46 thoughts on “Doctor on Trump’s hospital visit: It’s worrisome

  1. Ohhhh, another great opportunity for CNN to make stuff up. Show some self control and wait for good opportunities, rather than every opportunity.

  2. Trump your cruel you deserve what you get and Juliana to and the republicans I never feel sorry for you and never well you are a madman Hitler

  3. I can't imagine what he's worried about. According to the infamous Anonymous,, his staff ENCOURAGES him to get out of the White House for rallies and such so that they can get some actual work done. Any "downtime" from Trump can only be good for the country. He just gets in the way.

  4. Brooke use to be a half way decent news anchor back in the day…now she's your typical anti Trump hack that reads a script that she reads from the teleprompter just like the rest of the MSN does….CNN won't be around if Trump doesn't win in 2020…so, I guess we will see CNN for the next 5 years..

  5. SO SICK OF CNN’s FAKE NEWS!! They just can’t let go of President Trump. I wouldn’t doubt if they would follow him to the bathroom to do his business so they could report on that (and probably twist it like they do about everything that President Trump does). I have a recurrent strong wish to see CNN and all the newspeople (I won’t call them journalists) all get locked up for sedition!

  6. This is exactly what i hoped for..this mango maniac is stressed out so much , its making him physically ill..
    He knows his bogus Presidency is officially on the clock and possibly his freedom ..he also officially knows that hel never be the respected leader President Obama was…hell hel never be George W Bush or Jerry Ford….and before you Amerikkkan kkkracker start throwing shade on 44 keep in mind that he never came of for impeachment…only Dick Nixon and your Orange Emperor have that honor…
    Now while Nixon ultimately resigned out of disgrace..Chump doesnt have that option for the simple fact that once he leaves the White House hes next residence will be the big house

  7. You guys are so gullible… Ever think maybe he took a day off to go see the wounded, the amputees, and retired military Vets that had the pleasure of serving under him? This man is reversing 20-30 years of corruption and exposing the Democrats for who they really are. I love listening to you guys complain, because you're who's going to get him re-elected. Keep on whining, cause 2020 is right around the corner! Lmaooooooo

  8. He's just looking for a sympathy vote. Guys a narcissist, needs the lurv. He's just way overweight, eats shit and uses Uppers. He's fucked, hopefully

  9. If CNN did their homework they would know that the food tester for the president came up ill. BUT NNNOOOO, propaganda is easier to spew than the truth.

  10. He probably went there to ask if he can get new testicles. As all of you already know, Melania got him castrated when she got to know about the Stormy Daniels affair (of course she had got the wind a long time before any of us did).

  11. Jim Jordan asked Trump to go into the hospital and have his butt stretched because there wasnt enough room for He Nunes and Grahams head to fit comfortably

  12. Congratulations on your promotion to full vulture status. Most despicable people in our country, why didn't you move to Canada like you promised!

  13. NEWS BREAK: trumph went into syphylitic shock when the anal warts nunues, jordan, barr, ghoolian, hannity, pierro and pence suddenly pulled out of trumphs ass , there was massive blood loss (described as black in color and smelled like "PUTRID rotting satanic flesh" with the consistency of crude oil) but the trumph children arrived just in time to resupply the rare blood type. There is a call out to all his brown-shirt supporters to get to the hospital ASAP to be ready to donate their rare blood and lives so your greatest hero can survive, show your true and only love

  14. This guy is a Textbook Privileged loser, Bill Maher said it first, he wont go peacefully into the night, and will shit on everyything as he's dragged away. More Trump Steaks please

  15. Worrisome??
    He croakes, the world is much better off — not worrisome! Potentially great news!
    (I care about him as much as he cares about you >> Karma)

  16. This is all hearsay fake news bull crap. That's why cnn is fake news. They make up all kinds of fake crap to bring down the president. Crybaby losers. 😥😪😭🤣😂🖕🖕🖕😩😫😪😥🤯🥶🥵😱😰😭🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎

  17. what bothers me again, is this emphasis on the message being propagated by various media off and on and sometimes more often and that is t he phrase ;…most powerful man ' on earth, not most powerful leader, as though by this slip america is announcing that despite its constitution, policies etc…..it sets those things aside at the wish of one man …..is this a form of conditioning so the country will really let him get away with murder. Say it often enough as we know and people start believing it. I grew up believing america was a government of the people for the people and never was there mention that the president could over ride the people like this one is doing. Think about it…….you are announcing that donald trump is because of the 'power' he has to what…..press the red button…..is the most powerful man in the world. now it depends i suppose on what your values are and your priorities and lots of other things but I suggest what would be really a truthful description of this ordinary man, not 'the chosen' is presently he is the most dangerous figure to world peace because america has allowed this man, his position, to become a dictator and basically a terrorist who threatens those who do not support him….face up to it america, the responsibility of this situation is the 'flower' of careful cultivation and purpose.

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