooooooooo emotional and takes stuff so serious .

  6. this one doctor would always play off my abdominal pain as something i ate and it turns out i had a cancerous tumor :/

  7. I’ve found that if you mention looking up your symptoms, a lot of times doctors shut down and stop taking you seriously.
    I had some sort of crazy infection a couple years back, and I went to see three different doctors before I got an answer or any kind of solution. The first doctor I visited rolled his eyes at me and gave me some sort of cough syrup to make me go away and didn’t address any of my other symptoms. The next doctor did the same.
    The last doctor was my moms doctor who finally gave me an answer and told me that what I had could have been treated if I had come to him sooner.
    I was in pain for 2 months and 2 out of three doctors did nothing.

  8. I don't like the first one, but the second one is not really bad. Why?
    1 – She's not a doctor, she's a nurse. She's probably thinking "Oh, is it one of those cocaine guys again?". Now told me who is in their profession never thought of something like that in your job? For example a marketing agency: "Oh, one of those guys with little money but demand much again" or something like that.
    2 – The real doctor is taking good care of the patient
    3 – She probably will do her job just fine when the doctor needed her.
    You now may argue that "Omg you prick how can you approve such action, isn't she a nurse she should be serious 100% all the fucking time?" Sir and Ma'am, nurses and doctors are human. As long as they, when needed to be serious, be serious, other time they can be a little chilled.
    But the first one is bad, the pt is clearly coughing but the nurse are just ignoring it, it's clearly bad

  9. Whenever I hear FINE LINE or MEDICINE I’m like 😍🥰❤️❤️ and he said both of them on this video 🥺

  10. Well, I went with 19 to the hospital with chest pain. They send me home, I was way to young for anything like that and mostly because I was a very athletic girl at the time.
    After taking two prescribed painkillers with no effect I went back and insisted for help, so the doctor called a specialist.

    At the end I got transfered and they found out I could have been dead if I didn't insisted, because it turned out I had an embolism in my lung.

    Yes, the second video is really triggering…

  11. Now if only the doctors around here would be more like you. This town has way too many doctors who think they know everything. Leads to a lot of problems, I am sad to say.

  12. I have a number of chronic conditions, some of which really need to be monitored, a couple of them potentially life-threatening. I've seen a doctor once in the last 9 years, when I visited a walk-in clinic for a serious chest infection. "Medical professional" like these are why. Watching those videos has guaranteed that I won't be going to a GP until something drops off.

  13. People like this need to see themselves out of the medical field. Ugh so heated 😤
    Like get off the internet and work on your bedside manner and maaayyyybe empathy if you have any.

  14. The first clip is unoriginal of that girl 🤦🏻‍♂️ I believe she took that joke from Caleb City, but instead, it’s of him “choking” on his food

  15. best advice ever.. – BE HUMBLE. we are human and we make mistakes. keep up the fun vids and the humility you show,, cheers.

  16. As somebody who has been disbelieved by medical professionals, developed heart problems at 25, and has several rare conditions, I really hate these videos. SOMEBODY has to be the 1% of cases, and when that person is you, it’s extremely frustrating already. Just because something is rare, doesn’t mean it’s impossible and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Also, not every doctor or nurse is up to date on every single rare condition or new information, and yeah, maybe you have the medical degree and I don’t, but I also LIVE with the condition every day, have all my time to focus on research, and see other doctors about it. If it’s a rare condition, that may actually mean I know MUCH MORE than you.

  17. Also everyone SHOULD know the symptoms of a heart attack… people SHOULD look these things up and know them. Yeah they might get anxiety and misdiagnose themselves, but no one should denigrate someone "googling symptoms" that could save a life someday. Knowing the signs of a heart attack and stroke and so on should be general education.

  18. No dear.. Patients really google the s*@# out of the signs and symptoms they feel. And its not good when they reach us with a load of wrong thoughts.

  19. Is it bad that I actually laughed at the first tik tok 🙄 I have dark humour and didnt see it as linking to real medical situations… just a funny tik tok…
    I'm a registered nurse…

  20. Honestly the first one wouldn't be horrible if the caption was something different, just joking about the beatboxing like "when the patient dying but the beats too sick to resist" or something silly and funny like that, not pushing the idea that one's patients are lying and one "can tell". People die or have much worsened conditions or spend years in agony because some doctors THINK they can tell who is faking and who isn't.
    The second one is just a flop. It's not funny, it's wrong, and there doesn't seem to be any point to it. This seems like it's just venting about something they had happen at work, and that's concerning because again if this is how a doctor is reacting to someone's medical concerns, it could seriously hurt or kill their patient.
    I don't have a problem with doctors having non-educational Comedy accounts that feature their experiences, but OBVIOUSLY it's walking a narrow line. If your content is showing a SERIOUS issue in your disposition that could get your patients hurt if you bring it into the office, then YEAH, you're probably gonna get in trouble at your work, and you should.

  21. People who think vaccines cause Autism are stupid. Autism is a genetic condition, you get it from your genetic makeup, not from a random liquid that some doctor put inside your arm as a baby.

  22. Hi Dr. Mike, can you please do a video on the "Banting diet". My grandpa is a diabetic and I'd love to hear your opinion on it.

  23. I think people should be allowed to make a joke so on their social media accounts regardless of their profession. I don’t care if you’re a janitor or the president.

  24. Great video, Dr. Mike. Keep up the good work – call out the bad apples and highlight the golden ones! Keep using that technology to reach out with medical ethics and care and information!

  25. It upsets me that nursing/doctor careers are no longer being taken seriously. People just want to do it because it’s cool and makes a lot of money not because they’re genuinely compassionate caring people. It’s those types of people that make everyone in the medical world look bad

  26. These Tok Toks were tasteless and genuinely concerning. My sister, 21 years old, has been having chest pains for years, constantly being dismissed by doctors as anxiety although she was presenting with so many different symptoms. After 4 years of seeking different opinions and forcing her doctors to investigate, they found a tumour in her heart. Luckily it was on the right side otherwise she would be dead by now. Doctors who dismiss patients should be retrained, and if your stupid enough to broadcast it for millions of people to see then you should be removed from the field all together.

  27. Nobody believed that my headaches/migraines were as bad as I made them out to be. They thought that my history of mental health issues were making me act out and cry for attention. Turns out I have brain lesions that have to be monitored yearly to avoid growth.

  28. I went to an ER with abdominal pain and wasn't believed or taken seriously and ended up having my Apendix rupture and almost die. So yeah this pisses me off.

  29. Hey Dr. Mike could you do a video about epilepsy on what could be the causes and how people should react if someone they know is having one. I am epileptic and I have to tell my kids and my coworkers on what to do. It is a subject i don't think gets enough exposure. Love you videos they are always very interesting

  30. There is no need to cover these people's names and faces. They did the bad thing, they need to get called out for it. There is no point on talking about the issue and using "some people", "this person".

  31. Man I love Dr Mike. He says it how it is. But he was truly trying to see both sides in this and I think that’s good! I think that’s stupid to say Dr’s shouldn’t be on TikTok/social media. There’s times I’ve seen new stories of someone on social media saying that they have symptoms a, b & c and a Dr told them to go straight to the hospital. They did. The Dr their said it’s a good job they did because their appendix had burst! I think that can kill you if not treated in time. Obviously they shouldn’t be online during their shifts. But we cannot ban them from using social media just because some idiot Dr’s say stupid things online and get in trouble for it!

  32. When going to the doctor

    Basically many people with chest/heart pain: I think I might have a heart attack because I just searched it up.

    Me(also having chest/heart): I think I might have tachycardia, my… uh… heart rate is always above 100 so…

  33. I trained as a nurse… I’ve also been chronically ill for 10 years which meant I had to give up nursing. I’ve had nurses and doctors dismiss symptoms or say that I’m faking – all that made me do is fear going to the doctor (and I have medical training so my knowledge isn’t just from google!). I often leave it as long as possible to go to the hospital because I don’t want to be seen as a time waster. Thank you for addressing these videos, I know they’ve reinforced fear in the chronic illness community because so many of us have experienced this in real life

  34. If I can remember correctly, there is a condition when someone that is in their 20's can have a heart attack. I believe it is called familial hypercholesterolemia.

  35. US humor is totally different from European one apparently. Or at least from mine.
    I found the same things extremely hilarious to tell you the truth. And I am no doctor or nurse or anything that has to do with hospitals, and meds.

  36. In response to the first video, anyone can post videos, I advocate free choices and if it’s separate from how you perform your job it shouldn’t have an implication. With that said my opinion is that the lack of empathy required to view it that way is troubling. Often the people looking for attention, need the most help. Perhaps they are lonely or scared and anxious being away from home and just need a reason to have attention. I doubt many if anyone thinks “I just feel like being a pest and I’ll make up a situation to do that”

    Doctors are not psychologists and are not there to treat those situations outside of a physical aliment. However they need to be compassionate and aware of them.

    As for the second video, again it’s a bit of a lack of critical thinking to post that as a professional, I’m sure doctors feel that way and can joke among themselves the same as many professions listening to people who don’t know, this is posted to the 99.9% of people who are the ones who are anxious and considering our most potent instinct is to survive, yes patients might be a little pushy when it comes to their survival in their eyes – as a professional you know that it’s not the case, to the person who believes they maybe in grave danger, it’s not like telling them their internet signal will be fine in a couple hours and they calm down.

    The real challenge I think for doctors in general is hard, which is why so many come across so badly. On the one hand you have to be logical minded to navigate the diagnosis and on the other hand you have to understand that when dealing with people in emotional states it’s highly illogical. We are not robots though, and the world be worse if we removed those human anxieties and emotions.

  37. "24 year old complains of chest pain"… That pisses me off. I spent 4 years (from age 20 to 24) with no idea what was wrong with my heart. At age 24 and 3 months pregnant, I finally got a diagnosis of supraventricular tachycardia. Up until then, doctors were age profiling me and I could see it on their faces. All I wanted was someone to take me seriously.

  38. I went to the ER when I was 16 because I was really sick. I had a 104 fever and I could barely breathe. The doctor I had told me I was pregnant (even though I’m a virgin) so he sent me home with nothing. So my mom drove me to the next town over to their ER. The ER doctor told me I had pneumonia, and it was pretty bad. Just because I was sixteen and had a crush on a boy doesn’t mean that I’m pregnant, I could’ve died.

  39. I was 9 months pregnant at 21 years young & I was having a heart attack and the ER nurses just kept saying its probably a panic attack because I had a history with medicine for panic attacks.. they all felt like assholes and apologized 1000 times after we found out it was a heart attack. Dont assume.

  40. Had a nurse tell me I was faking to get out of school, I had a bad kidney infection 🤷 ended up being really poorly

  41. I’m going to become a nurse and even as a teen I barely use my phone. I don’t believe u should have or use ur phone while on clinical or at ur job

  42. I really wish I knew where to find kind doctors who will listen to me and actually care, like Mike. And I'm not sure these things were posted without ill intent

  43. I'm 29 years old, and had to go to the ER for chest pain and tachycardia (really fast heartbeat). The staff didn't hesitate to get me into a room. It didn't help that I was out of breath and walking very slowly and deliberately to avoid getting dizzy.

    In spite of my age, they took me seriously, did all the tests to try and find out what was going on, and eventually were only able to determine that it wasn't a heart attack, or something equally serious.

    So yeah, even if it turns out to be nothing serious, take the patient seriously until you have irrefutable proof of what's happening.

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  45. It's like talking to that one funny guy who got all serious so you don't know what to do and just listen to that guy

  46. The one about the 24 year old with chest pain really pisses me off. When I was 19 I went into the ER for chest pain and was treated horribly. My mom had to contact a cardiologist bc no one else, not even my PCP would take me seriously. As it turns out I had pericarditis. I work in the medical field and I was so disgusted by how I was treated when I went to the ER for this. It makes me not want to go to the ER for anything anymore.

  47. I will never ever ever go to doctors like that. They are rude and not funny. My doctors and specialists are so nice to me when I tell them about my problems that bothers me and I find very weird. They never laugh at me. They will explain to me that they either don't specialise in that field where I have the problem or they say they will help me as best as they can. That's why I love and trust all of them.

  48. As I’m sure our good Dr here will agree, heart attacks aren’t biased to someone’s age, race, gender or anything else. You can be an infant and have a heart attack. Being educated and knowing the signs of something as serious as a heart attack or even strokes(yeah, cause even younger people can have a stroke too) can make the difference between saving your own life and the alternative. All medical professionals should take those symptoms seriously.

  49. I saw a post saying that all the mean girls from highschool have become nurses now to be able to assert their power over those less fortunate in their adult life, and honestly, makes sense.

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