Doctor of Nursing Practice — Clinical Nurse Specialist Program at Johns Hopkins

A clinical nurse specialist is an
advanced practice registered nurse who’s educated at the graduate or doctoral
level with a very specific focus of improving patient outcomes. The primary
role of the clinical nurse specialist is to improve patient outcomes and the care
that patients receive. So while we may be doing translational research I would
then implement that research into practice. We have very specialized skills
to know how to develop a project leader, project who, the stakeholders are that
need to be included in the project. So we have a very global focus that is
specific to nursing but also very specific to the role of this clinic when
our specialists. A nurse that should apply for the CNS
program who is really interested in the big picture, looking at patient
outcomes and improving the care that not just one patient receives but an entire
population on patients. Because of our research focus we have a very different
focus, so if you are looking for a specific topic or entity that you want
to look at we probably have faculty here that are also your interest in this
topic.CNS program has very specific courses directed only towards the CNS
with a focus on the role development, focusing on expert practice as well as
focusing on management with big data system. Students can do a couple
different things there are some elective courses and they can choose a couple
electives as well very specifically they can choose where they want to do their
practical courses. And that’s where I think they have the greatest opportunity
to really focus on what they want to do. It can be specific pain management it,
can be oncology, it can be impatient it can be outpatient. Students should choose
Hopkins because of high academic standards,
our involvement in research both original research as well as
translational research and not only are we focused on the Baltimore metropolitan
area our focus expands nationally and even globally.

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