Doctor And Clara | Inside My Head

If this work get out of here as fast as you can and… spare me a thought now and then. No. Clara. In fact you know what? Run. Run you clever boy. And remember. And remember me. There’s nothing there. Just nothing. No, stop it. you’re saying goodbye. Don’t say goodbye. Goodbye, Doctor. Whatever I do. Stop it. Stop this. STOP IT. You still won’t be here. Merry Christmas, Doctor. No, no. Not the hugging. No, no, no. I’m against the hugging. Clara. Hello. Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. You have to trust me Clara I’m real. Just one more step. I let Clara Oswald get inside my head. Clara. My Clara. Trust me. She doesn’t leave. You’re back. You’re in my head. It’s okay. Don’t you worry. I’ll remember it.

8 thoughts on “Doctor And Clara | Inside My Head

  1. asdfghjkl this is so amazing! tbh first it hurt soooo much???? but then??? you kind of restored my heart??? such a beautiful video

  2. Omg!!! No, you’re tearing my heart apart!!!! This is the epitome of beautiful!!! OMG!!! I just can’t!!!!! 😭😭💔💔💔💔

  3. It's been so long and I managed to somehow survive Clara's cameo in the finale, how dare you hit me with an edit so unexpectedly?! I was not ready, I was not fucking ready, I'm in tears rn

  4. I let a gasp escape when I saw this on my subscription feed! I've missed your Clara&Doctor vids SO much ! ♥

    As always, everything is so perfect, damn you ! the sound effects, voice overs and text work wonderfully well ! (and with a colouring from you as gorgeous as always, I promised myself I'd use it as soon as you uploaded it on your other channel… I need to stop using your stuff, but it's your own fault, stop being awesome.!)
    ( jk. never stop.)

    And the timing of the last quote with the end of the song… I thought my heart had stopped when the video ended !
    In your entire your vid, a kind of warmth transpires, that perfectly suits their relationship ! I'll feel all smoothed and warm for the rest of the day now, thank you for this ! ♥

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