Disturbing nursing home allegations

new tonight at 10 o’clock disturbing allegations being leveled against a Willowbrook nursing home a family is suing that facility claiming that another patient sexually assaulted a 65 year old woman suffering from dementia and then tried to cover it up only on 2 tonight channel twos Jacob Rascon joining us live with more on what the family is accusing and the criminal investigation now underway Jacob yeah good evening bill the victim in this case has since passed away from her illness and her alleged attacker he’s scheduled to stand trial later this summer but the family of the victim wants the facility held accountable and now the attorneys for the infamous facility appear to be blaming the deceased victim caring for seniors with respect compassion and dignity is the top priority at Willowbrook residents and rehabilitation center its website says but in a lawsuit against the facility and its management company staff members who were told no longer work here are accused of failing to prevent a sexual assault and then failing to report and properly investigate the alleged crime an extensive Health and Human Services report about the incident says staff placed the 65 year-old woman in her bed with the door open nearly two hours later they realized the door was closed and she was calling for help using a service button that’s when they found another patient in her room sexually assaulting her but the report in lawsuits say staff didn’t tell the victim’s daughter what happened tried to clean up any mess and never called police negligence abuse medical malpractice in their response to the lawsuit attorneys for Willowbrook listed among their defenses plaintiff’s injuries and damages if any were the result of her own acts or omissions I think that it’s ludicrous that we are even discussing that a dementia resident with stage four Parkinson’s is somehow responsible for her own sexual assault police arrested 61 year old Norman Eugene Lee for aggravated sexual assault of an elderly and disabled female but her attorneys say the facility must also be held accountable that is one of their hopes is that this doesn’t happen to another mother or another father or another loved one so the HHS report concluded that the facility failed to report and failed to investigate this alleged crime we reached out to the attorneys for the facility but they did not return our request for comment and finally the new administrator of the facility says it is a good facility and they have new staff as well reporting live tonight Jacob Rascon KPRC Channel 2 News

3 thoughts on “Disturbing nursing home allegations

  1. This happens all the time with patients sometimes with the staff as well. These facilities need to employ professional staff in stead of family and friends with no skills.

  2. Problems within these facilities are well known, but not corrected. There are usually collaborated plans for cover ups. What's seen in this video is not the worst of it. I am retired from long term care, so this I know.

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