Doctor D**k vs. Garbage D**k – Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Oh, hell no! What’d you do with
that man slut Garbage Boy? I mean, how did you
get past that It was a dark time
in my life. My only happiness was in
this new hip flavor, Diet Neapolitan. I couldn’t stop thinking
about Garbage Boy. Everywhere I looked,
there he was. And he called every day. (telephone ringing) (Nora)
You didn’t answer it,
though, right, Grandma? ‘Cause– ’cause
fuck that dude, right? (Grandma)
Exactly. Fuck that dude. (telephone ringing) But I’ll admit,
he was persistent. (knocking on door) I said I didn’t– Young Grandma.
Doc Hottie. My memory’s back.
I’m cured of my amnesia. I remember our love.
I remember everything. Let’s get married. ♪♪ What? How many goddamn
plot twists you got
in this story, Grandma? ♪♪ You’ve been
through a lot. Weeping because
of my amnesia. You don’t have to
give me an answer now. I’m going
to the hospital. They’re letting me
do surgery again. This new procedure
called… kidney transplant. Oh. Find me
when you’re ready. (Nora)
Wow. So–
so you said yes, right? (Grandma)
I didn’t know what to do. Doc Hottie wanted to marry me, but I couldn’t stop thinking
about Garbage Boy. And Camren and Lehana
were no help. Garbage Boy’s
the love of your life. You can stop his wedding. Ah, but Doc Hottie
will hook you up. He’s rich.
Your parents adore him. It’s a no brainer.
Marry him. (Grandma)
I was lost. Until guess who
walked through the door. What up? (Nora)
What?! It me, Shu Shu. In America! (both laughing) Doop doop boop boop! (both, laughing)
Boop! (Nora)
How did Shu Shu get there? It was a crazy story. (spotlights switching on,
dramatic music swelling) ♪♪ (Shu Shu)
So, I stayed in China and
ended up in the countryside. But I quickly learned
that I did not belong there. The work was hard.
I did not like manual labor. And there were so many bugs. (thunder rumbling) One, I got caught in a mudslide
and was washed away. Even though I still loved
Chairman Mao, I decided that I needed
to get out of China. So I swam to Hong Kong. Almost getting eating
by sharks along the way. Nooo! And then I made it
to New York. So, that’s my update.
What about you? (Grandma)
I told Shu Shu everything
about Doc Hottie
and Garbage Boy, except I didn’t have puppets,
so my story was
way more boring. So what do I do? We did not come to this
country to settle. I got washed in a mudslide and fought 75 sharks
to get here. You are too hot
and too smart to be anything less
than the Plan “A”
bitch you are. Yeah. So what do you want? ♪♪ Love.
Then go… …get… …it. You’re right. I’m gonna get
what I want. Wait, so who are
you gonna choose? Doctor Dick
or Garbage Dick? Either way, get that
nasty shit, girl!

63 thoughts on “Doctor D**k vs. Garbage D**k – Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

  1. @1:49 Leaving this replay Button of this Comedy GOLD for the Masses!
    Out of Nowhere ….. "What Up!
    It Me…
    SHU SHU! " [I died 4 Real!!!😂…💀]

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭 this is killing me 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 this is my 34th time replaying this and i can finally say… Im not over it and i will sell half of my soul for nora's world to be true

  3. This episode was next level crazy. I loved it!! And Garbage Boy is so gorgeous!!! And so is Doc Hottie… Damn!! How do you pick which one??

  4. I heard the critics are giving bad ratings for the show… The critics suck. My wife and I think it is excellent and the humor is a nice half our escape without going into the topics of the world. Best comedy TV comedy in in a long time. Thanks Nora.

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