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doc Vader since you’ve been here our patient satisfaction scores have been at historic lows talk to me doc Vader use your words does force choking an administrator count as using my words okay hear where you’re coming from I get that it’s hard for you to tell me how you feel so can you tell me how he feels Minnie Vader I have you now it hurts in my head here from listening to administrators telling me what to do and then immediately paint me in the buttocks that’s right right here in the gluteal cleft right in the crack it’s like the emperor put a lightsaber in my buttocks every time I have to come and talk to you because you have never touched a patient oh oh I’m just trying to do my job in the buttocks buttocks I’m telling you every time you have never touched a patient you are telling me and the nurses work smarter not harder oh oh you have no idea what it takes to take care of a patient and yet oh you should give him narcotics because his pain scale is 10 he is eating a sandwich I don’t care we need our age gap scores to be high and oppress Katie but but but you but now you have addicted the patient the patient is addicted now there is an opioid crisis it is your fault and why because you stick it to me here in the buttocks you have never touched a patient in the buttocks I have you can take your patient satisfaction and shove it be that as it may putting a smile on their patients faces is always good policy I find your lack of sense disturbing that doesn’t work on me oh is it too late to go to darkside law school

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  1. "You should give him narcotics because his pain scale is 10" "He is eating a sandwich" (or watching TV, or talking on his phone, or texting, or playing a game, or eating, or anything BUT WRITHING IN AGONY!!!) So true… Stupid subjectives. Gotta say, that had me LMAO, though.

  2. So devastatingly accurate. Parody of our ridiculous, hyper-managed, politically correct, bureaucratically overburdened profession. We are no longer doctors and nurses but rather minions in thrall to the Death Star on the Potomac. Pray for the apocalypse. It's the only thing that will help us now.

  3. I view the fact that you haven't done stroke yet as a failure. you don't even have to change the chorus line

  4. Non-clinical, profit driven, paper pushing, suit wearing, email sending hospital administrators that care only about the "bottom line" have ruined our healthcare, especially hospital system. Despite the meetings and objective data we present to them showing the patients who are suffering as a result of their ivory tower politics nothing changes. I felt like I was committing professional moral and ethical suicide continuing to work in the hospital. I hope we can reclaim healthcare from those who have hijacked it for greed and control.

  5. Amen on the opioid epidemic, their still preaching pain control as an overwhelming priority in RN school. It's supposed to hurt having your chest cut open, you won't be pain free! Deal with it, not my fault or the MD.

  6. Not an administrator, but have to push the directive to my surgeons. This reflects many middle managers feelings as well! Can't wait to share with the Docs.

  7. Working in the medical field this is completely accurate on how administrators are to doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, techs etc….it's hilarious on how accurate this is

  8. This is Accurate… and that's why I want to enter into healthcare administration through Nursing to be honest these folks do not get it.

  9. "Oh, my pain scale is 10," the patient said casually as she casually flipped through a magazine looking for baking tips and sipping an apple juice.

  10. I had a patient tell me to be quiet and sent me out of her room on a telemetry floor because her show was on. I had to hold metoprolol because she couldn't be bothered during the season finale of Once Upon a Time.

  11. You work for multicare in the Pacific nw this how exactly it's ran-suit n ties who never took care of pt are making all the calls.

  12. I have watched two Doc Vader….
    My son actually stopped using his phone just to listen…
    It is priceless..
    Gggooooo Doc.!!!
    Laughing our azzes offrotf
    Right there.. the buttocks..

  13. Correction…. this is adminstrator that hasnt had much experience with direct patient care. Probably a MHA graduate post internship.

  14. Love your videos, ZDogg, both the satirical and more serious presentations! As initially a nutritionist-turned RN, and ultimately Nurse Practitioner, I spent over 30 years in the healthcare profession, but finally threw in the towel a couple of years ago, due to the Corporate Medicine takeover. I could tell you stories that would make Darth Vader blush; e.g. being chastised for running out to the parking lot, and performing BLS on an unconscious patient for 15-20 minutes, until EMS arrived. "If this happens again you are not to respond; it is not your responsibility.". Working in the hospital's Urgent Care facility, where they timed each and every patient visit, and POSTED OUR TIMES, for competitive purposes…10 minutes was too long, the shorter the better.
    In a Neurology practice, having 8-9 patients scheduled between 5 & 6 pm, and these were all PENS/Trigger point injections, but for one follow up visit. Concerns falling on deaf ears in all instances, and being labeled a Pyrriah for taking these concerns to Management. I miss my patients, however, the thought of returning to the healthcare circus literally nauseates me, UGH! Thanks for carrying the torch for a dying breed of healthcare practitioners! 💖😢💖

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