Diseases in English – Learn MEDICAL Vocabulary in English PART TWO

diseases in English part 2 do you know how
to talk about medical vocabulary in English so watch this video and check a
few things you need to know hey friends teacher Prix here to help you talk to
anyone anywhere anytime in English let’s get down to business and learn a little
bit more about diseases in English and if it’s your first time here thanks for
joining me if you’re coming back thank you very much make sure to watch part 1
of this video but here we go let’s keep going lungs
what are lungs lungs are the organs we use to breathe ok as you can see here on
the screen we have two of them lungs very important don’t smoke because your
lungs need to be clean so that it can breathe well and live longer the most
common problem is I can’t breathe so if you go to a drugstore and you talk to
the pharmacist and say hey um I can’t breathe very well do you have any
recommendations of what can I get basically guys if you’re having problems to
breathe you have to go to the doctor but you know you can always try going
to a drugstore or even if you’re talking to someone about the problem it’s nice
to know another way to say I can’t breathe well is it’s hard for me to
breathe I don’t know what’s happening so it’s hard for me to breathe okay another
way to say it which is very common is oh I’m having a hard time breathing okay so
these are three ways to say you’re having problems your lungs are not
working well you can’t breathe okay another problem here in this area is
when you have a cough okay what is a cough not coffee
many students mispronounce coffee the one the one thing you drink anytime
anywhere and cough okay cough so you can say
I have a cough again the verb have so flexible don’t you think I have a cough
this is a good way to say it but you can also say oh I’m coughing so much today
okay I am coughing all right coughing all right not coffee
I’m coffee no I’m coughing ing all right another symptom that you may have
because of the coughing is your chest this area outside here is your chest
okay so maybe your chest hurts because when we cough a lot this part
this area hurts your diaphragm hurts your abdomen your upper abdomen your
lower abdomen usually hurt because of the coughing because you’re coughing so
much or when you’re exercising maybe this area of your body hurts but in this
case if we’re talking about disease I’m coughing and my chest hurts usually in
this case doctors may have to take a look at that I’m having such a Gray’s anatomy moment talking about diseases I love Gray’s Anatomy so I’m very happy
about making this video but I’m definitely not a doctor but I know a
thing or two about diseases in English let’s keep going and if hey you’re
enjoying this video I hope so how about hitting the like button oh I forgot to
say something I’m having a coughing fit okay what is this you have a sudden
period of coughing you started coughing and you couldn’t stop this period can be
called a coughing fit if you go to the doctor and say oh I had a coughing fit
this morning and I thought I was gonna die you know one day I had to cancel a
class because I was coughing and I had this coughing fit and I couldn’t stop
coughing I didn’t know what to do so I cancelled the class because I think I was
coughing for like 20 minutes and I couldn’t stop so I took a medicine
calmed down then the coughing eventually stopped nice
stomach okay again have I have a stomachache okay backache stomachache
backache hey I’m teaching you some very easy
words to remember today so here you can say I have a stomachache basically what
you’re saying is my stomach hurts okay so you can say I have a stomachache or
my stomach hurts another thing you can say is I feel nauseated okay so if you
are feeling nauseated it’s because you want to throw up
phrasal verb throw up which means to vomit okay I oh I feel like vomiting I
feel like throwing up excuse me ah so when you say I feel like throwing up
basically you want to say you want to vomit you want to throw up
sorry about that and finally I have the stomach flu
what’s this guys I don’t know where you’re from but basically here in Brazil
if you have diarrhea and vomiting they will look at you and say it’s a stomach
flu okay basically a stomach flu well I’m not a doctor again okay but I got
sick once and basically I went to the hospital in the United States and the
doctor just looked at me and said stomach flu but I was like I’m throwing
up I have diarrhea I feel horrible what’s
wrong with me stomach flu just drink a lot of water
eat bananas eat rice you’ll be fine you will survive in a couple of days the
symptoms are very general so if you’re having diarrhea diarrhea going to the
bathroom like every five seconds if you’re having diarrhea if you’re
vomiting it could be and if you have a stomachache you feel like your stomach
hurts it could be the stomach flu okay bones well there are many things that
can happen to your bones as you can see these are bones they are inside your
body okay and you can basically break your bones so I broke my arm
last weekend I was running and I I fell and I broke my arm
okay there are other things you can say that usually happen to you for example
you were playing soccer and you twisted your ankle okay however sprain
according to doctors is more common than twisting okay so you can sprain your
ankle while you are playing soccer okay you can also sprain your wrist okay
so these are things that can happen not just to your ankle but to your foot you can
also sprain your knee it’s possible I sprained my knee while playing
soccer or while running accidents happen and we are human beings
we are very creative when it comes to having accidents now I’m sorry if you
are a dude but it’s time to talk about girls yes who run this world, girls these
problems are for girls okay the first one we call PMS premenstrual cycle okay
this only happens to girls sorry this really happens and we become very
emotional and we eat a lot and we get fat yeah
there are many symptoms there are many emotional symptoms and a few other symptoms that women may have during their PMS menstrual cramps okay women can have
menstrual cramps before the period okay what is the period your menstruation
cycle okay we call it period so you can have menstrual cramps this can happen
before and during your period okay what is a menstrual cramp it’s usually pain
you feel contractions you feel on your abdomen okay it hurts that’s what we
call a cramp menstrual cramp now the word cramp can be used to talk
about different kinds of pain that men and women have for example we can have
cramp in some parts of our body what is this it’s a muscle contraction that
happens after practicing sports for many hours or if it’s too cold you can have a
cramp okay maybe you wake up in the middle of the night because you have a
cramp in your leg very well guys I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to
subscribe and share this video with your friends why not thank you so much and
I’ll see you next time bye

34 thoughts on “Diseases in English – Learn MEDICAL Vocabulary in English PART TWO

  1. Hi Prix, thank you very much for this video lesson, I know from you such as lung, I can't breath, cough, I have a cough, I am coughing so much, your chest hurt, chest hurt by cough, I had a coughing fit.

    Stomach, I have a stomach ache or my stomach hurt, nausea, it means I want to vomit, stomach flu don't need to meet a doctor. Treat by drink a lot of water, eat rice, eat banana. .

    Bone insid your body, I broke my arm last week, foot, you were playing soccer and sprained your ankle,

    PMS(premenstrual syndrome), period, you feel contractions, cramp is a muscles contractions,
    For the girl only.

  2. Dear Prix you are so flexible. You taught like an angel…..your smile make me more address. I love your expression which help me to understand well.

  3. Hi, TeacherPrix! Creation new word in this VIDEO so awesome! Breathing, ankle, cramps,period,cycle,pMs./ Dear! Teacher PRIX! Thank you Video very much! Minh qh!

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  5. Your accent sounds perfect like an american. I can't notice any diference between. Thanks, I'm from Curitiba Brazil.

  6. well done !
    keep up it , colud you expresse theortical and practical to show. if you possibel .in my opinon it is more undersatanden for everybody.

  7. Such a nice video.:) You speak not too slowly and not too quickly. You articulate words very distinctively. You explain terms in the way that is not too complicated but not too primitive at the same time. You give lots of everyday expressions and collocations. And the video isn’t boring at all. Thank you so much!:)

  8. I guess you are from Philippines could you explain to me please about your country
    I will have to know about your country

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