Disability Medical Assessments

After you have attended a Job Capacity
Assessment you may be required to attend a Disability Medical Assessment. What is a Disability Medical Assessment? It’s where a qualified medical
professional reviews your medical evidence to help us determine your
medical eligibility for Disability Support Pension. Your Disability Medical
Assessment will be conducted by a Government contracted doctor. This is not your normal doctor and could also be a clinical psychologist depending on the
nature of your medical conditions. Don’t worry you will be advised if you are
required to attend a Disability Medical Assessment. You must attend the
appointment if you want to keep going with your claim. Appointments are booked
to the next available time. Due to the nature of the assessments most
appointments will be face-to-face or via videoconference. Be on time and bring
along any extra medical evidence that you haven’t already submitted with your
claim. All Government contracted doctors are qualified and trained to carry out
these assessments. They will have access to any medical evidence you have
supplied with your claim or previously given to the Department of Human
Services, this includes access to any previous assessments you have attended.
The Government contracted doctor can contact your regular doctor, specialist
or other professional to get more information about your medical condition
if they need it. At the Disability Medical Assessment the Government
contracted doctor will discuss your condition and the evidence you have
given to support your claim. They will not diagnose your condition or provide
medical advice or treatment. The assessments could take up to an hour
this may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the type of
condition being assessed. The Government contracted doctor will complete a report
based on the information you give us at the time of your assessment and the
information you sent us with your claim form. The reports from both your Job
Capacity Assessment and Disability Medical Assessment
along with your claim form and medical evidence help the Department determine
whether you are eligible for Disability Support Pension.
There are a number of possible outcomes. Find out more by watching the video
Disability Support Pension Possible Outcomes of a Claim.

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