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hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m going to be playing darks Hospital which is on Kickstarter right now you can click the link that will hopefully be in the corner of the screen and go and look at the campaign page and see all of the final product because this is a prototype you know the this is all tiles you’re starting board isn’t going to come like this it’s gonna come as one fixed board and there’s some art will change things but it’s already looking very beautiful as it is but as always of the prototype Lissa’s to give you an idea of what the final thing will look like also I recommend that you turn on that Klingon subtitles that will be down here hopefully if you’re watching on PC anyway and you can see any mistakes that I make and get reported will be put on there and they will put you right ok let’s get started so in dice hospital this is our hospital these are our docs these are the patients the values on them show how healthy they are the higher the number the better they are if we can treat a patient that is already on a 6 they will be discharged and we will score some points for being so happy that they are well so this is much the same in the multiplayer version but we are taking random – rather than drafting them from ambulances we also have these objective cards here that will also look a lot nicer I imagine when they’re printed all nicely but we have a deck of these we pick six of them and lay them out like this and over the course of the game if we can discharge people in these patterns then we will get this many bonus points and we can only use these ones and once we have safer filled with this one this one will slide down and become available to complete so we need to kind of tailor our gameplay to try and get these groups discharged at the same time to get the most points that we can also for upgrades there is only one tile and one employee available so we have a hematologist or an anesthesia room so we will have to decide what we want out of them and the one we don’t take is discarded every round well it’s completely out of the game so I have the turn sequence it’ll be a little bit different for the solo game so we have intake normally in the game we would have you know ambulances would come out and we would put them on the Elvises and draft them in the solo game there’s no need to draft them so we just go into the bag which I won’t show you because even though mark he’s not in the playthrough his is first all over this back a high will get three random dice and roll them and we well that’s very has a very good chance to show you how the solar vision works you reroll any sixes and ones sirwhere let’s try that again okay well this is a little bit weird isn’t it there we go they don’t fix DOS after all oh no I use my trick dose 443 so we’ve put those into the ward and they are more people we need to treat them we are basically going to take in three patients every single round and you’ll see we have only got space for 12 patients and if we need to take patient in and the win there’s no room people are gonna have to die so we really really don’t want that we want to try and get them happy and healthy and out of the hospital and scoring as points so we’ve had our new patients and at the moment I could do any of these any of these objectives really with the dice that I’ve got in there maybe the just the green and yellow would be the easiest to do because there’s only two people I need to discharge at the same time but I could do the two the two Reds in a green you know there are all fours they’re all close to being treated I don’t want to neglect people then because now I have the bonus step I have the option of do I want a new room for my hospital this would let me treat three dice with one worker but they all have to be the same number and they all have to be red whereas the normal trauma unit just treats anyone red dye one step the hematologist would let me when I am treating a yellow patient it would treat them one extra if I used the hematologist and I took him I think I’m gonna try and go for the red so I’m gonna take a room to begin with no I don’t want to take too many rooms because it’s a nice little balance between the room gives me a nice little power but I haven’t got more workers to use and so I can only activates three rooms whereas if I take the worker in future I’ll have you know extra activator they don’t necessarily have to activate a certain color so the the expert that I didn’t take is out of the game and now it’s time to activate so I have these three workers I can put them in any of these actions faces and perform the action and each room can only be occupied once because you know this someone’s having some work done in there so we are definitely going to activate anesthesia aren’t we because we want to treat all of those red dice now the nicest thing would be if we could you know we could go in here turn this 2 into a 3 because it always treats them one step up so I could turn that 2 into with theory and then the 3 into a 4 then I would have three red fours and I could put all of those up but once two fives and there I could put them up two sixes and then the next round they would be treated I don’t think I can afford to do that though because you know everybody needs some attention so I think I’m going to use the anesthesia room and I’m going to treat both of these patients here so they turn from fours to fives because I don’t have to have three it just could do three if I did have them so they go into this bottom section of the ward now to show that they have been treated they have been seen to this round anyone that doesn’t get treated at all is going to get one pip worse so I’m going for the two reds and the green so I would like to have a green keep up so let’s treat the green there and turn that into a five and then finally this red is quite at risk so I think I’m going to treat him one step as well I’ve not really discharged anybody but we were making a little bit of progress aren’t we so we’ve her all of our activation now we’re going to have the neglect face and this is where as I mentioned everyone that did not get treated now moves down warp if he got treated didn’t it okay so one two three so only two people suffered there and that everyone else goes back up because it needs to happen again next round discharged unfortunately nobody got discharged yet and then clean up we can just put everybody back we’ve already removed the other employee from the game and we can set up for the next round so this is what I’m going to have available we’re gonna have immunology and a urologist who will help us when if she treats a yellow patient you can also treat another yellow patient one step and the immunology is one dr. Khan treats three green dice but you need an ascending sequence of of numbers to treat so let’s do intake three random dice from the bag and no sixes and ones there we go not not brilliant for me trying to treat things is it it does offer an interesting situation though because I could make that two or three easily and then treat all three of these but that isn’t that isn’t getting people out of the hospital is it I don’t think immunology is gonna help so we will not take that we will take this urologist and we will take lovely little people I think I’ve shown off the measles really they’ve got lovely little syringes and they are just really nice so she goes on there and she is ready to help so I think the urologist will just go in oncology and we’ll treat both of the yellow dice one step so we’ve got those on fours now we can activate anesthesia again not to do the great thing I wanted to do unfortunately I am going to try and get these up here I think we will treat the green although it’s like we should do other thing so we treated these don’t we not sliding them down already okay and then maybe we should we should stop one of them going down to a wanna think it’s shrimp cuz these threes are going to come down to twos but then the two is going to go down to a one so it’s not gonna be that great I think let’s you know that’s treats let’s put this in here intensive care with the two and turn this two into a three and then we’ve treated some things we’re still gonna have a one that’s a bit scary but I think that’s the best we can do with what we’ve got so we go to neglect unfortunately a couple of people’s conditions have deteriorated so they’re gonna go down slide everybody back up discharge didn’t do anything again sorry and then clean up we put everybody back where they came from okay round three there are eight rounds okay treat her green three steps or you would get to treat a red and extra step three dice from the bag and what do we have we have no no sixes or ones but some low numbers again okay then how are we gonna handle this what are we going to take on first of all we can do ear nose and throat and help we could get a green three to a six you get the four discharged or do we take an extra worker to help us out there I think here knows and throw it would be a good call although I’m always always tempted to get new doctors to put things in so we need to get three people treated this round so we are going to put someone in the ear nose and throat and four plus three is well over six so they go into the discharge section and then I think we will activate anesthesia again and so these two sixes can be treated and we have done that and you know achieved this objective as well I think we will use the urologist in oncology and we will do both of these you know that treats one and then her power if you treated one trees another one so we will turn the four into a five the two into a three okay we only have one spare now though and do we treat the one so it doesn’t die or do we Treece another one and get them out and get then we would have extra points for discharging more and more people I think yeah let’s let’s save this guy so we’ll put one – okay then neglect we’ve got a lot of ones coming up here I’m a little worried about them okay then we have dish okay then we have discharge and I’ve discharged three patients which is four points there’s gonna be a school board with the game that’s gonna look lovely again Kickstarter page for that I’m just writing them down at the moment cuz I don’t have a school board but I can also claim of this objective card because I have treated patients in that combination and this is just for the solo game remember for extra points they go back into the bag now okay let’s see what we’ve got for this round we’ve got radiology which will treat three patients as long as they are two or three and we have an anesthetist who is the same as the urologist put four red patients think well let’s take this have intake first let’s have our new patients so we’re all ones okay so we have three three two so I think it’s definitely time to get the anesthetist so we can activate some more rooms and I think the plan is gonna be we will treat Red’s will turn these ones into twos and then I think we will turn all of those twos now they are safe though we could turn different twos into three yeah we’ll turn these twos into threes so they won’t deteriorate but then also this one which has already been treated but you know we get to do three long is there the same number we could go into ear nose and throat so we don’t have to worry about this green for a while it turns it to a four now and then we’ve got the urologist let’s yeah two of those threes can get treated trying to juggle everybody the moments but we need to focus on greens if we got if we got this green up to six next round we could treat this one with the ear nose and throat and discharge both of them at the same time yeah I think last thing let’s make this five a six okay so we have our neglect that’s how everyone’s looking now and then we have discharge nobody yet clean up get rid of all of these things we’re starting to amass quite a nice big Hospital unfortunately though that was completely stupid I find myself saying that a lot to myself when I’m filming things I would own that because I need to take three patients in now and I’m not going to be able to so three patients are gonna die all of that’s messing around with patients that are you know ones and things sometimes it’s better to just let them go as horrible as it sounds and so what we got this time orthopedics and neurologists it’s all we got coming in very hard ones and we’re going to have to get rid of some patients so it should be the worst ones in the worst condition right that’s sadly we’re gonna have to put some things in the morgue and they go back to the bag and we put some cubes on the morgue too presents the people we’ve let down and to be sure you’ll be on the top as well so that is our intake for this round we need to get people out of the hospital so what can we do and we can definitely get some people out with orthopedics I think I’m gonna take that your other she goes active the game and we are just going to use the urologist or orthopedics so this one gets treated to discharged and we can also treat another yellow let’s do the same with a green four to six well for two discharged plus three we can do anesthesia with the thinnest the test that’s quite a night of it so these we should do three threes which will turn into fours and we can treat an extra one one step so let’s let’s do this three that’s tempting to discharge the green as well because then it’s extra points it’s two extra points sure for discharging just one more patients as a free point there but by saving him till next round then they’ll both be on fives and we could possibly do this one next round oh no we’re doing that on this round so if there’s two greens in one go and that’s that’s always off isn’t it two greens in a red brother I think we’re so far off everything else I think we will treat that six and get it out finally let’s treat one of the twos because now we’ve got this ear nose and throat we can kind of rapidly advance greens a lot more than we could in the past so neglect we have to knock these ones down onto a one sadly then discharge I get to four more points and for discharging that combination I can claim this from the table here and this one slides down is now available for me to complete they go back into the bag clean up puts everyone back where they came from and it’s time for round six this is gonna be so we’ve got crash centre we can do one of each color as long as they’re the same value and then another anesthetist now it was also a good idea to discharge that patient so that I’ve got three spaces free because I wouldn’t have had if I had kept with justice charging to so in take-off three random patients and I hope I didn’t knock any that were in the woods there I didn’t notice the numbers so we are not allowed to six unfortunately and no I think it’s a very very low numbers instead we need to discharge three patients so I’m gonna take the anesthetist again I think so we’ve got more actions okay let’s use one of them to go to anesthesia and we will turn these three fours into fives and then we get to do an extra one so let’s actually do this for into a five then we can treat them into six that we can treat two of them into six is with this trauma unit the urologists could treat this three into a six and then make this yellow a six as well to see what do we need we need two greens and a red or one of each color or two greens I think one of each color is possible no I don’t think it is the way we’ve done this so I can get a red six out a yellow six out and then I can’t make a green six that’s a bit unfortunate because we haven’t got the right colors we’re concentrating the right colors unfortunately because of the specialists we’ve got we have advanced people massively there should we need three people to leave the hospital their way so I think we’re just gonna have to go for yellow and then the other yellow can be a six there and then oh and then we can’t get we can’t get another one out this patient is gonna die though if it’s not treated but it’s gonna died for not having space anyway so maybe we just discharged the yellows for now we could put him in ear nose and throat and certainly make this a six and be in a better position with him yeah I think that’s something what we’re gonna do so neglect another one for the morgue I have a terrible you think about of the way I’ve played this game doesn’t normally go this badly I promise you but yeah I never claimed that these were strategy guides they are usually the opposite so we are discharging two people though so that’s something we’re getting some points two points so around seven not long left at all we have pharmacists and cardiology so a sequence of Reds although let’s let’s see what’s going to be useful once we have found out what we’re taking in Green’s so three three one so we can have one can we we’re having 333 I think the pharmacist will be more useful I’m just aware that last time we did current we didn’t run out of space but we ran out of useful spaces so it might be worth getting another new room to put them in but what a good feeling about being able to get these out with the anesthesia room rather than that so I think I’m gonna take pharmacists at the moment kind of thinking that maybe that’s not the best choice I’ll see that so can we get three people out and can they be these these objectives that we need and we certainly get a lot of readout unfortunately that’s not available yet so the first any statistic is going to go to the trauma unit and treat this five makes a six which also treats a different fire a different read so I will choose that five as well then we will use this and hist assist in this room and he can treat three of the same number let’s treat these three sixes and discharge them he can also treat an extra dice so that’s that one done the pharmacists can go here and send this three so the three goes up three steps because of the room but thanks to the pharmacists she can put them one extra step up which discharges them I think it’s absolutely worth treating another six this green here because at least we’ve done this objective then we could use the urologist in orthopedics so we can move this to up to a five which also can treat another yellow so that is good because it’s stopping that one deteriorating okay I think we should treat this one so we’re not losing points and then finally what are we going to want to do we’re gonna want to do more greens I’ve got more greens in there maybe we should just put this this green up to a three there so neglect we don’t have that many the collected patients on foot well not unfortunately fortunately discharged six and one go this is this is how it normally is pros you not to try to show off how good I am but I try to show off you know the combos and everything that come in the upgrades that you get and the seemingly impossible things that you can do when it all comes together so six dice eleven points this time and I can claim this objective and then very luckily for me this one slides down and is available to immediately be completed so I can now grab this one so I’ve scored a lot of points in that round but that is good because these are negative points at the end of the game not to mention my morgue for being so forgetful earlier so they can go back into the bag okay fairly a little bit better about my score now it was looking very very very dire before that all happened so let’s slide all of these are place organize them as well they’ve got to be in the similar wards right okay then final round so we have to try and do a general practitioner if you use this guy’s to discharge somebody then you can treat somebody one step okay time for intake and we have some quite decent numbers there I think yeah ideally we want to do both of these I don’t think that’s gonna happen I think we can do this one there let’s see I feel like the general practitioners gonna be more useful here yeah although I think I’ve gone too overboard with people and not necessarily the right rooms but I don’t know based on what’s coming maybe I’m maybe I’ve been okay with that so we’re definitely going to use the pharmacist in ear nose and throat to turn one of these threes into a discharge patients because plus three steps for there and plus one because of the pharmacists let’s put the urologist in orthopaedics turn this two into a fool we could turn the 1 but factually because the 2 isn’t gonna die and it came just just just just end with everybody hanging on but if we can prevent any more people’s dying that moves up 4 and I can treat somebody else let’s treat this 5 into a 6 ok this anesthetist can go in there and treat these twos into threes I think I’m going to be able to get those out though unfortunately and do an extra one so let’s make him a 6 this anesthetist can come here he’ll almost say that he will discharge this and get to treat another red patient the general practitioner could treat this yellow and since we discharged someone they would get to treat someone else I don’t think it’s possible to do two more greens in any way maybe it’s possible to do is it possible to treat any of these I see if before we did this turn that we’re in the middle of we treated one of these fours and made them a 5 then with the oncology GP bonus from treating the yellow we could turn the 5 into a 6 then by using someone on Clinic we can turn the 6 into a discharge patient I think that’s the best I can do with what I’ve got I’ve got one more nurse and she can go in intensive care and treat this patient so we haven’t got any more decline there which doesn’t it’s not gonna hurt us anyway because they’re not gonna die but you know let’s treat who we can because the final reckoning and neglect we just put these down to ones and twos so it’s not too bad discharged we’re doing four so that’s six points and we can take this medical report and then clean up it’s the end of the game okay by my calculations I have 27 points from yeah the people that got discharged through the course of the game in addition to that I have got four eight twelve sixteen eighteen points from the medical reports so that’s 45 and then we lose two points for every one that passed away six two four six eight so 45 minus eight 37 and then we lose points for any objective cards that weren’t completed that’s two more points so that gives me 35 and I am told on my the rules that I’ve got here that a score of 50 is great and up good is 40 to 50 okay is 30 to 40 and below 30 is bad so I am okay with this playthrough I think that kind of sums it up I did some terrible terrible things in the middle of the playthrough but hopefully I redeemed it later on but either way I hope that it gives you an idea of what dice hospital is like and the solo version all right but you can find out more with you know playthroughs rhino’s got a video there’s a Kickstarter page that will link you to more of them and show you some of the more final things because a few things have changed since the prototype was made but you can go over and check all of that I hope you’ve got a good idea of what does hospitals like anyway thanks for watching everyone and I’ll see you for the next game bye

12 thoughts on “Dice Hospital – Solo Playthrough

  1. I'm confused now. In Rahdo's runthrough (2 player) patients MUST be discharged at the end of the round if they have turned into a six, there is no way to not discharge them and just choose to keep them for a better moment. At first I thought this was a solo specific rule (and still, I feel like it takes away SO MUCH from the puzzle) so I took a look at the rules and nowhere (neither for multiplayer nor solo) does it say what you have to do with your sixes at the discharge phase, they only say that ones must be put back immediately. So could anyone please tell me what is the right way to handle sixes? Like I said, I feel like being able to just keep one makes the whole decision of "not healing a die this round but rather let it drop down in health again so I can heal it together with other dice the next round and discharge a whole lot of them instead of just one" absolutely moot. This can't be right, right? oO

  2. Thanks for this great, detailed playthrough (you've got a new subscriber).
    The solo mode looks really fun.
    Noticed one small mistake near the end, that final yellow one should have been re-rolled right, since no 1s or 6s in solo mode?

  3. You can't treat only 2 patients on anaesthesia room, like you do ! Only 3 reds patients of the same number (rules). sorry for my english

  4. Didn't you also finish the last medical report since you cured 4 reds and 2 greens in the second to last round or can't they overlap with the other reports you got that round?

  5. Great playthrough Tom. Have backed the deluxe version on kickstarter..it just really hooked me in…could be a great gateway game.
    Thanks mate…

  6. Thanks for the solo playthrough! I enjoyed it very much so I late pledged to the deluxe version. Looking forward to playing.

  7. thanks for the great playthrough…..Im really enjoying the solo mode for this game. Involves a lot more decision-making than initially thought. Great.

  8. FYI : The opposite of the die total value is 7, so if you turn the 3 to a 4 you just flip to the opposite side of the die no need to turn around all side to find 4. Just save the time.

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