21 thoughts on “Did Dad Fat-Shame His Daughter?

  1. Dad tried. I like the Father-Daughter after dinner walk idea. I miss my Pops. We used to go for walks and rides when I needed to talk to him and get stuff off my chest or even just to get some advice from him. I love him and miss him every day.

  2. Excess fat has a way of making anyone look much older and tired than their real age. I strongly blv d dad had good intentions.

  3. I think you should be very cautious on how you approach weight to a critical teen or child. You don’t want to deal with An eating disorder in the future.

  4. There's clearly more going on with this girl & unfortunately her dad was an easy target to lash out at.
    Poor dad if anything, I can only imagine what the rest of her personality must be like.

  5. To this day I'm insecure about my weight cause my dad bought up the fact that I was overweight in my adolescence. It's hurtful to a girl especially because it's your dad! Tread lightly dad. Daughters view you as a hero.

  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T PULL PUNCHES WITH ME!! Maybe at that VERY VULNERABLE MOMENT may not have been the most ideal time as far as self confidence is concerned……. but eventually he should have a discussion that offers a path and a helping hand to get started…… but she is 24, still at home, and living in denial because it's safe……she wears the weight everyday and is NOT unaware that she may not look like her friends…….also being heavy or skinny doesn't mean you can or can't find love & affection but NOT being confident and owning your choices in life and feeling self pity never encourages someone to be attracted to you (except the wrong person).

  7. If he had used derogatory language and put her verbally down… he would have been in the wrong. But he was honest, gentle and wanted a good life for her. He was not shaming her.

  8. I mean, my parents have fat shamed me many times. I lost weight. It’s not a mortal sin. Sure I was upset but now I’m grateful. There’s only so much sugar coating you can do.

  9. She needs to learn how to respect her health and self-esteem before she even wants to involve another person in her life,, shes looking for a boyfriend for all the wrong reasons. So he can validate and tell her shes perfect all the time to fill the void that she feels inside. To put it simply she is VERY NEEDY

  10. The daughter could lower her standards, and settle for a fat guy like herself, but girls like her usually want the cute fit guy. Dad was being honest, and should get get credit for it instead of lying to his daughter like most parents do just not to hurt their feelings.

  11. She needs to grow thicker skin. If she can't take hearing the truth from her own parent who loves & cares for her…..then WTF???

  12. Being honest is called being abuse these days, very few people can handle constructive criticism, everyone is a victim.
    No one can take responsibility for their poor life choices, it's always someone else's fault.

  13. I am an overweight woman myself and my dad has voiced his concern for me in a not so nice way just like the guy who you are all talking about, and I got angry too!! I personally think if he explains to her that he didn't mean to upset her he is just worried about her things will probably be ok!! My dad is not someone who tries to be delicate with his words but I forgave him after he apologized and told me he was worried about my health but didn't say it right!! It's hard for anyone to say something about another person's weight without upsetting them!!

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