100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to: FUNNIEST MEDICAL MEMES!

  1. I was in a car accident and broke my leg and some lady walked up to me and a guy who helped me told her that my left leg was really hurting and then she squeezed it.

  2. How come every time I c Bear he never looks happy? Yes I c him lick Dr. Mike sometimes but he doesn't look happy doing it.

  3. 1:49 that happened to me but the person in front of me in the doctors had stoped breathing or had no pulse or something like that and we waited an extra 2 hours because he apparently vomited all over the room!

  4. person 1: sir it’s the hospital!
    person 2: what is it?
    person 1: a building they take ill people, but that’s not important right now

  5. The focal view of the lens in a camera changes how we look in pictures quite drastically.
    A Google search explains it like this: "longer focal length or lower optical power is associated with larger magnification of distant objects, and a narrower angle of view. … Essentially, focal length, based off that explanation is how much your lens will be able to zoom into the view, but doing so will create a narrower angle of view."

  6. My better half always admires my veins especially the ones on my hands. Like, she wants to practice putting needles in it. And she admits it. 😂😂🤣

  7. 8:00 Usually when you look bad in a photo like that it's because of the focal length and/or the ISO of the camera. When a camera is too close to something, though the subject might be in focus, the camera can be distorting the image, so if you think you look unlike yourself in selfies, you're correct. That is not how you look.
    Also, lighting is everything. And office settings always have terrible lighting. it's just a fact of life.

  8. One time when I got a check-up to see how my broken foot was healing, my actual doctor who told me my foot was broken left. So I had a new doctor. This doctor literally squeezed my foot so hard, ( NOT NORMAL) and I started hysterical crying. But he said that my foot wasn't broken because I didn't pull it away. So I walked around on a broken foot.

  9. my mom is a nurse and EVERY TIME I tell her something hurts, even the slightest, she brings out the worst case scenarios.
    also she used to work in surgery, so thats really cool, but now she works part time in the orthopedics department and every Christmas she's not home because she doesn't want to argue about her shifts..

  10. roses are red, it’s hot like hell, MITOCONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL. stupid lmao ( i can’t spell and i don’t really mean dr mike is stupid lol)

  11. 6:19 is supposed to be “ roses are red, it’s hot like hell, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” 😂😂

  12. Dude. As an IV nurse, the vein comment/meme spoke to me on a deep spiritual level. Apparently, staring in amazement at someone's veins and stating you could get a 16 in those without a tourniquet isn't something most people wanna hear??

  13. https://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/geniuses-only-please-1?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bffbbuzzfeedquiz&ref=bffbbuzzfeedquiz

    Doctor Mike. this quiz was definitely made for you 😂

  14. Okay i'm your subsciber from malaysian..So here,i love wacthing your's video and i wanna ask you🙄 are you real doctor or you just make the funny video likes a doctor as something likes that..sorry my english is bad..

  15. Cheesy cringe doctor meme:
    Doctor: okay so your plastic surgery will make you very beautiful!
    Patient: okay

    Patient: nothings changed :/
    Doctor: ;D

  16. 6:15 my disappointment is immeshurable and my day is ruined.


  17. Not related to the video but i just gonna say i love whenever you make that high pitched noise. It's so cute omg 😍

  18. My mum is an anaesthetist and ever since I can remember our cuddle sessions have consisted of her, UNIRONICALLY, taking my hand, pulling down my sleeves, admiringly stroking my arteries and saying, “it would be SO easy to put a needle in here.” It’s not even a joke, she does it all the time. Also, dad’s doctor too and I still cannot read his writing.

  19. Been laughing a lot w this meme series when it suddenly hit me u've prob received lots of unrequested nudity already

  20. Omg!! Your dog is absolutely adorable! Which breed is it? I just started watching your videos after seeing the one you did with Mykie (Glam & Gore) I really loved that video! Now that I've seen yours, I'm definitely a fan. I'm in the medical field as well so thank you for all the medically based videos! Hope you are doing well! And Thank you for the videos and everything else you do!

  21. I think it was supposed to go: Roses are red, it’s hot as hell, Mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell…. bcuz they say that med students and scientists hear this a lot? Idk for sure tho…

  22. 6:20 it's "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
    the phrase is commonly used to represent useless facts that are commonly taught in the American public school system

  23. Wanna see some great veins? Like at jungkook from bts veins idk how many times I’ve seen my followers who are nurses gush over them on twitter

  24. when my cpr and first aid teacher was telling us about some oft he calls he went to he told us about how he hated to put iv's in people with those buldging veins , and hated it worse when he was teaching someone new how to do it because those veins are more likely to burst and then theres a bruise the size of Kentucky where their vein is. one guy acused him of assault, and they were so pissed.

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