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  1. Allah's Apostle said to me, "O Abdullah! Have I not been informed that you fast during the day and offer prayers all the night." Abdullah replied, "Yes, O Allah's Apostle!" The Prophet said, "Don't do that; fast for few days and then give it up for few days, offer prayers and also sleep at night, as your body has a right on you, and your wife has a right on you, and your guest has a right on you. And it is sufficient for you to fast three days in a month, as the reward of a good deed is multiplied ten times, so it will be like fasting throughout the year." I insisted (on fasting) and so I was given a hard instruction. I said, "O Allah's Apostle! I have power." The Prophet said, "Fast like the fasting of the Prophet David (Daud, AS) and do not fast more than that." I said, "How was the fasting of the Prophet of Allah, David? (Daud)" He said, "Half of the year," (i.e. he used to fast on every alternate day). Sahih Bukhari No: 196

  2. Dr Mike thank you for this video!!
    I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for years now,on and off (16:8).
    I have lots of health issues :

    -suspicion of Ankolysing Spondylitis
    -many herniated discs
    -Gerd/ hiatal hernia
    -lately lots of allergies (can’t smell any kind of chemicals)/sun and light sensitivity
    -nerve pain
    -pelvic floor disfunction
    And the list goes on

    I was thinking of trying a 72 hours fast
    (I will be using B vitamins/magnesium/potassium/calcium… )

    I was wondering if PPis such as Pariet would break my fast??

    Thank you 🙏

  3. This whole thing has worked wonders for me. I struggled with my weight no matter what I did, thanks to my trash metabolism… Who would of thought cutting food during work was all I had to do? I definitely slapped myself in the face for not doing this sooner.

  4. People keep talking about how his buttons work so hard. Should've seen my buttons before I started IF. I'd have to beat yall away with a stick

  5. This is my second week fasting, I've tried so many different diets and have quit in just a few days. I wish I had known about IF when I started my weight loss journey. I do 16/8, so I stop eating at 8 pm and break my fast at noon with a rice cake and a cup of bone broth, the I wait 40 min to an hour before I eat a real meal, I only fast from Monday to Friday, then for the weekend I eat on a regular schedule. I also work out at 6 am, and I feel like my fasted workouts are so much more effective, I also feel so much happier and energetic, I only lost 1 lb in 5 days of fasting and I have not weighed myself again, but I do see a big difference in the mirror already. For anyone who is looking for more info and tips on IF, Thomas DeLauer has many videos on IF.

  6. Hey, Doctor Mike. I have a question for you about a specific type of diet: It's a diet – that I saw an ad about on YouTube recently – that involves eating the appropriate amount of food to get the amount of daily nutrients and calories that your body needs, and then if you're still hungry you carefully eat foods that have an outer layer that your body can't actually digest (for example, whole kernels of corn) to help fill any additional space in your stomach so that you also feel full; I say "carefully eat" because in order for it to to work so that your body doesn't absorb those extra calories stored inside the food, you can't break that outer layer of it by chewing (so you'd have to swallow the corn – just as an example – whole for it to work). I was wondering if you could please tell me what the name of this type of diet is? Because I can't remember what it was called and I can't find it again.

  7. First they say don’t skip breakfast , most important meal of the day they say , helps kick start your metabolism they say. Now it’s don’t eat until lunch!!! Which is it people ?????

  8. I skip lunch instead. Well I still have coffee but basically I don't eat between breakfast and dinner except for snacks when I really need it.

  9. I basically do this every day . I don’t eat at work I only eat when I get home and I don’t eat after 5pm 🤷🏽‍♀️ I only have 1 meal a day :/ but I feel good 🙂 my body is use to my everyday routine

  10. I Lost a lot of weight through keto and intermittent fasting But I notice that I lost it differently. When I lose weight through exercise my body is more symmetrical. The intermittent fasting and keto made me lose weight but my body is top heavy and my hips are gone😥😥😥😥so I'm about to start eating and exercising🤣

  11. I disagree with the intermittent fasting because many people who do these diets often eat unhealthy foods or foods when they can eat and are lacking many nutrients. Some people on these diets also eat lots of foods during the times they can eat which can cause stomach issues. If the diet is done correctly and people eat healthy and good nutrient rich foods during the times they can eat then yah the diet might help but most likely aren’t. There are also studies that suggest smaller healthy meals are better for your stomach and digestion. Like with any diet it really depends on the persons individual needs and capabilities which is why it’s important to consult your doctor before beginning a diet.

  12. Ok i don't get this. So if the ratio is 16:8 and lets say my 'eating window' is 10:30am – 6:30pm, I can eat during that 'window' for example at 1pm and at 5pm? Or do i have to eat just at 10:30am and at 6:30pm?
    – thanks in advance to whoever answers

  13. We already know eating every two hours will get you sick and fat after ten years of doing it so now let’s do the fasting 16 hours no food every day and get healthy and slim

  14. 15% of the US population have food insecurity. Meaning they don’t have enough food to eat. America has a good inequality problem… fasting is for the rich. While the poor go hungry, the rich fast.

  15. Hi Mike. There is a 41 yr old woman on you tube that says she eats 1700 calories one meal a day and after an MRI she was told by her Dr she has the body of a 16 yr old. Regards Peter

  16. Yes his shirt buttons are about to explode! Time to IF! Like the charts…especially like the IF picture of him sleeping during his clinic rotations!! I agree, not enough animal studies for long term studies.

  17. Ok but how do you tell the difference between if you are fasting or are starving? Yes I know your body is breaking itself down when starving but how can you TELL when that is happening versus it just chewing up your energy stores?

  18. Hi there I just wanted to ask is intermittent fasting might help me. I have Parkinson's disease type 2 diabetes and I fell and broke a few bones this year couple months after my daughter died in January. So I've been very depressed and bedridden for 4 months and then the fall might of hurt my hip and pelvic mri shows it nothing was broken in the pelvic and hip joints I still have tons of pain that area. And the bone doctor said I may have some arthritis in my pelvic and hip bones How can intermittent fasting help me if possible?

  19. So if i do 16/8 hour fasting, i can still drink my protein shake after my workout around 10am?
    I mean protein shake have carbohydrates and kcal, soo…🙄

    Somebody help me with this question pls!

  20. the greatest fat loss that i've ever had was with the Triple trim formula (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible diet that I've followed.

  21. It’s refreshing to hear someone say theoretical benefits. I have recently started researching and experimenting with intermittent fasting. But most of the bro science out there is hard to swallow. Most Youtubers will state all these benefits as facts, yet they don’t cite any of their sources.

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  23. Religiously….. hmmm. kinda like visiting family. Religiously visit and then "fasting" occurs when dealing with the stressful situations that we don't always approve of in our own minds….aka. yes, go and visit that estranged family member whom we haven't seen in years but now they are suffering from dementia or other disease.

  24. Only IF worked for me,but I still fast only 14 hours,lost 30 kg, so much energy, I cooked for myself,no fast food. Lunch is important .Eliminate sugar.Great lifestyle .

  25. Thought not eating slows down your metabolism and therefore results in fewer calories been burnt and fat being stored ?

  26. Dr. Mike, could you make a video about Snake Diet/Snake Juice please? Would love to see you challenge yourself with the protocol as well. But for the safety, please only do it on weekend.

  27. I fast all the time automatically. I do it without realizing it and I do it automatically not thinking, I have done it since I can remember (my dad said I actually did that when i turned 6.)

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  30. When you’re intermittent fasting, are you only suppose to drink water? (Or are you even “suppose” to drink water to get the most favorable benefits?)
    What about when you’re fasting for a day, two, or even 3 days? If you’re not eating, but you’re drinking other liquids e.g. juice, Gatorade, or even alcohol, is that not considered fasting?
    In other words, what should you drink, or not drink, to obtain the maximum benefits of fasting?

  31. Hey Dr.mike ! I know there are a lot of benefits in intermittent fasting and I've been practicing this for one year, but recently my friend told me that skipping breakfast could leads to gallstones . So, will long term 16/8 intermittent fasting also cause gallstones ?

  32. So ive been intermittent fasting (20 hours of fasting to 4 hours of eating, but ive more of been doing 22 hours to 2 hours of food) and honestly all its done was make me lose weight significantly. But other than that im not sure how it can help. Btw this is over a year so far of 20:4 fasting

  33. 16‘And when ye may fast, be ye not as the hypocrites, of sour countenances, for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear to men fasting; verily I say to you, that they have their reward. 17‘But thou, fasting, anoint thy head, and wash thy face, 18that thou mayest not appear to men fasting, but to thy Father who [is] in secret, and thy Father, who is seeing in secret, shall reward thee manifestly. From Matthew 6. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord. Be baptized and believe the Gospel.

  34. I have been doing 16:8 IF since almost the beginning of the year. I'm telling you it is amazing and you need to give it a try. Obviously it is not for everyone but it is worth giving it a go to see if you can do it. I have lost fat around the stomach area and back area that I have never been able to lose. My mind opened up and I can think much clearer at work now. I also cut down on added sugar and I think that helped a lot too. Sometimes I go 18 or 19 hours with no food intake but mostly I stick to the 16 hours and then I eat from 11:30 lunchtime until about 7:30 at night. I have lost about 15lbs of stubborn fat that I could not get rid of even by working out every single day.

  35. I have hyperthyroidism and recently I have started the warrior fasting; 20 hours fasting and 4 hours eating ( one meal and a lot of fruits and healthy snacks) . It works amazing, but I have started to get worried about my stomach; I have never had an issue but will there be any risks for growing a stomach problem by fasting for 20 hours a day?

  36. Your body takes up to 24 or more hours to absorb all the food from a meal, how does intermittent fasting actually do anything?

  37. Various Ancient Cultures also describe about fasting.Especially in Indian culture, we tend to find people fasting on religious days..
    In Islam, the pious month of Ramzan(Ramadan) is celebrated by fasting every single day(12+hours). Thank you for this info. I am convinced to believe in truth of this case rather than believing in myths.Just because the reason is, I understood the physiology behind this.


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