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  1. We've been told that my grandad died at the hospital, none of us even thought to blame the doctor… it was a disease that took him in two days and the first day he was just a bit unwell.. and we are Italian soooooo… 8 people who got the news at once…

  2. Here in St. Louis there is a penalty for throwing caps in the sharps container, like a fine per cap. I agree with the people, you do look more like Dr, Carter than McDreamy, adorable though. Like you with learning , I am always the first to jump in to learn a something new in the medical field. I have been blessed that when i go to nursing school my nurses have prepared me for what I will be learning. Except wanting to learn the running whip stitch.That one is all me. What would you recommend to practice on? I know not people.

  3. I was in vet school when this series was in its prime, and I identified so hard with these doctors, especially the interns.

  4. Hold up ur tellin me

    he's cute

    he has a big following


    is a doctor


    damn, guess he is perfect.

  5. My neurologist had three nurses quit in a short time span due to abusive patients and it’s making it more difficult for everyone to get med refills on time, especially for controlled meds. The practice won’t hire him a new one because of these patients and he has to rely on the nurses who happen to be available from other doctors in the department.

  6. If $23,000/year sounds ridiculous, that's 1994 dollars, or about $40,000 today. Still pretty weak for the amount of effort new residents put into their work but it gets better.

  7. Picking on the person in the pretty white coat interests me. During cancer treatment, my "nurse navigator" clearly put her focus on the patient. The only time I saw her in her white coat was after my surgery, on the recovery floor.

  8. I was falling asleep (because I was trying to sleep lol) at the part where you were talking about DKA and I just started crying. One of the scariest things of my life, I felt like I was dying and had no idea why. By the time I got to the hospital the ER doctor said I was lucky I went in when I did or I might not be alive today. If you know much on it, can you do a little bit about the difference of type one and type two diabetes? There is so much misinformation about them and at times it makes me ashamed to say that I have type one diabetes because people just automatically assume such negative things. Like my parents just loaded me up with candy as a kid, which is not the case!
    Love your videos!

  9. I haven’t checked your channel yet, but another popular medical show is M.A.S.H.
    One episode I recall is Winchester choosing to save a patient’s ability walk at the loss of his hand. The issue was the patient was a pianist.
    In ‘regular’ ER scenarios I imagine it’s rare that the patient background is unavailable and doctors are forced to make decisions that a responsive patient might veto, given the chance.
    You’ve probably seen some episodes of M.A.S.H. But, have you had to make, or seen made, such decisions? I expect it’s one of many difficult aspects of the medical field.

  10. I did appreciate the "shockable rhythm" comment. All too often medical-based TV shows have doctors and nurses applying de-fibs after the heart has stopped, which is a waste of time. You have to keep the chest compressions going on.

  11. I live in a very large rural town in Australia called Mildura, like it's so large that some of the surrounding towns are now considered subberbs. We have 1 hospital for about 5 towns and we have a limited supply of GP's our family GP has moved twice because she had too many people to look after because GP's keep retiring

  12. How I start a good Saturday morning:
    -Prep a nice cup of black Honduran coffee
    -Get some good cookies
    -Start my playlist with Doctor Mike and Legal Eagle ⚕️👨‍⚕️ 💼👨‍💼

  13. There's a medical movie from 1955 called "Not as a stranger" starring Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra. This is back in the day when GPs did heart surgery among various other medical specialties. It would be interesting to get you take on that one. There are two other classic medical shows from the early 60s, "Dr. Kildare" and "Ben Casey" that you might find interesting. They used stone age technology compared to the methods used today.

  14. I get the feeling that watching a medical drama as a doctor is like watching a movie adaptation of a book you've read a thousand times coughPercyJacksonmoviescough

  15. Doctor, can you react to korean medical drama. Because korean drama is good even "Good Doctor" series is original from korea. Sorry for bad english 🙂

  16. I wonder if Dr. MIKE knows this was written 20 years prior to it being filmed. Written by the great author Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, Westworld). It was written to be a film, and is based on reality since Crichton was once a doctor or studying to be one…its been so long, I forget. So if certain things are a little off, perhaps the fact it is 40 years old might be the reason.

  17. Is it true that when you are in a advanced diabetic ketoacidosis at a certained point you are still alive but doctors can't help you anymore?

    I would appreciate you answering this question because it lies very close to my heart, cause I had a really bad ketoacidosis once. Thank you!

  18. I know this is over a year old, but I'm pretty new to your channel. IMO ER is the best! It's been my favorite show since the end of the very first episode. I have the box set (yeah, I'm old 😉) and I would rather sit and watch this or Bones than watch anything that's currently on air (although there are a couple of other medical dramas that I think I could easily see myself really getting into (The Good Doctor looks like it is pretty good). When I saw that you did a reaction to ER I was ecstatic to watch!!!, Thank you for not tearing it apart!! I wonder if you ever did sit down and binge watch it all? 💜 From Michigan!!!!!

  19. Can you do a reacts to BBC Casualty… I am British so it's more realistic for us but my god is ER addictive

  20. when you mentioned the gunners, the first thing i thought i that you should watch 8×02 of grey's anatomy next time: it is about doing/being the gunther, which i don't really know how to explain what is. probably this is not enough for you to watch that ep but i would LOVE to see your reaction video and i think you may find it interesting to comment

  21. ER is one of the most series that I love for ever, I was 4 year too when it began, but two years ago I watched all episodes on internet … Love you Mike

  22. I have never freaked out like you do when something is crazy in your reactions but the ectopic pregnancy- MY GOD. She could be not having her period for lots of reasons- like she's young and it's not uncommon in young people. It could be endometriosis, it could be, like you said, a cyst, it could be ten million bajillion other things. And this guy has x-ray eyes and can just say ah yes, this is an ectopic pregnancy.

  23. Very late to this comment section, but I remember everyday for two years when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, my mom thought it would be a good idea to put on ER while we were eating dinner… So that's where my fear of extreme amounts of blood and bodies comes from 😂😂😂

  24. So…. a handsome, healthy, funny doctor who cooks? Do you also rescue animals, feed the homeless and volunteer at the orphanage home in your spare time?

  25. It's great to talk about health care worker abuse, but you should also mention health care workers who abuse patients. Having been physically abused by a health care worker myself, I can tell you that it was a very traumatic experience for me. The woman was supposed to get a blood sample, and was having difficulty. She became angry and literally jammed the butterfly needle into my hand because 3 veins in my arms had collapsed. I told her repeatedly to use the smallest butterfly as I have very tiny veins. Once she finally extracted the blood she pinched the area of the injection so hard that it was causing me pain. I told her she was hurting me and she said that I was lucky she didn't smack me. This happened to me 5 years ago and it still bothers me. I'm a quiet and cooperative patient, and for all the many times I've had to have medical procedures/surgeries etc. this was one of the worst things I've been through. That kind of bad behavior isn't restricted to the nurses either. I've seen a doctor be abusive to my then 2 year old daughter. There is no excuse for that. Most health care workers are great, and are very concerned with their patients' well-being, but it's pretty scary for a patient when the 'care giver' fails to remember that a) we are not aware of everything they are doing or going to do, and we may be scared, b) we are in pain and/or sick, and c) we don't understand all the terminology they use and need things to be explained to us.

  26. No Doc Mike. The defibrillator pads are not always on the chest area. We’ve been taught that one of them is above the nipple, and the other on the lateral wall of thorax corresponding to the 4th and 5th intercostal spaces, i.e adjacent to the nipple.

  27. I work security at a hospital. 90% of my time is spent with violent and volatile patients… many with mental health/substance abuse issues.
    I have responded to nurses being sexually assaulted by patients, prevented staff from being hurt and have had to prevent many patients including kids as young as 9 from harming themselves. I cannot imagine a busy hospital not having security present, even with us there medical staff deal with abuse.

  28. Every medical professional I've ever watched this show with or talked about er with says this is the most accurate, albeit now dated, medical drama there was/is. I love this show.

  29. I used to love ER! It was far more satisfying than Gray 's anatomy, because in each episode you watched a lot of medicine and much less relationship drama!

  30. I have never seen a doctor put in his own IV. The nurse is always do it. I suppose they probably have learned how at some point though

  31. In greys anatomy, they had an episode in one of the later seasons about them having limits to working only 16 hours at a time and no more than 80 hours a week

  32. LOVE’S LABOR LOST (S. 1, E. 19) is ranked as the best episode of ER by IMDB. It won 5 emmys, including writing (the writer is a doctor who became a writer, Lance Gentile)

  33. Babinksi relfex has to do with CNS damage yeah, more specifically a motor neuron issue…I forgot if it was upper (in the cerebral cortex) or lower (in the spinal cord) motor neuron damage, but it is motor neuron damage.

  34. Just found your channel
    Today, I’m not in healthcare but I do love ER 😁and yes you look a lot like Dr Carter😊

  35. Why don't hospitals just fix these sleep deprivation problems anyway? They make so much money why do they need to abuse their doctors to stay for so many long hours?

  36. I love ER. I watched it when I was a kid through my teens and early 20s. I grew up with that show (my mom was a fan so I watched it with her. I know, not kid friendly material but I absolutely loved the show and followed all the storylines). The technical wizardy on display on that show is amazing even today. No one dares to do the walk and talks the show made famous. No one will even attempt to film the insanely long shots they were famous for. And they did it every single week with medical jargon tossed around and so many FX in the scene. Impressive storylines and character development. It was provocative and touched very sensitive subjects. They had a gay character in the 90s that wasn't a caricature. The action was unbelievable and it was gory. They even had a live show for crying out loud. Live for both coasts, they did it twice. Each episode cost 13 million dollars. It still holds that record for most expensive show ever adjusted for inflation. Groundbreaking and heartbreaking. A masterpiece

  37. How many medical dramas there are I watched already like 10 vids of his and there are still more only of reactions..

  38. Lol you gotta watch the whole episode Dr.Carter did do a work up and physical plus a history on the patient and new what was wrong but second guessed himself because he was intimidated by Benton his senior

  39. This is my all time favorite show. I have seen the entire series 3 times. I only watched an episode a few times when it was actually on tv. I did watch on hulu twice and then found the box set on amazon. So of course I had to buy it. Honestly if I watched this before I went to school, it probably would have directed me towards a career as an RN maybe BSN. I think it would be cool to see you review Season 1, Episode 19, "Love's Labor Lost". It is a great episode and very dramatic but still really good.

  40. I always chuckle when docs check me for a Babinski because I'm partially paralyzed from a SCI at T5-T6, so my feet never react

  41. I totally agree with you, we don't just diagnose ectopic pregnancy with just that limited history taken lol….she might have had a miscarriage or a non-gynae cause like appendicitis….but 1.5/10 for effort

  42. I am a firm believer in skin to skin contact being the very best thing for the baby as soon as it’s born. I pushed for over an hour with my son and when he finally made his entrance into the world I was so close to literally blacking out from the pain and the sheer exhaustion but as soon as they laid him on me it was like i had been given a brand new battery and was so alert and happy and the pain just didn’t matter anymore. My son went from red faced and screaming like a banshee to absolutely peaceful and quiet when he was laid on my chest. It was so amazing. The most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced! Skin to skin contact is a huge help in my opinion.

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