Doctor Marcus Bachmann’s Christian, Anti-Gay, Federally Funded “Mental Health” Clinic

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now almost six years of David Pakman Show programming. More on Michele Bachmann’s husband, Dr. Marcus
Bachmann. We talked on the last show, Louis, about Dr. Marcus Bachmann referring to homosexuality
as barbaric, and it seems to have opened up the floodgates. I’ve been getting a ton of
information in email about Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s federally-funded Christian anti-gay mental
health clinic. And there’s so many questions that I would
like to ask him about it. I have actually contacted Bachmann & Associates, their website
is I said I have some questions, I’m David Pakman, I work under
the supervision of producer Louis Motamedi, and I just have a number of questions for
you that we need to ask about what’s going on over there, and no response at all so far,
Louis. Any surprise? Louis: No surprise. David: This federally-funded anti-gay mental
health clinic, Christian mental health clinic, brings up so many questions, not only about
Marcus Bachmann, but also about Michele Bachmann, because the reality is she already has no
chance to be president of the United States and she will not be president of the United
States, but should she even be involved if there are votes that directly provide money
to her husband’s Christian anti-gay mental health clinic? I would like to know who licenses this clinic
and who regulates it. How many federal dollars did your clinic and client spend so far? Does
spending federal funds this way violate the separation of church and state? It is a self-proclaimed
Christian mental health clinic, and it’s receiving federal money. How many gay-to-straight conversion therapies
have succeeded there, according to you? Because this is the whole ex-gay thing that we know
all too much about, Louis. How many patients have suffered? How many have attempted suicide?
Have any successfully attempted suicide at this federally-funded Christian anti-gay mental
health clinic? I went on there,
I contacted them, no answer so far. Absolutely no answer. So the emails are just flying in about Marcus
Bachmann. Many allegations that anybody who is so involved in this pray away the gay type
of stuff may be gay themselves. And we hear that a lot. I have no idea. I mean, we literally
hear that about everybody we mention on this show that seems to be involved in praying
to stop being gay or lesbian. Hey, it’s a question. I have no idea what the answer is. Louis: It’s a very good question. David: And really, how is Michele Bachmann
even considered a legitimate candidate at all, but especially given that this is what
her husband is up to? How is this not a bigger deal? How is Fox News not talking about this?
Oh, that’s right, Fox News doesn’t talk about stuff like this, because this might make a
Republican look bad, right? Louis: Nobody’s talking about this. David: Although arguably, maybe a lot of Republicans
wouldn’t actually be turned off by finding out that one of the candidates’ husbands is
involved in a Christian anti-gay mental health clinic. Maybe they would like that. Maybe
it would actually help Michele Bachmann to have that discussed. Louis: I don’t think it would sway too many
people. David: For or against. Louis: Right. David: You just think it would… people would
be in different… people who would actually vote for Michele Bachmann would not care about
this? Louis: I doubt it. David: You’re probably right. You’re probably
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