DO DOCTORS ANNOY NURSES? (Doctor Vlogging in Hospital)

Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, first year medical resident. I figured today we could talk about how doctors and nurses get along. Specifically the things that doctors do that really annoy nurses. So it’s really tough as a resident, because we just kind of parachute into these ICU teams, which are really well formed. They all know each other well, they know how things work, and we just need to figure out how it goes on the fly really quickly. The reason that I think this is so important is because this is a team. And if we work better together, communicate better together, it should be better for patient care. So let’s go figure this out. Okay, so number one pet peeve that doctors will do. Not introducing yourself when you come into a patient’s room. Like I was telling you before, there was a doctor that walked into my room this morning, wearing a winter jacket, boots, no ID on him whatsoever. He came up and started reaching for my chart instantly and I was like ”Hi sorry, why are you touching my chart? Who are you?” Like any indication, any indication. Yeah. Introduce yourself! Introduce yourself to the patient, to the nurse. We can do that, we can do better at that. Respecting the nurses’ workspace, because you do have your own personal workspace. I was also gonna add, it’s a shared workspace, but sometimes when you’re thinking and you’re thinking for a really long time, that space it’s just… There’s a lot of people. Yeah, there is a lot of people and sometimes you just need… We need that space, because it’s the only one we have. Yeah, you’re actually working on a computer… But no, it’s a shared space obviously, and we all respect that for each other. I was just gonna say: pick up the phone. If it’s ringing, pick it up! It’s not my phone. You mean even if it’s the phone… Even if someone pages and asks that?! And you’re walking down the hall, the phone rings… Just like… You pick it up. You’re part of the team. Hello, ICU, hang on, okay. I’ll get you somebody else. Usually what happens is you sit in the workspace, you’re taking up this workspace and we’re probably sitting there like ”Okay, well fine, I go do something. You come back, they’re still there. The phone’s ringing, nobody’s answering, but they are still in the workspace, phone is still ringing. Wow, so this is actually very useful to hear all these things. Just even as a reminder, so let’s go see if there’s some more nurses that have a minute to give us their feedback. So number one pet peeve things that doctors do, that you just hate okay. Maybe not number one, but when residents or doctors just hop on your computer and look up all these different patients under your name. It compromises my license, so thanks guys. Yeah, that’s really bad, that’s really bad. Yeah, so what would be number one piece of advice that you would give to residents. Just communication is key. Communication and patient safety, respect for your colleagues. And don’t think of yourself as more in hierarchy, again when I worked in the ward, there’s definitely a hierarchy between physicians and nursing staff. Whereas it’s kind of like you’re not my boss. No. We are meant to work together, we’re a team, we all. And I think some doctors forget that I’m here mainly as a patient advocate. Yeah. And I spend 12 hours a day with them. Yeah. I spend 12 hours a day with their families. Whereas you guys yes, you’re all highly intelligent, but you have numerous other patients to see. So just kind of taking into consideration what nursing staff and other members of allied health have to say. So what would be your number one piece of advice for new residents like me? Carry around an awareness of how immune to privacy, invading people’s privacy, nudity, things that are just common place in the hospital. We’re all guilty of it, walking through that curtain that’s drawn, because we’re trying to address a patient issue. And patients and their families, nurses at the bedside, we really appreciate just like a quick hello from the other side of the curtain. Hey, it’s dr. so-and-so, do you mind if I come in? I wouldn’t walk up to your room and just open the door of your bedroom. Right, like that just seems…. What if you are changing or anything, right? We just knock, it’s the same thing, yeah?! Alright so pet peeve from doctors. Well one of my pet peeves that I have experienced is that the doctor will come in, do a procedure requiring sterile towels and a dressing tray and lots of sharps and sutures and they’ll leave it all. They’ll do the procedure and then they’ll leave and leave the nurse to clean up everything. And I mean… Really they should take care of the sharps and ask ”Where can I put these things?” I’d be glad to tell them. Yeah, that’s so incredibly reasonable and a good reminder, so… Just being aware of everyone around that’s participating in rounds. So not like doing this. That’s right, don’t turn your back to the nurse. So as a nursing student, are there things that doctors do that just really bother you? As a nursing student, I wouldn’t say I’ve had too many negative experiences yet. I would say a lot of them are positive. You guys are very informative and easy to talk to, so overall positive experience with residents. That’s awesome. We’ll see you like… We’ll ask you in like five years. Yes, ask me again in 5 years. Thank you so much to all the nurses who helped out with this film. It was fantastic. It was really fun and it gave me a lot to sort of think about and good reminders. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and I will be chatting with you guys next week. So bye for now.

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  1. It's interesting that nurses want to be respected by doctors when they treat everyone else like shit! I worked as a hospital pharmacist for 25 years and everyday I was told it was my fault, medication/IVs missing. Then go up stairs to find it where it was supposed to be. Hypocrisy at it's finest! For fun, ask a nurse how many lives they saved today without the cumbersome doctor around…it's usually 5-6 a day. In and out of the hospital. Fun!

  2. The only thing that ever really bothered me(This is from working on an ambulance) was doctors that would scold quickly and publicly during hand-offs, only to get the whole story and then apologize later in private…meanwhile everyone else thinks you screwed up and are not good at what you do. Mortifying experience.

  3. Doctors should put in their own orders in the computer. Also, not get mad at you when they incorrectly put an order and you tell them to fix it.

  4. I feel like canadian residents are always so much more positive in life then the US or most other countries… not ALL but most for sure

  5. Why are 90 something percent of the nurses in hospitals , private clinics and doctor offices attractive? I rarely see a ugly nurse😂😂😂😂

  6. Before I was a nurse, I was a unit secretary/coordinator. Physician/nurse friends: please remember to ALWAYS treat administrative staff with respect and dignity. Unit secretaries are not personal assistants or personal secretaries, and you are not their bosses. Use your manners, be patient, be clear in your directives, and listen to what they may ask you to do (or not to do). So many tasks on the unit that you don’t even think about are accomplished by administrative support staff. They’re healthcare workers, too!

  7. These nurses are being so nice when it comes to listing peeves. Let's talk about rude MDs that do way more than these things.

  8. Patients can hear the way some doctors talk down on nursing staff. So I as a patient put a note on a corridor wall "Patients can hear you. Be nice."

  9. I've had very good experiences with doctors and nurses. My mother is a nurse and I have the highest respect for her for doing this job.
    Probably doctors shouldn't forget that nurses are also just people. So, treat them how you would like to be treated by them. 🤗😍

  10. "some" nurses here in my country:
    -We're team! We're a team!!
    Doc: hey can you help me with this?
    Nurse: sOrRy that's not my job…

    Also the nurses in the video seem to be really helpful. But here if you ask nurses a question, they'll act like you're the dumbest person on earth.

    PS: of course there are exceptions and I literally cry in my head when I see a helpful one.

  11. e.g. I page the on-call resident. Phone rings. I answer it very politely with my name and name of hospital unit. Hear a voice say “Yeah, what's up?” I respond “Umm, who is this?”

  12. e.g. I page the on-call resident. Resident calls me. I report that my patient is very nauseous and just started vomiting. I request order for Zofran. Resident places an order in the eMAR for oral Zofran for my vomiting patient. I call the resident. “Can you change that Zofran order to IV?” “Why?” “Because I just told you my patient is vomiting.”

  13. Good Afternoon Violin! (Florida) I am a prospective PA student… my husband constantly asks me why I won’t go the MD route ! This is the first video I’ve seen of yours! Just stopping in to say hi ! #NewSubie ♥️☺️

  14. Oh,take a fucking break to breathre. Most of the nurses you meet will know more about the treatment than you do. Listen to them…..they are more expreineced than you…..

  15. Dr. Good luck. As a nurse I can tell you some of the nurses are going to give you a hard time for no reason. Don't take it. I hope you have a pleasant experience. All of us need to be there for the patient.

  16. when a neurologists tells a patient youre ok to go home no stroke….but the imaging summary says signs of MS and other brain anomaly….and the patient happily leaves without knowing the truth.

  17. Honestly, nurses complain way too much. You know what the job entails. Nurses seem to treat their assistants much worse. Get a different job. Even when they always get treated well, they still complain.

  18. Nurses are wonderful human beings, their commitment and vocation is admirable! ♥️
    My mom’s a nurse and I know how hard her job can be, so massive respect to all the marvelous nurses!

  19. Not putting in orders when they say they would (can't do much without them). Blocking the hall and not moving during rounds!

  20. Some doctors annoy the nurse by ordering every test they can, mostly because doctors are now taught how to assess tests and not people!

  21. I’m a nursing student and my pet peeve would have to be the fact that doctors think they know more about the patient than the nurse. I completely understand you have more developed knowledge in diagnosis and treatment, but we are EXPERTS in patient care, and we know our patients so well! Listen to us 🙂 nurses aren’t maids, we’re health professionals too 😛

  22. I’m a nursing aide and our doctor that comes in ask the aides about the residents and nurses all together!!! It’s great he wants to hear what us aides have to say! He’s down to earth, easy to talk to, very friendly, humble, and also cares about the residents well being. He will sit us down and ask questions about the residents and he really listens to us aides. On the other hand, I have worked at places where the doctor yells at us and calls us lazy in front of nurses. And just plain rude and disrespectful! It depends where you work.

  23. When I hear the word team a lot it let's me know there's going to be a lack of timely accurate decisions. So I have to be aggressively assertive if I need something now. Doctors are helpful but sometimes they're like keys to supply room. I know what to do i just need you to open the door. Because you're the only one with keys.
    Young doctors will hurt your patients. You have to watch for poor clinical judgment. Which just takes time and reps to get good.

  24. I know this isn’t the military but there is an hierarchy—someone has to be responsible. Also, a doctor’s time is too valued for they to be hanging around to clean up. With everyone’s readmittance numbers, the doctors need to be doing their jobs.

  25. I need to make a YouTube channel about nurse life 😂 glad you made this I come from a family of doctors and dentists and They annoy me at home as well

  26. If the hospital requires nurses to contact a doctor when a patient's blood levels etc are past a threshold……don't get annoyed at the nurse.

  27. As a nursing student I’m astound to hear that nursing students are put down by residents because during my clinical rotations, the doctor would think I’m the nurse taking care of the patient and they would try to involve me in the patients care but then I would let them know that I’m just a student and they acknowledge that and get the actual nurse

  28. I think nurses need to be nicer in general. Like that one lady saying “why are you reaching for my chart???” With an attitude. They don’t realize the tone they are having when they speak. You can still be professional without being rude.

  29. As a doctor I ll give them (nurses) 'respect' when they match my working hours per patient . ln India resident doctors give emergency drugs to pts while they shamelessly say they can't take responsibility if some adverse reactions happen.

  30. As a midwife/nurse I have to add one thing to the phone situation. When I call doctors when a certain problem, don’t start yelling at me or act like I’m dumb just for the sake of it. I can’t help that you are busy but my patients problem is important and I can’t solve it myself if I picked up the phone and call…

  31. I love this, and all of your other videos! The "be inclusive" part in ward rounds when she stood in front of the nurse… I felt that one 😂

  32. Aw! I’m a nurse. Thank you so much for asking for our opinions— if we all did that to everyone in our interdisciplinary health team I bet we could all work better as a cohesive group and improve the outcomes of our patients.

    Two things that are my pet peeves are
    1. (For everyone who works in healthcare). Not considering the dignity and privacy of a patient—even if they are out of it or unaware—pull the curtain when you’re examining them/doing a procedure/ getting them cleaned up. It’s so easy for all of us to just focus on our tasks, but we can’t forget about the person in front of us. Recognize they might be scared, this isn’t normal for them (even though it is for us).

    2. I’m totally fine putting in verbal orders for docs— I know you have so many patients to see and are super busy! Just please tell me your name; even if we’ve met a few times, it never hurts to ask if we need the spelling or something. We see so many faces and sometimes there are 10 other doctors with your last name as well.

    Thank you so much to doctors, resident doctors, PAs, NPs, and medical students! Everyone works so hard, and we need to be supportive of each other. We’re all in this crazy hospital together!

  33. I totally get what that nurse was saying about being included, not having a doctor's back turned to her when discussing the patient. I really feel this especially as a nurse on a shift acting as a one-on-one carer for a patient with high needs (typically either severe dementia or mental illness that has led to personal threat codes). My whole shift is dedicated to that patient, so I sure as heck feel like their number one advocate. Being totally ignored during a ward round when I am the best person to ask about how the patient has been, what their behaviour has been like so far, how they are faring etc. isn't the greatest feeling. Thanks for this video Siobhan. 🙂

  34. This kind of thing is not only in the hospitals… I'm a freshman in highschool, in several classes with sophomores, juniors, and seniors. So my sophomore friend: "Stop messing with the pipe cleaners, act like a sophomore."Me and my friend, making spiders out of said pipe cleaners: "WE LITERALLY WERE JUST IN 8TH GRADE AND WE'RE NOT SOPHOMORES" while watching other sophomore playing with pipe cleaners……

  35. I’m an assistant nurse in London so not an RN. But there are times I notice when caring for a patient the RN doesn’t agree with the care plan for a patient and get really upset about it and the DOctors don’t give a shit.
    Junior doctors aren’t so bad! They are the inbetweeners and come sit with us whilst doing most of the dog work for the senior consultants

  36. You need to post more of these. So many doctors have a god complex. They need to be respectful of all of their colleagues!

  37. I'm a nursing school and they have drilled on us "do not be intimidated by the doctors", all my professors and instructors have so many horror stories. My clinical preceptor told me when she was a new nurse there used to be a doctor who pride himself on treating the RNs as if they were nothing that he would "jokingly" say nurses would pee themselves at the sound of his voice.

  38. I’m premed and I work as a CNA. I do not want to be the type of doctor with a horrible bedside manner and no regard for the people on the care team

  39. My pet peeve when I used to do floor nursing: the resident or intern interrupting me while I'm giving my patients their medications. When it's time for nurses to do their med passes, don't interrupt them unless it's really urgent or an absolute emergency! We need to be focused during that time and it really throws us off when we're interrupted for non-emergent things.I definitely agree with everything else the RNs mentioned in this video and can relate.

  40. Ok I’m really tired right now but when the one nurse mentioned nudity my first thought was: “why are doctors walking around the ICU naked and yeah that’s hella rude.”

  41. As a nursing student, the negative experiences I have had is when I've asked doctors questions and they either ignore me or make me feel like I asked a stupid question. Not every doctor is like this, I have had some doctors who I love <3 but there are some doctors out there who treat nurses like idiots and expect you to applaud them whenever they enter the room.

  42. I'm a nursing student and my biggest pet peeve is about med students. There are times that my patient is going for a procedure that I would normally be allowed to watch, but the doctors won't allow it because there is a med student who wants to go instead. ITS MY PATIENT!! I understand that they need to learn how to do the procedures but I need to learn about them and the fact that I can't do things with my patient because a med student who doesn't know anything about them wants to go instead makes me mad every time.

  43. I have worked with a bunch of lazy crapy nurses and Drs that should have never gone into the medical profession that also includes CNAs

  44. Been a nurse for 4 years and I could probably count on 1 hand of all the doctors I've met that care about respecting nurses and their space.

  45. I can’t stand it when doctors barge in a patients room when I’m doing personal care with my patient. The blinds are down! It takes two seconds to KNOCK. It’s so rude.

  46. I wish all Doctors were like you too…pet peeves….don't get annoyed with us calling you when you are on call!!!

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