Did Keto Save Her Life? Real Doctor Reacts

Hello Health Champions today I’m gonna
talk about Keto gone wrong video. A mom tried keto diet for 30 days. It was a
little disturbing to me this video because I think it portrays things very
distorted and so we’re gonna watch some clips together I’m gonna make some
comments but then I also want to give you the bigger picture and tie it
together for you so make sure you stay to the end so that you can tell for
yourself if Keto was the villain or the hero. Coming right
up. Hey I’m Dr. Ekberg. I’m a holistic doctor
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notification bell so you don’t miss anything. A mom tried keto diet for 30
days Things went wrong for her just weeks after starting it. This is what
happened to her pancreas. Very dramatic opening here is what happened to her
pancreas so apparently the keto diet can do things to your pancreas one day at
breakfast JC’s husband noticed her repeatedly pour water from one bottle to
another and back while quietly growling to herself when asked about this after
eating she had no memory of breakfast okay so this is really erratic behavior
and a complete memory loss having no recollection of what she had
done it’s definitely not normal if the Keto was causing this then we would see
a lot of strange behavior in people who were doing Keto. At the doctor’s office
days later JC was diagnosed with postpartum depression
these changes in her body are normal she just had a baby
shifts and hormones and increased sensitivity to these changes can affect
anyone postpartum depression alright it is not normal it cannot happen to
anybody memory loss and really erratic behavior
there’s more going on here than just postpartum depression JC was feeding her
daughter human milk incorporates 50 grams of sugar per day if she’s not
eating those sugars because of her keto diet this could be a problem
proteins and fats can be converted to sugar for use in milk but that
conversion doesn’t happen quickly it doesn’t happen easily and it might not
be enough to keep up with JC’s lactation this can be problematic if it causes
blood sugar levels to become too low so this is an interesting point that
lactation does require some sugar but it doesn’t mean that you have to eat sugar
the way he said if you don’t eat the sugar then you’re gonna be missing it
that’s not how it works because your body has a lot of reserves it can get
sugar it can create carbohydrate through glycogenesis from both protein and from
the glycerol in fat another thing that happens is that if you’re in ketosis
when you’re breastfeeding which actually a lot of women are these days and
they’re doing just fine then because some of the sugar goes into the milk
then it’s actually easier to get into ketosis when you’re breastfeeding so you
may not have to be as strict with your ketogenic diet you might if your normal
dose of carbohydrate if your normal limit was maybe 20 grams to stay in
ketosis when you’re breastfeeding you could probably get the same level of
ketosis at maybe 35 or 40 grams so the thing to understand though is that the
body has certain mechanisms to compensate for that fact and if we think
back historically then humans didn’t always have a bunch of carbohydrates and
somehow the kids made it through and the mothers made it through
the norm back then was to breastfeed a whole lot longer than we do today
because they didn’t have any baby food A blood test revealed severe hypoglycemia
so severe hypoglycemia when you start talking neurological disruption and
memory loss I’m thinking we got glycemic levels we got blood sugar levels
probably in the 40s or even 30s and lactation and keto is not going to bring
them that low we already know that there’s there’s got to be something else
going on here. The brain uses sugar as its most immediate energy source when
sugar is suddenly low in the body this will cause mental status changes
and mood swings as the brain’s energy supply is disrupted and when combined
with postpartum depression then this explains everything that’s happening to
Jacey. So when he says that her circumstances explained all these
behaviors that is just not true it does not explain memory loss and erratic
behavior it could explain a little bit of weakness or getting the blood sugar
maybe down into the 60s but what’s going on here is not explained by those
factors and I’m not suggesting that breastfeeding is optimal on a ketogenic
diet but it has happened and these people still made it through with
nothing close to these symptoms she was sent home with medicines she was given
advice to stop the strict keto diet so long as she was still feeding her
daughter. So she sent home with medication meaning antidepressants for
her postpartum depression as if that was the main problem right they diagnosed
extreme severe hypoglycemia but they still haven’t measured A1C they
haven’t measured ketones you would think maybe on a ketogenic diet that they
would think to measure ketones just to see what’s going on
they haven’t measured insulin or they haven’t measured c-reactive protein
these are very very simple basic inexpensive tests but they measured
glucose they diagnosed postpartum and they sent her
home with antidepressants. One morning JC got out of bed she laid on the floor
arms raised she was conscious but not responsive she was speaking but
incoherent she rolled over on her side and began to seize as 911 and she’s
brought to the emergency room where we are now a blood test again reveals
hypoglycemia but this time less than half the lower limit of normal the
medical team administers a sugar water mixture intravenously JC her
consciousness improves in minutes all other signs and exams returned normal as
she appears to be her normal self more tests are done on her and it’s found
that nothing is wrong with her kidneys liver and heart overall it looks like
nothing ever happened she’s admitted into the hospital because
even if she looks okay something is clearly amiss.
All right so we think blood sugar and they’ve already measured extremely low
blood sugar and this time they’re saying that it’s less than half the lower
normal limit which means if lower normal is about 80 then we’re now talking that
she’s in the 30s all right so if blood sugar is that unstable if
blood sugar goes that low it’s either because insulin is sky-high or because
the liver is completely shot and unable to produce any form of glucose and then
they mentioned that they’ve checked the other organs they’ve checked the liver
and the kidneys and the heart and there’s nothing wrong there so now we
know that it’s a blood sugar issue so here’s what’s disturbing they still
don’t measure A1c or ketones or insulin. The next morning the medical team on
rounds finds JC on the floor again arms raised this time unresponsive but
conscious incoherent but still speaking as she rolls over and starts seizing
again doctor’s order another test for her blood sugar severe hypoglycemia
found again. Another glucose IV was infused into
her JC is conscious coherent and oriented again with no recollection at
all of what just happened. So now even though she’s admitted to the hospital
and they know that she’s severely hypoglycemic they still find her on the
floor and the same exact pattern repeats that her she’s extremely hypoglycemic
but they give her some sugar and she is back as if nothing ever happened but
they still do not measure any ketones or any A1c or any insulin even though it is
so clearly spelled out at this point that it is a blood sugar issue and I
wonder how much money they’ve spent on her already and they’re not spending 20
bucks to run those blood tests. The medical team orders JC too fast for
72 hours over these three days they will monitor her blood sugar and ketones
things seem to be going well a couple hours into the fest but at the seven
hour mark JC started slurring her speech she was no longer oriented again as she
lay on the floor her arms up in the air on measurement of her blood glucose the
results returned less than half the lower limit of normal ketones which
should be high were virtually absent. So finally they’re thinking a little bit
further and they’re having her start a 72-hour fast and it’s very doubtful that
which you would make it very far into that since she’s so extremely
hypoglycemic and sure enough she makes it just a few hours in before she has
another seizure and another neurological episode but at least this time they
think to measure the ketones and there are two reasons why she should have very
very high ketones because she is very hypoglycemic and then the body is
looking for another source of fuel so when sugar isn’t available the body
should start burning fat and a byproduct of that fat burning is ketones the other
reason is that she’s also been breastfeeding so
that should take some more carbs out and have a tendency to increase the ketones
further so they would expect to find very high ketones but they find the
ketones are almost zero so at this point it’s pretty much a locked and shut case
cancer from somewhere else in our body that is spread to the pancreas or it
could be a functional neuro endocrine tumor something that releases hormones
inappropriately the extreme hypoglycemia the regular pattern of neural glyco
panic symptoms the resolution of her mental status after the correction of
her blood sugar the medical team makes a clinical
diagnosis of insulinoma. so now after we’ve seen 50 different examples of how traumatizing and how dangerous a ketogenic diet can be you end up in the
hospital you have seizures and it goes on and on and on he spent minutes and
minutes and minutes giving us examples of this and then he spends a few seconds
telling us that oh by the way it was an insulinoma and they took her in for
surgery so here’s the issue that I have with the video is the format that it’s
overdramatizing it is attempting to be shocking rather
than educational and in doing that in spending 95 to 98 percent of the
emphasis on all the things that can go wrong that’s the impression that people
leave with if they are paying close enough attention to even hear what the
solution is otherwise they’re just totally scared out of their wits about
the ketogenic diet so in doing the format that way I feel that it’s very
very misleading and when you scare people about something that can be very
helpful then you’re hurting people the other thing that bothers me is the
medical management that if they had even some basic understanding of the dynamics
of blood sugar and insulin and ketones then none of this would have ever
happened and not only the medical profession but the
people themselves as we go into this now the medical professionals they’re
supposed to know better but even as individuals we can run a few of these
tests and just to make sure that the changes that were seeing are according
to plan so he said that it’s an insulinoma now let’s talk about what
that is it’s a neuro endocrine tumor and it can teach us a lot once we start
understanding a few different scenarios with these different variables the
glucose the insulin and the ketones then we can start understanding patterns
because this is yet one other pattern that is just really extreme that it
shows up so clearly once we know what to look for so neuroendocrine tumor is
basically just like any cell in your body can have a mutation and start
dividing and growing uncontrollably this can also happen in the very cells in the
pancreas in the beta cells if one of the insulin producing cells get a mutation
then it could start dividing uncontrollably but still have the
ability to produce insulin and now it is completely outside of the body’s control
it’s just pumping out insulin no matter what it’s not part of the normal
feedback mechanism it’s the cells have gone rogue and let’s take a look at some
of these patterns so we start with a blue here this is normal glucose so I’m
gonna take an example of a healthy person this would be someone who is
insulin sensitive but who is not currently on keto so this would be a
normal blood sugar so let’s call that maybe ninety now if you do keto now
you’re cutting back the carbs and the body is producing more ketones so the
blood sugar doesn’t have to be as high so once we’re kind of established in
keto and we’ve reversed insulin resistance we would expect glucose to be a little bit lower so if it’s 90 here this would probably be 75
or 80 then when we look at type-2 diabetes these are obviously people have
lost control over their blood sugar so it could be anywhere from 130 150 180
and if it’s not controlled very well it could be 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 hundred
milligrams as well so that range could be huge depending on how well it’s
managed then we look at type 1 diabetes and now the blood glucose is completely
uncontrolled because everything they eat becomes blood sugar but there’s nothing
there is no insulin they’ve lost the ability to make any kind of insulin so
the only way for their bodies to get rid of glucose is through the kidneys it
ends up in the urine so they’re uncontrolled type 1 diabetes unmanaged
type 1 diabetes so this would be really sick people who haven’t found out that
they have it yet or doesn’t have access to some insulin this insulin could be
hundreds or could get up many many hundreds even a thousand milligrams per
deciliter if the kidneys can’t filter out the excess sugar fast enough but as
we heard in the video the with an insulinoma a lot of these people will
have a fasting glucose or even not even fasting it could happen within hours
because they have so much insulin that’s just pushing that blood sugar down that
they’ll be in the 30s often and 30s is extremely dangerous for the brain okay
this that this can kill people so it’s very very important that we find these
things as early as possible but then let’s look at some other variables so
the glucose was the only thing that they measured but what if they had just
measured one more thing what if they had just measured ketones all right so in a
healthy non keto person that the ketones would be very low they
would be zero point something 0.1 0.3 somewhere around there in a person doing
keto who’s in a stable nutritional ketosis those ketones would probably be
one point something up to three point something unless you’re doing a longer
extended fast then they could go a little bit higher still a type-2
diabetic they will have very very low ketones because the insulin is going to
prevent the fat burning that results in ketones a type one diabetic has zero
insulin so their ketones are going to be sky-high and this is what’s called
ketoacidosis this is not nutritional ketosis this is a pathological
life-threatening conditions where there ketones go five sometimes ten times
higher than you could ever get in a healthy state if you have any kind of
insulin present now if they had measured this earlier they said when they
measured it they expected to see significant ketones and they were almost
zero this would have been a dead giveaway very very early on and this is
something that a person can do for themselves you can buy a very very
inexpensive blood meter and you can measure the glucose and the ketones and
you would have known you would have known days into the process you would
have found this out now let’s look at the last piece here that they also
didn’t measure and this you can’t do for yourself but a lab can do it very
inexpensively and that’s insulin so in a healthy person the glucose and the
insulin are going to be relatively balanced and if you do keto your insulin
is going to be a little bit lower than if you eat more carbs but if you take it
while your fasted then they’re going to be similar for the most part again a
type-2 die Bedok is someone who’s insulin resistant
because their insulin is so high so we expect that to be three to five to eight
sometimes even ten times higher than a healthy normal person again a type one
diabetic has zero we’re not even putting any amount at all because their pancreas
the cells have died they have no capacity to make insulin whereas an
insulinoma like we said it’s gonna pump out insulin
regardless no feedback mechanism no no paying attention to anything else going
on in the body it’s just gonna crank out that insulin as fast as it can’t produce
it so that insulin is going to be sky-high it’s gonna run probably 20 30
40 times higher than a healthy fasting level so these are kind of the opposites
of each other one has super high ketones and no insulin and the other has no
ketones and super high insulin so if we understand these different scenarios if
we just have a very basic understanding of these mechanics then we can
understand a whole bunch of scenarios much much easier and if the people in
the ER had known any of this they would have tested at least ketones and insulin
on the first visit and when you found that level of hypoglycemia then you
would have had those tests performed they think a lot of the resistance to
the ketogenic diet is that they don’t understand these basic mechanics. This is
described in several case reports of insulinoma diagnosed during pregnancy so
here we get a screenshot of some of the research that this even though it is a
rare phenomenon it is very well known but I want you to really pay attention
to the item right after that he stopped highlighting and it says misdiagnosis
has been fatal meaning if you find this in time if you don’t address
it properly these people can die all right
so even though this particular video points to keto as a problem at something
that can create all these different issues of seizures and so forth I want
to take a quick look at another paper that has a different perspective so this
is a very similar case that was published in the Journal of the
endocrine society it doesn’t say here’s what went wrong
they say ketogenic diet unmasking a case of insulinoma right so it helped reveal
it and they’re saying about insulinomas that they are a rare sporadic
neuroendocrine tumor there’s about 4 cases per million people and it’s often
difficult to diagnose given the presentation of vague symptoms again why
you want to measure some of these very basic markers but the biggest reason
that the symptoms are so vague is that we have an unlimited access to
carbohydrate so these people they have so much insulin that keeps pushing the
blood sugar down that they have these enormous cravings and it doesn’t take
them very long to get extremely morbidly obese because their bodies are not
burning any fat or whatever they’re eating their bodies are storing due to
all that insulin and because the insulin is pushing down their blood sugar they
have to eat carbs just to stay alive I mean they their blood sugar would go so
low that they did eventually die if they didn’t get those that glucose and in
this case they actually measured some things when a guy came into the
emergency room they measured his a1c and it was 4.8 right someone who’s obese and
looks like a type-2 diabetic is not going to have an a1c of 4.8 that’s
someone who is extremely lean extremely insulin sensitive and who has very very
low blood sugar throughout the day they’re going to come in with 4.8 unless
they have an insulinoma that keeps pushing the blood sugar
down so this guy his fasting glucose was 30 milligrams per deciliter that if they
are even awake if they are not having seizures and are unconscious then there
they’re about to and this person’s corresponding insulin level was eighty
seven point nine okay a healthy level is between three and five so pretty much
the same thing happened he was very very hypoglycemic so they gave him some sugar
and then he perked right back up they started a 72-hour fasting test and two
hours into that test he had a glucose level of 38 again less
than half of the lower level of normal and his insulin again was 76 so about 25
times the normal level and they continue. Even though the biochemical
diagnosis of an insulinoma is straightforward just like we’ve talked
about it’s very very straightforward if you actually measure something there is
a median duration the average duration of symptoms prior to diagnosis is about
a year and a half due to the very often nonspecific
presentation and again it’s nonspecific because we have access to a lot of
carbohydrate but if we go on a ketogenic diet then we’re gonna unmask it very
quickly but rather than unmasking it quickly why don’t we measure a few
things to see if we are following anywhere near a normal pattern and
here’s the conclusion of of this paper they say it’s unclear how long our
patient had an insulinoma or when it would have been discovered
had he not started the ketogenic diet we believe his decision to begin the
ketogenic diet directly led to the rapid diagnosis of his tumor which means they
found it earlier before it got even more serious and just like he showed in his
paper right after his quote was that mis-diagnosis has been fatal so again my
issue with the video is that it portrayed the ketogenic diet as the
initiator of all these problems when in effect the ketogenic diet may actually
have saved this woman’s life so the moral of the story is that the ketogenic
diet was not the villain but if anything it was more so the hero and if we just
measure a few little things and most of these things you can measure for
yourself very inexpensively then you can know if what you’re doing is having a
normal expected result or if there’s something totally abnormal going on that
you want to seek some help for if you enjoyed this video make sure that you
take a look at that one thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video

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  39. Tack för dina strålande beskrivningar, hittade din kanal via Game changer. Ironiskt nog så blev detta en game changer för mig. Lite kul att skriva på svenska, tog ett tag innan jag fattade att du var svensk. 😊

  40. Yeah keto is really bad… It got My hgbA1c down from 60 to 47 in 10 weeks, got rid of My UTI after 1 week being on Keto. My heels and pains in the knees gone after 2 weeks. After 10 weeks the waist line shrank by 14 cm. and the weight down by 7.1. So keto is very bad 😃😃😃
    Just wanna thank you dr. Ekberg, you were one of those I got to see when I research keto, before jumping into it. Your knowledge are so valuable. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for sharing your incredible knowledge on nutrition. I have been on IF for about a month and it’s been great. My fast window is between 16-20 hours, mostly 18. Now I wonder if I should also follow keto diet? Or if intermittent fasting OK alone, following a healthy diet? Thanks in advance 🙂

  42. Thank you so much for uncovering the truth about "A Mom Tried Keto Diet For 30 Days. This Is What Happened When Things Went Wrong". That video has bothered me for a considerable amount of time because of its dramatized misinformation. I can't think of anyone who could have explained the real facts better than you. Well researched, specific and calm.

  43. Hypoglycemia usually happened during initial keto diet.. because the body depleted glucose and no ketones… This was happened to me also… It is important to reduce carbs gradually until our body become fat adapted and create ketones.

  44. I literally laughed at the dramatic intro to that video. Processed food and sugary food producers are pulling out all the stops to protect their profits, and they need people to continue eating their poisonous products to do that.

  45. Love your videos. You mentioned that T1D doesn't have any insulin produced by the pancreas. Is it still possible to reverse that diabetes when the pancreas no longer works?

  46. people love to use fear to control people in to their beliefs or agendas. Its a fools way to deceive you and promote ignorance.

  47. I appreciate all your videos. I am T2 Diabetic and have been on Keto and IF for 7 months. It has been life changing. I am down 30 pounds, with about 65 more to go. I have been able to get off my diabetes meds and half of the blood pressure meds as well. My A1c now tests in the prediabetic range and I am sure it will keep going down. I test my blood glucose several times a day. This morning it was 106 and I was thrilled. When I started it was in the 180's. It has steadily been coming down. Thank you so much for getting the message out there.

  48. Just saw another Dr oz program that made me irritated — he actually promoted a smoothy with hand fulls of blue Berry's bananas and pinto beans as a cancer preventative (colon cancer)

  49. Fabulous info. Thx for breaking this down so simply. Ketones also show on urine dipstick test. This is another inexpensive test that would've shown something amiss as the ketones would have been negative.

  50. Dr. Ekberg, You may or may not be aware of a new keto diet food that is taking the country by storm and its called Net Zero Carb bread sold exclusively by ALDI. Can you check it out and give us your thoughts on it and if you recommend it ?

  51. Old saying is ..Doctors bury their patients..mistakes..
    Another example of the systemic mindset that medications are the answer to all of our problems..a pill for all your ailments… Scary..

  52. Best explaination.
    Whey are you not considering Dr.Deniel Amen who suggested not to eat saturated fat which would can damage our brain.

  53. I heard of a person on a keto diet who got hit by lightning and died! Why and how does keto attract lightning bolts to strike us?

  54. Ugh, too bad shows like this portray medical conditions poorly. If the show first started off saying she had a tumor in her pancreas, then people would understand what she was going through. Feel sorry she had to deal with the wrong approach the medical staff did in finding her tumor. Must have been pretty scary for her.

  55. I love your channel . I have been doing intermittent fasting for 3 months and love it BUT I don't know what to eat to brake the fast . Any suggestions ?

  56. Lol. They narrarated this like it was crime scene investigation.. Sad what healthcare professionals we depend on. I use that term loosely

  57. I have been on keto for almost 2 years, no BP, headaches, no hot flashes, 51 years younger but feels 20! Thanks Dr Ekberg!

  58. Hi Dr, do you recommend adding minerals(sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc) when doing prolonged fasting(>48h)? If so, in what amounts? Perhaps a future video idea?

  59. Hi Dr Sten, I lifted too much weight when we moved four months ago. I have upper arm tendonitis and high hamstring tendonitis. My CRP was 17. I have it down to 5.6 now by doing 18-6. Still have tendonitis but not quite as bad. Do you think a 48 hour fast could help? I don't eat sugar, dairy or gluten. I'm thin but I think I could do 48 hrs. Thanks

  60. This is so fake. I wonder how much the “patient” and narrator got paid to do this. They did not even address the fact that any medicines might pass through breast milk and therefore effect the baby. The whole thing is just designed to scare people away from taking charge of their own health and instead to blindly listen to their doctor. Thank you, Dr. Ekberg. You debunked this and did it in a very calm, gentlemanly, and professional way!

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