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Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone!! Here I have video of the opening of the Distroller
USA store in San Diego! And I brought my nerlies so that Nurse Tania
could take a look at them. I told her that almost all of the babies have
had cavities. She’s looking at SusieKing first. And she said she’s going to give her some
oxygen. Friends, SusieKing is so brave! She’s the first baby that Nurse Tania looked
at. And since SusieKing was a bit nervous, Nurse
Tania let me come and comfort her. SusieKing don’t worry! I’m here and everything is okay! And now we’re here with Nurse Tania’s
assistant. She’s giving SusieKing medicine because
of the decay that her tooth had. Now it’s Chivatita’s turn. She’s going to check her umbilical cord. Now Pastelisa. Tonito. And now she’s going to look at Fosfie’s
eyes. And the nurse said that she’s going to prescribe
some medicine. Friends, now that I’m here I’m going to
buy some baby food, formula, clothes. And here are the babies! Haha I’m going to adopt N’Antsy and Itzyboop,
since they’re the Nerlies that we’re missing. And I’m also going to adopt more NeoNerdies. And now I’m going to show you the store
on the outside. Here we can see some of the opening party,
there were clowns, food, and they also had a mural that we could take pictures with. Churro: Guats! Guats! Look!! Look at this picture!!! Guats: Where?? Where?? Oh yes, hahaha. Churro: And Matchinquepa too!!! Matchinquepa! Matchinquepa!! Look!! You’re there with Guats!! Matchinquepa: Where? Churro: There!! Matchinquepa: Oh yeah!! Hahahahaha Atole: And there’s Chamoy! Churro!! Churro: Here I am Atole!! Atole: Look!!! It’s Chamoy!! Stories with toys & dolls: Kids!! Look! There’s Chamoy too! And Gekko! Chivatita: And Nurse Tania! Stories with toys & dolls: Oh yeah!! Yeah!! Nurse Tania too!! Churro: And there’s Neoñeja!! Stories with toys & dolls: Oh yeah!! You’re right!! Okay, kids, I have good news!! Now we’re going to meet Amparin, the owner
of Distroller! Kids: Yay!! (x3) Stories with toys & dolls: Friends, we got
to meet Amparin, she was so nice! Well friends, that was our adventure in Distroller
USA! And here brought everything so we can check
out what I bought! We’re also going to adopt new babies! So let’s start looking at everything I bought! Let’s start with this bag. Friends, I wanted to give you guys the complete
experience, so I’m even going to show you the bags that the things came in! Here’s Chamoy’s friend, playing
with Chamoy, they’re playing with the neonates. Here on this side we have Nurse Tania, we
have here one of the babies saying “Adpot Me!” Here on the back we have all of the Neonates. And here on this other side we have them in
their spaceship. Let’s start with this here, it’s a diaper
bag! Here on the front we have these little pockets,
and look what the tag says! Made in Mexico! And here we have the front of the bag, it
says it’s for the Zygoties. And it feels like there’s something inside
because it’s kind of heavy. Let’s see. Ooo yes!! It comes with baby food! It’s macaroni and cheese, and it comes with
a bib Ooo and it matches the diaper bag! And it comes with this adorable bottle, and
it’s for them to drink water, or juice. Okay, well let’s put everything back in
the diaper bag, and let’s see what else we have in this bag. Oooo a baby! Yay!! This one is called a Neonerdy! And the little baby is called Zygotisaurus. And here it tells us the story, which is the
same as the one that I told you guys about Neoñeja. If you haven’t see that video, I’ll link
it here and in the description box. Friends, some of you guys have noticed that
I haven’t been able to make videos as often as I normally do, that’s because I’m moving,
so I’ve been really busy packing. But I’m going to try to upload at least
once or twice a week, and as soon as I get to the new house, then of course I’m going
to start uploading every day again. And here we have the baby with his Drippity
Drop, his papers, and in another video, I’ll show you guys when I get him all set up in
the nursery with the other babies, and I fill out his paperwork. Boys and girls, I wanted to show you guys
the whole process of adopting them, in Distroller and everything. But a lot of things started getting in the
way, and I almost wasn’t even able to make the video! So we’re just going to have to fill out
the paperwork ourselves like we usually do. Because it’s technically supposed to be
done by Nurse Tania, but it’s okay! We already have so much experience, so we
can do it ourselves. And here we have another thing that I bought! It’s another diaper bag! This diaper bag is really pretty, it has the
same pockets here where we can put bottles, and other stuff outside. And it feels like it there’s something inside. Let’s see. It comes with a baby food, stage 2, made exclusively
for Espongie. And it’s Ice Cream Sundae Fundae flavor. It also comes with another bottle for juice,
or water. And it comes with a bigger bib because this
one is for Espongies. And on front of the bag it tells us that this
diaper bag for Espongies. What else? Ooo another baby! Haha and it’s another NeoNerdy! And this one is called ZygotiPanda. And I think this one is friends with Neoñeja,
or in English she’s called ZygotiHoppy, the one I wanted yay!!!! And we have Neoñeja, so now we’re going
to have her friend, yay!! And let’s take out ZygotiPanda! Haha she’s really cute. Her Drippity Drop, which is sour lime flavored. And here we have one last thing. And it’s another NeoNerdy! This one is called ZygotiCornio. Oooo this one is pink! And her fur is super soft! And here we have the other bag, this one comes
with a lot of things! Because they’re smaller. So let’s start with the vaccinations. Now I’m super super prepared with all the
medicines! Here I have the vaccines for Nancy and Itsy
Boop. Friends, It’s going to be hard when I make
the video giving them their vaccinations because these are so different than the Spanish ones
that I’m used to. They’re not like syringes that we had last
time. And I’m also going to made a video all about
what I have in my Neonate medicine cabinet, because now I’m ready with all this medicine,
and I’m also super prepared now with baby food! I bought baby food, and milk, and for this
one I’m also going to make a separate video. Because I’ve been wanting to make a video
about what the babies typically eat during the day. And when I do that video we’ll take a closer
look at all the food. Ooo another diaper bag! This one is very pretty, I loved it when I
bought it. And this one is also for Espongie. What I love about the things for Espongies
is that they’re big, and with all the neonate babies that I’m going around with, I definitely
need bigger diaper bags. And that’s why I love the Espongie accessories
because they’re big, with a lot of room. Here we have a little pocket. It comes with these things, it looks like
all the diaper bags come with baby food, bibs, and a bottle. And this one is also ice cream flavor. What else do we have here? Some perfume! We have two perfume bottles, and I’m going
to open them to see what they smell like. Mmm this one smells like fruit! And this one smells like fruit too, but this
one says it smells like marshmallows. Friends, here comes my favorite part! Look at all the clothes I bought for the babies! I think we’re going to have to have a fashion
show with all the babies because these clothes are super cute! And I want to try on all of them! So I think I’m going to make a video where
the babies try on all the clothes. Haha and we have new clothes for Larry! And I think this one can be for Palenketa,
and we even have another one. I have a pair of twin neonate babies that
I adopted a while ago, but I haven’t had the chance to introduce them to you guys,
but these are going to be perfect for them. These clothes are so cute. Ooo here we have another pair! And another one!! And noooow, let’s look at the babies that
I adopted! Here we have a nerlie, here we have N’Antsy. And here we have Itzyboop who’s friends
with SusiKing! Now we have her best friend! Yay!! And we’re also going to be opening her and
putting her in the nursery in another video. And here we have Itzyboop! Friends, I’m going to get Itzyboop, N’Antsy,
and Isabelonga confused. And I think her hair is the only way I’m
going to recognize her. Well I think N’Antsy has different colored
eyes too. They’re like purple, and Itzyboop’s are
blue. And here we have the baby carriers. I bought three big baby carriers because we
already have a few babies that are big now, like Mariñeves. So I bought these big ones. And they’re really cute because this part
here we can put up for shade, so the sun doesn’t go on the babies. And here it comes with cute bows. And this one here is the same. And here the cover goes up. And this one I bought in purple to shake it
up a bit. In the store there was only purple and pink
ones. If I had seen other colors, I would have bought
them too. But I only saw purple and pink. Ooo this one’s pretty too. And here we have two other baby carriers,
but these are smaller, these are like for the nerlies, or the zygoties. Here it says they’re for the zygoties, but
I think they’ll also fit the nerlies. And they also only had two colors. They had this pink one, and they also have
this shade cover, for the baby. A bow. And here we have this light purple one, and
it’s blue inside, and the shade. Friends, don’t forget to give this video
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