Dispensary Highlight – The Joint in Denver, CO

My name is Dana, and I’m the general manager
at The Joint in Denver, Colorado. We are at 4735 West 38th Avenue in Denver. We are ADA accessible. We accept cash only but we do have an ATM
on-site. We are recreational and medical. Customer service is really important to us
here at The Joint. When you first come in, you can expect to
have your ID checked at the front window and buzzed in by one of our bud tenders. Our bud tenders are very knowledgeable on
all of the products we carry, so no matter what you’re looking for we can find the right
product for you. We carry a wide variety of edibles, topicals,
vape pens, cartridges. We also carry several different concentrates
processed with our cannabis by several different manufacturers. We have recently remodeled and implemented
a loyalty program. We have a few exclusive deals and discounts
on our medical side. We love our patients and we love taking care
of them. The quality of our product is our top priority. Everything is hand trimmed. This is one of our signature strains here
at The Joint. Voodoo is a very fun and relaxing indica. Last testing results we got back tested out
at 21.5% THC.This is Mint Chocolate Chip. It is fifty percent indica, fifty percent
sativa. It’s perfect for daytime or relaxing at home. This is our Voodoo Caviar. It is our Voodoo buds dipped in hash oil and
then rolled in kief. It tested out at 40.2% THC. When you crack open the bud, you can actually
see how far the oil goes inside. This is from our new INDVR line launching
later this summer. It’s perfect for the customer looking for
style and discretion in their vape pen. This pen is modeled after a tube of mascara,
we will also feature one that looks like a tube of lipstick and another that looks like
a high-end writing pen. Here at The Joint, we’re known for our high-quality
products and our competitive prices. Come check us out!

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