DOC MCSTUFFINS + ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS Doc McStuffins Doc’s Mobile Clinic Race Doctor Alvin Video

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone. – [Announcer] Hey, look! It’s Doc McStuffins. And you aren’t gonna believe what she got for Christmas this year. That’s right, a new Doc
McStuffins Mobile Clinic. That means it’s her office, but it drives and moves all around. – Really? Oh, that’s so cool! – [Announcer] Hi, Doc. – Hi, Engineering Family. Oh, I just love my new gift. Can we open it? Can we open it, please? – [Announcer] Okay, let’s go. – Yes! Whoo-hoo-hoo. I love Christmas. – [Announcer] And here we go, meep-meep. – [Doc] Oh, sweet. – [Announcer] It’s a new Doc
McStuffins Mobile Clinic. Hey, Doc, great driving skills. – Thanks, wanna take a look inside? – [Announcer] Sure thing, Doc. Wow! It looks so cool! Take a look, see here,
we have a picture of Doc and her toy friends. And along the sides there’s
some cool doctor designs like, oh, you se&e that? That’s a Band-Aid, and I noticed this, if we turn her around, beep-beep, another big Band-Aid. And it’s just saying, “Hi, I’m a doctor, “and I’m here to help you. “I’ll put a Band-Aid over your boo-boos. Okay, Doc, I think we’re ready
to check out what’s inside. Are you ready? – Vroom, vroom, vroom. Come on in. – [Announcer] Okay, Doc. To take a look inside,
we have to find the door. Where is it? Ah, right here. So we’ll put this down, and, ta-da, there’s your entry
into the Doc Mobile. – Whoo, the Doc Mobile. I like that. That’s what I’ll call it. All right, now come on in. So, what we have to do to
take a close look inside is we have to pull down the sides here. All right, nice and easy, and perfect. And we can also take this top back, ta-da. And now we have our Doc
McStuffins Mobile Clinic. – [Doc] Ah, it looks so cool. – [Announcer] It comes with a patient bed, you know, for when the
patient needs to take a rest or she’s working on a boo-boo,
they can sit right here. And let’s take a look at this. We’ve seen one of these before at her regular doctor’s office. You can move this to show
how tall a person is, or a toy, or a pet. And over here, this is so cool. It’s actually two things in one. So first, we see all these cool
animals, it’s an eye chart. So when we cover up one eye,
we can see all the animals. Let’s see, whale, giraffe,
dog, oh, I mean elephant. Whoo, I hope my eyes are okay. And what we’ll do is, we’ll flip it over, and now it’s an x-ray machine. So it’s like we’re taking an
x-ray of Doc’s insides, whoo. That’s kind of creepy. Oh, she’s got butterflies in her stomach. Don’t be nervous, this
is really cool, Doc. All righty, and we’ll put
that into the Doc Mobile. And you can see along the
backside there’s all sorts of other cool things like a poster, and some medicines, her
doctor bag, of course. Hey Doc, what else does this come with? – Check it out. – [Announcer] Oh, wow, Doc! It looks like it comes with a chart to keep track of the
patient’s information. Your stethoscope, of course. And an otoscope. You can use this to look in your ears, check your eyes, and your nose. Do you still have a tongue? Say, “Ah.” Yep, awesome! Wow, I can’t wait for you
to get out on the streets in the town and go help
a patient with a boo-boo. – Whoo, me too. – [Voiceover] Meep, meep, vroom, vroom. – What was that? Is my Doc Mobile running without me? – [Announcer] No, Doc,
I’m not sure what that is. Uh-oh. Look who’s coming. – Vroom, vroom. – [Announcer] Ah, what do we have here? – [Doc] It’s Alvin, from
Alvin and the Chipmunks. Alvin, what are you doing here? – Well, hello there, prank nemesis. I’m here to save the day. That’s right, Santa got
me a Doc Mobile, too. But mine’s not called a Doc Mobile, it’s called the Awesome Alvinator. And I’m gonna go save some lives. – [Announcer] Uh, Doc, Doc? I don’t think he’s using that
stethoscope correctly, is he? – Oh pish-posh, I know
exactly what I’m doing, and I have the charts here to prove it. – [Announcer] They’re upside down, Alvin. – Oh, uh, now it’s fine, it’s fine. Hey, Doc, how ’bout a race? – Hm, I’m listening. – Let’s race into town and see who can be the fastest and best doctor. I think I’m gonna win. What do ya say, Doc? – (sighs) I don’t think
you should be racing while you’re trying to fix a boo-boo. But okay, me and the Doc Mobile will take it on as a challenge. Let’s go. Vroom, vroom. I don’t think this is a good idea, Alvin. – Vroom, vroom. Ah, you’re just trying to psyche me out. Okay, here we go. In three, two, one. (squeals) Vroom. – [Announcer] And they’re off. – Oh, ow, ow, geez
Louise, sledding is hard. I think I broke my arm. Is there a doctor nearby? – [Announcer] Oh no, it looks
like Stuffy’s in trouble. Who do you think the first
doctor will be there to help him? Let’s see. – Vroom, vroom. (squeals) Ha, ha, ha, yes! I beat Doc. Who is the better doctor now? Ha, ha, ha, now I can be the
first one to help this patient. Ah, where’s he at? Oh, there you are, I see you. Don’t worry, I’m coming. Well, hello there. My name is Alvin, oh, um (clears
throat) I mean, Dr. Alvin. And how may I help you today? Did you trip and fall? Did you eat something icky? Hmm, are you covered in itchy spots? – [Stuffy] Uh, no, Dr.
Alvin, I fell and I hurt my, uh, oh, oh, arm. Can you help me? – Oh, yes, yes. Come with me to my Alvin Awesome truck for my doctor thing. Ah, I think that’s where we should go. Yeah, follow me. Can you walk? Yeah, you’ll get there. Welcome to the Doc Mobile,
my sick and injured friend. Now, let’s uh, let’s uh, figure out how to use this machine. Ugh. – [Stuffy] Doc, my arm really hurts. – Okay, okay, nobody panic. Um, okay, what would Doc do? She’d use the fancy machine
to, uh, look at her leg. Yeah, I’ll look at your leg. Uh, that’s where the
pain was coming right? Oh, no, uh, okay, this is easy. – Uh, doc? What are you doing exactly? – I am trying to get an x-ray of, uh, your injured foot. That’s right, that’s what
you said was hurting, right? – [Doc] That’s not what I heard. Meep-meep. – [Stuffy] Uh, thank goodness Doc is back. I got my arm really hurt,
and he’s poking my foot. – [Alvin] What? I didn’t know what to do. – [Doc] Sweet Alvin, he said his arm was hurting, not his foot. And to do an x-ray
machine, all you have to do is switch out the charts, like this. And now let me take a look at you, Stuffy. Hmm, let’s see here. Does that hurt if I touch it? – [Stuffy] Oh, ow, ow, yes, it hurts. I have a diagnoses. You broke your arm, you silly dragon. Now you’ll need a cast. Let me go get my supplies and here you go. As good as new. It’ll just need some time to heal, but other than that, you’ll be a-okay. – [Stuffy] Oh, thanks, Doc. I thought I was never gonna get fixed. – [Doc] Sorry, Alvin,
you may have been faster, but I don’t think you knew
exactly what you were doing. – Ah, whatever. – [Announcer] (giggles) Silly chipmunk. – [Doc] Well, Stuffy,
I’m glad you’re okay. Now I think it’s time to head back home. Vroom, vroom. – [Alvin] Ha, ha, ha, you may have won doing the doctor stuff, but
I bet I can beat you home. Whoo-hoo. – [Doc] Silly Alvin, when
is he ever gonna learn that not everything’s a race? – [Stuffy] Hey, Doc, let’s
try and beat him anyway. I’ll go to the car. – [Announcer] (giggles) Oh, silly Alvin. He may have run the race, but
he definitely doesn’t know a lot about being a doctor, like Doc does. But I’m glad Stuffy’s okay, and we finally got him all fixed up. This Doc Mobile is one of the
coolest Christmas gifts ever. I think that Doc really,
really likes hers. And for more fun videos
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for all of her fun toys, some pets and all of our friends. Alvin, he’s not the best doctor. I wouldn’t go to him if I had a boo-boo. Doctor, D-O-C-T-O-R. Well, at least for Christmas this year, Alvin was able to pretend he was one. Bye everyone, thanks for watching. Merry Christmas! – Hey, Doc, doesn’t this
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