100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to: ABSURD MEDICAL MEMES EP. 5

  1. Legally, doctors can’t report you to the police for using illegal drugs right? So if you go to a rave any you’re like “yeah, I did a tub of cocaine, a shoebox of LSD, a pound of weed, and a whole farm of mushrooms” the worst that would happen legally is you being judged by the doctor? Except if you have a history of long term use of illegal drugs, they can report that to your insurance company, which can then deny you coverage right? So if someone were doing drugs that could potentially interact with treatments, then they can chose between possibly dying or eliminating future coverage in the event of heart problems or something?

  2. Pretty sure it's a human rights violation to cut off part of another person's body as part of 'your' religious beliefs. That said yeah there are certain circum…stances where a circumcision is medically necessary/beneficial. Outside of that tho, it should be the religion of the individual getting the body part cut off that's relevant, not their parent's. I'm glad some folk have stopped engaging in the practice as part of their religion and that more and more people are educating themselves on the topic. I don't think it should be banned, but unless it's medically necessary it should be considered a cosmetic surgery and not be performed on an child that's incapable of giving consent.

  3. Dude i eat foreskins w/flinstones vitamines on tuesdays, it helps with my stage 7 terminal urethra cancer

    Its pretty epic

  4. That movie with the Rock in it is Race To Witch Mountain from 2009
    The girls character is an alien. Maybe that’s why she made that assumption

  5. All I am interested in is the doggo, gimme em for a day to give doggo much luv and den I will sadly give back, before secretly taking back in the night and give more luv, and give bak beforw mwowning evewy nwight

  6. 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 dog 👏🏻 raised 👏🏻 his 👏🏻 paw 👏🏻 I 👏🏻 can’t 👏🏻 breathe 👏🏻 get 👏🏻 me 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 Doctor 👏🏻

  7. 8:00 The supposed “benefits” are caused by statistical and sampling errors. The website circumstitions . com (I’m not sure if YouTube comments allow links) describe this in more details than I can. I take this issue very personally, reversing what I can through tissue expansion.

  8. No hate, but I don't get why Doc Mike said the picture was not accurate in 7:21? Dentists wear stethoscope too because a good dentist will have to check blood pressure and even sugar levels.

  9. 7:30 How do you justify an invasive genital mutilation done without the consent of the person it is being done to?
    What would you say if I said, "My religion demands the amputation of the pinkie finger of new born babies."?

  10. 6:50 I forgot what it’s called but the movie is where an alian girl and her brother get a ride across the US from the rock, a taxi driver

  11. I highly recommend playing all mights theme from my hero academia when fabulousrn is giving her inspirational speech.

  12. Hi doctor can u please help when i wake up in the morning my mouth is fill up of blood always
    I am worried i want my teeth fine its horrible problem plzz plzz pllzzz reply soon

  13. When I was in the emergency room for overdosing (suicide attempt) I remember my blood pressure would go up and down between 130-150 so I had to sit absolutely still forever to see "if this was my natural blood pressure" (they said it should be around 90-100)

  14. There actually was a study done that showed that people who lived to be at least 80 tended to live another 10-15 years. If you make it to 80, you're probably just naturally in great health. Just look at George Burns. Smoked cigars his entire adult life, lived to 100.

  15. I was just at the dentist the other day and he was taken by surprise when I told him the truth about how often I brush. You can't give me actual advice or help if I sit here and tell you lies.

  16. Bro I have severe medical problems. If a doctor told me to take honey I would be like "ok, better idea. I have a sinus infection and i need medication, give me a 14 day dose twice a day, i will call your office if nothing changes. Otherwise, nothing new." .

  17. I get sick so often that my doctors know that I know what to do. I even know how to find veins on ultrasound. Yea, new low point I know.

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