100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to: CRAZY MEDICAL MEMES EP. 4

  1. 1:40
    if u look closer i think the blue bottle is filled with sleeping pills. don’t believe me? search it up “equate sleeping pills” you’ll find a clear container with the same pills in the picture (you might need to scroll awhile) LOL get it?

  2. Yeah don't go to Egypt waaaaayyyy to boring not just x ray shit I don't understand that anyways but boring country love the vid btw

  3. Pharmacology? Uh, well, I study Chemistry with focus on that area actually, so that's my day to day rn. If you guys as doctors lend us a hand in helping with the recipes and the legalese from that, you can focus more on the symptoms and we help out with the meds

  4. My crappy VA doctor always complains about Googling medical information online but has no problem printing out information for me to take home from info found on google search.

  5. Dr. Mike : Dont let this channel distract you for 2 hours.

    Also Dr.Mike : You have to, absolutely have to click and watch this video!

  6. I had C.Diff so they say. Everyone else but the one doctor didn’t think so. But I was constipated. Shorty after, I got my colon removed because it was so diseased from crohns.

  7. So I really have to say something after the "who ever has the cleanest white coat" comment. I am a resident in Europe, and we get a fresh white coat as often as we want, and don't wash them ourselves (they're washed in the hospital). I did some rotations in the US and some of the residents had the grossest white coats! Like, eww, please wash them! I think it's so weird that residents wash their own hospital clothes.

  8. "google search is not equivalent to years of medical training" when I went to the doctor about having blocked sinuses for years and having to use nasal drops nightly he literally searched it on google while I was I the room and then told me its because we live in a humid area…

  9. Top comments are quoting him and yet he said the residents with a clean coat is inexperienced. Makes you wonder about the others he is referring to with blood and other bodily fluids splattered on their coats who are more experienced. Dear god what is happening?

  10. Ex boyfriend gets urinary tract infection, ecoli. Doc tells me, he was a coworker, says make sure you use a condom during anal sex and clean up after. I tell him we don't have anal… Hence the ex

  11. I really want to hear him talk about gay anyting just to see what his thoughts are on well how to take care of his gay patients

  12. me : eats a cookie
    also me : gains 10 kg
    dr mike : drinks a cookies and cream milkshake, soda and a large pizza all by himself
    also dr mike : gets thinner

  13. Mike: don‘t use this channel as a procrastination device
    Also Mike: you HAVE TO click on this video where I did the Whisper Challenge

    I‘m new to this channel, hello! Hope y’all are having a great day! 😊

  14. shows creepy show
    Me: thanks I was looking f..
    spoiler alert pops up
    Me: oh crap what do I do
    throws phone and still hears spoiler because you forgot this was in English cause you watch too many Asian dramas

  15. 4:15 I was actually puling an eyelash out of my eye at this moment and now I have to remove all the strings that come with the irritation.It's fnny when I go to the doctor often they just go look stuff up on Google. I figured out I had a vitamin D deficiency because I'd had all the symptoms for 6 straight years. I'd had blood tests but was never called to discuss them as they only call you if they're abnormal. Well I got a new doctor and was talking to her about something unrelated and she happened to see my last test result then asked if anyone had told me my vitamin d levels were so low they were virtually undetectable and I needed to go on 80,000ui a week like yesterday. 3 other doctors missed the result along with my history. I was a bit concerned when a junior ophthalmologist didn't know the word for 'limbus', the senior one asked the girl assisting what it was and I answered before her. I'm still the one surviving on minimum wage though.

  16. Dr. Mike: Please don't use this channel to procrastinate

    Me: Watching the 10th video while my thesis is due next week and I've written about 10 pages of 100

  17. I once made a resident mad when my kid was sick and we had to go to the ER. My nurse friend was pretty sure it was HFM but my son was so uncomfortable he couldn't sleep..and of course it was a weekend when this started. So the resident comes in and says my 7yo is too old for HFM and he was going to have to go look some things up. It was late and I have no filter so I told my son that the DR had to go google something and I could tell he was mad. He didn't come back, the attending did LOL
    Also, I hate when Drs DON'T know something and can't admit it. I have EDS and MANY doctors don't know enough about it. I read medical articles and do a lot of research and keep up with new studies and such on it so I can help myself and my children. So yeah, sometimes I know more about it that doctors. I have had doctors admit that they don't really know much about EDS and then I have doctors get annoyed. It happens. I appreciate doctors who listen.

  18. 4:06 welp I literally did that EXACT thing, except instead of 2 hours its 4 hours I've been binging and have medical and history homework to do lmao guess I die

  19. In February of this year, I partook in the dechox for British Heart Foundation and the day after, I may have had chocolate for breakfast and I may have ended up being ill due to the amount of chocolate that I ate
    I regret nothing

  20. I had c diff and it was so very bad. I ended up with kidney, liver failure. I was really bad off. I flatlined 4 times. The smell is horrendous. Forgot to mention the abdominal swelling, worst pain I’ve ever felt. I was in hospital for over 30 days. I ended up having my appendix removed, large intestines removed and 10 feet of small, due to the c diff. My team told my family my first week to say their farewells as I wasn’t responding to the meds. I was in a coma for a week. The road to recovery was so hard. My anniversary of survival is Monday. 1 year. I’m really thankful to my skilled team. I was able to see my son graduate high school. Also, I absolutely love your channel, Dr. Mike. Thank you for educating people and being amazing!
    I forgot to mention, my colon was 26 pounds. When it was finally removed, it was necrotized. And the necrosis moved into my small intestines. Hence the removal. My memory is wonky at times, my husband reminded me of that.

  21. “Watch this channel on study breaks but not for two hours.”
    But Mike, my study breaks ARE two hours (or more).

  22. While I completely agree that a medical degree is better than a google search, I would never have found out that I have AIWS/micropsia without forums on the internet.

  23. Is it bad that I have a test tomorrow and this is the 3rd episode of medical meme review I’ve watched? Well, I’m not gonna stop now.

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