Did David Mitchell end up in hospital trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer? [HD][CC]

– I recently ended up in A&E after attempting to use a
sledgehammer to crack a nut. – LAUGHTER Lee’s team.
– Right, first of all, what type of
nut was it? – A walnut.
– Of course. – A walnut. Did you use the floor or the wall? – LAUGHTER – I used…a bit of kitchen surface. – What is your work surface made
from? – Er, er… Well, at home…? – No, no, no, in your shed. – LAUGHTER – What is your kitchen work surface
made from in your kitchen? – It’s a sort of… It’s… I’ve…
It’s… I don’t really know.
– OK. – Why did you have a sledgehammer in
the kitchen? – Well, it was… Ah.
– LAUGHTER – I didn’t. – Oh.
– This…
– Ah.
– So, it’s not true. – This didn’t happen…
– Oh, OK.
– At all. So easy. – LAUGHTER – Wow, we broke him quickly tonight,
didn’t we? – No, this didn’t happen at my
house. – Where did it happen?
– At my parents’ house. – So why were you trying to describe
your house when you were talking about the work
surface? – Because he kept asking me about my
own work surface… and I’m just trying to be as helpful
as possible. – OK, can you describe…? Can you tell us the colour of the
kitchen surface in your parents’ house? – Brown.
– Brown. Was it wood? Is it a wooden…?
– No. – Did it look like a tree, but flat? – LAUGHTER – I don’t know what it’s made of but
it’s… – Is it Formica?
– Might be. – AUDIENCE MEMBER:
– Formica.
– Might be Formica.
– Wooden Formica. – Formica.
– Your parents have got wooden
Formica table tops. – I think so. – Why don’t you use your television
money and treat them, you tight git? – LAUGHTER APPLAUSE So, there’s a walnut in your
parents’ house.
– Yeah, there is. – You, for whatever reason, maybe
hunger, want to open it. – Yeah, yeah.
– There’s a sledgehammer. – Why is the sledgehammer in your
mum and dad’s…? Apart from the fact they knew you
were coming round. – I… I had to go and find the
sledgehammer. – Where was it, in the end?
– It was in the garage.
– Right. – We couldn’t find any nutcrackers.
– Well, your parents… You say “we” – your parents were
witnessing this? – Yes, I wasn’t on my own in my
parents’ house smashing away at my hand like a
maniac. – LAUGHTER It seems to me that, on the
evolutionary scale between nutcracker and sledgehammer, there are some other things you
might find lying about the house. I wouldn’t…
– A man’s shoe. – Well, and three shattered iPads
later, I found the sledgehammer. – LAUGHTER – Who was there by the way, in
this…? Who was witnessing this? – There were… My parents were
there, my brother, his wife, my
wife. – Peter Gabriel.
– LAUGHTER – David’s not going to get that
– APPLAUSE – Do you want me to explain or are
you all right with that, David? – I can be your sledgehammer.
– Oh, sledgehammer! Oh, yes, very
good. – Sorry, I’ll rephrase that. Rob and
David aren’t going to get this joke. – LAUGHTER – I… I have no idea but there
wasn’t anyone called Peter Gabriel. – LAUGHTER OK, now we know that this story ends
with you in Accident & Emergency. – Yes, yes, yes. – How did that happen? – Well, I got the… I’d been… I’d cracked a few nuts with this
sledgehammer and then maybe I got a bit cocky. – Oh.
– And, I… you know, and I’d left my thumb in
the way. – Oh, no! – And it was… It was carnage. – Sorry, there’s a really… The thumb, can we have a look? All right.
– When was this, before we look?
This Christmas just gone? – It was this Christmas, yes. – So it should look pretty bad, this
thumb, shouldn’t it? – Well, actually… – What was the…? What happened…?
Was it? – You’ll find there’s absolutely no
visible scarring and neither is there on that one. – What a credit to our National
Health Service, ladies and
gentlemen. LAUGHTER – Everyone was absolutely
– It’s weird cos he… – One might almost say miraculous. – Did they say any bones were broken
in your thumb? – They X-rayed it, and fortunately not. They said, “In a few months, “you won’t be able to tell this has
happened.” – LAUGHTER
– Of course. Of course. – LAUGHTER
– Hey, hey. David, they were right. They were spot-on.
– All right, what are you thinking,
Lee? Has this been the truth or has he
made it up? – There’s… There’s bits of it
that… – Well, the bits that are true are
that he’s got thumbs, Gabby. – LAUGHTER – I believed everything until we
looked at his thumbs. – And there’s nothing there.
– And then I was like, “That man not only has not hit
himself in the thumb “with a sledgehammer, “but I don’t think he’s picked up
anything in weeks.” – LAUGHTER APPLAUSE – You think lie, don’t you?
– I would say that it’s a lie. – You’re saying it’s a lie. David, truth or lie? – It is… a lie.
– APPLAUSE Yes, it’s a lie.

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  2. Of course it would be a lie. A sledgehammer is too long to use and put your other thumb in the way of at the same time, even if you did it on purpose. If he had said he'd smashed his thumb with a hammer I might believe him, but as is no way. Plus sledgehammers are heavy, you'd use two hands to swing it, not one.

  3. I'm not sure David knew what a sledgehammer looked like. You'd have to be standing miles away from the nut and try and hit it from a distance. Also, I didn't even think walnuts were that tough?

  4. the people of colour on the show are just tokens on this show, never showed speaking if they are it's when they have to & they show women of colour when they happen to be attractive

  5. watching this video waiting for the sledgehammer 😂 upon inspecting the thumbnail I just realized how badly it was photoshopped and I'm a dumbass 😂😂

  6. I wish the thumbnail was an actual moment
    Also, David, you parents bought you a new kitchen – spend some of your tv money, you tight git!

  7. I've hung around my local hospital cracking my nuts a few times but so far not one nurse has offered to help, bloody NHS!

  8. I'm gonna say it's a lie, because I'm 90% sure it's a reference to a description of Moriarty from a Sherlock Holmes book. Moriarty sinks a ship to organise the death of a witness (I think), and Holmes describes it as, "Like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut."

  9. In a scene in Peep Show S01E03 Davids character, Mark, has the following conversation with Valerie:

    Valerie: Jesus, what was all that about?
    Mark: I guess she just really likes Sledgehammer.
    Valerie: I mean, that's a shit song, right?
    Mark: Yeah. 'Forgive me, Peter.' I mean, it's so outdated.

    Didn't David knew about Peter Gabriel and Sledgehammer? 🤔 Nah, surely, he just forgot.

  10. Okay I saw this on my recommended and after crack a nut was … so I was laughing so much before I clicked on it 😂

  11. Funny, there's a whole scene in an early episode of Peep Show where Mark picks on Jez's girlfriend for liking 'Sledgehammer' and his inner voice says "forgive me, Peter."

  12. David showing his healthy thumb would have been interpreted as a double bluff, if it had been true. So is it a triple bluff?

  13. I clicked having an entirely different definition of "cracking a nut" in my head which I am now ashamed of

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