Dice Hospital Review – with Tom Vasel

And Now it’s time for another dice tower review with Tom vassal Hey folks, I’m Tom Vassel. And today we’re taking a look at a game that I was pretty excited about called dice Hospital. Now I’m excited about it for a few reasons because the word dice is in it and I know that there’s dice in the game and Also because I like the theming of this I think there’s a lot of games that use dice in various ways and I’ve seen enough of the Fantasy genre, I’ve seen enough of the trading in the Mediterranean medieval style, There’s not a lot of games about being a doctor and healing people. There’s more in the last couple years but I like this idea of running my own hospital and Healing people as quickly as I possibly can getting them out of the hospital So I like that theme a lot and like I said, I like dice. I’m hoping this is a great match At the beginning of the game each player gets their own Hospital here all hospitals are the same they’re going to get three Nurses that will start in a nurse’s station and you’ll draw three random patients from a bag here that you’re going to number from Number three four and five. Now in this game the higher the number is the more the better they’re feeling. A one is someone who is on the verge of death. So players are going to take these put them here in their hospital and Then you’re gonna have one ambulance out here more than the number of players so you can go up to a number five ambulance. This is a two-player game for example. Someone will draw dice from the bag equal to the number spots in the ambulances and they will roll them they’ll reroll all the ones and sixes – that was a lot of ones and sixes I rolled there
– and then once they’re finished rolling They’re going to place them in order from smallest numbers to highest. So here’s the two 2s and a 3 Then we have a 4, a 4, and a 5 if there’s, if you have to decide which die goes in which one, the person to the right of the first player decides. So these ambulances, one is obviously the worst ambulance because it has people who are closer to death, 5 is the easiest so in turn order you pick an ambulance and whoever picks the Ambulance number one will go first So whoever’s first player can’t pick number one they have this so maybe I decided to take this one I’m going to put these guys in my hospital and You can put them in any places you want. It doesn’t really matter But if you don’t have any room for them then some existing passengers Patients will die and you will have to take body bags and put them in your morgue, you know in over here, Which is going to be negative points at the end of the game. That’s pretty bad. So as you’re taking these You’re also going to get the ambulance which is going to show What order you are in picking new things for your hospital in the middle of the table. There’s going to be some specialists and some rooms. The number of these are gonna be based on the number of players So I’m just showing you several here So you can take the radiologist virologist triage nurse triage center orthopedics allergy center You get one if you pick a specialist You’ll take their card and the guy that’s on that card if you take the room You’re simply going to put that room in your area here It doesn’t matter where that you know where you put the room also whoever took the first Touken is going to get a blood bag which can be used at the end of the game for a point or can be used over the course of the game To heal a patient one make them go up one in value or to change a color died to another die Now let’s say this is the second turn so I have this radiologist I also have orthopedics here at the after everyone is done picking ambulances and picking an upgrade to their hospital then each player is Simultaneously going to place out their workers So maybe I’ll put this nurse here in the pharmacy what the pharmacy does here is it lets me? Heal a green patient by one So I’ll take this one and move it to a five and then drop it down here to show that that patients been treated Maybe I’m going to stick this yellow patient here Which lets me heal a yellow patient by one and because it says when he heals the L patient I can heal someone else. Who’s the same number? So I’ll move this yellow patient down here change it to a six and then I’ll treat this one here even though I’ve already treated Them I can do it again and change this one to a six Then maybe this patient here is going to go and is going to treat the in Orthopedics this one here lets you treat a yellow by three spots. So I’m going to treat this one five six seven That means they’re cured So I send them over here once you get to seven you’re out of the hospital and Then maybe I’ll place this one here in the clinic which allows me and I’ll put him in the imaging Which lets me heal someone who’s a three or four by one? So I’ll do this three and heal them by one four four now. I’ve got one patient out of the hospital So one patient here according this card, it’s going to give me one point if I managed to heal gets You know outpatient six people I would have got 11 points So you can see can get a lot of points by getting people out of the hospital Once I’m done with that each patient the patient that I did not treat is neglected so they’ll go down by one and if you go down to Zero then you have to add another body bag here in the morgue And then you just slide all these dice back up like this and you’re going to start another round Now as each round goes by you’re gonna get more people so for example This virologist says when he heals a green he can heal another green his triage nurse says when they heal somebody They can heal two more people that are levels one, two, three And there’s a lot that are very similar, but they’re just different types and then there’s all sorts of different rooms The allergy center says I can heal three green dice, but they all need to be the same number This is I can hit the triage center says I can heal two dice twice Treat them twice, but they have to be levels one two three, the crash center lets me pick anybody whose level one or two and they can heal by four or this urology here lets me heal three yellow dice treat them by one, but they have to be and like a straight A three a four and A five a one A two and A three and So there’s all sorts of different rooms that you can have and as you get more of these rooms You can even put someone in a room and you can activate their power and the rooms power especially if they’re complementary You do not have to put a yellow person in a yellow room I could put the yellow person here in the clinic and heal someone for five or six or what-have-you So players are going to do that. Now. Remember the blood tokens can be used to just treat somebody or to change a color dye to another color which might help them get treated better and you’re trying to get as many people out as Possible you’re going to be scoring points on the scoreboard here And this also will keep track of rounds at the end of the eighth round Whoever has the most points is the winner Each player also will start with an administrator and these administrators Will give you like this person can ignore one yellow person going down that wasn’t treated this administrator says if you release two Red dice from the hospital on the same. Turn you get an extra victory point So these kind of gives you some little bonuses that you can use There’s also a deck of cards that’s used in solitaire play and there’s a deck of random events if you want to add them to the game Box comes with a nice insert that holds everything and I think Also holds everything from the expansion upgrade kit – so that’s pretty nice here the tiles themselves I really like them and it’s kind of a cute little thing here that in each one a Die is actually the patient here You can see a die in the operating room and here’s a die getting their ears checked a died in bed a die I don’t know. That’s kind of silly But it’s nice and this has a really nice look to it. The you know, the people in general the administrators and stuff They look realistic, but they also have a little bit of a cartoony flair to them and Louie Pasteur I like that and so the way the game looks as good the carts themselves are very good quality The board is good quality. The dice are good quality and these are some pretty you know intense Carved-out meeples. I was very impressed with them. They have gigantic shots I don’t want to get that shot stuck into me. The only things I don’t really like component-wise. I think the opponents are great I don’t like this round marker because it just sits here and so it’s really easy to bump and I don’t like the scoring markers because Where is that scoring marker? So I just pointed the number but it’s really easy for these get bumped a little bit I wish they could fit on the number more easily but that’s minor complaints the components for this game are very very well done. Oh Right, it is a great match. I really enjoyed this game. It is a lot of fun it is a game in which at the beginning of the game and this is kind of a unique thing to me a Lot of games like this you start off and you’re like I got this and as time goes by it’s like, huh? It’s getting harder and harder here. It actually gets a little easier as the game goes by because you’ll have more workers You’ll have more rooms to put people you’re getting something new and different to help yourself out each time And so I think the game kind of mean there’s that middle point like at the beginning. It’s not too bad You don’t have too many patients, but after while you’re like more patients are coming But pretty soon you’ll be able to clear them out of the hospital and at first I thought ah, it looks like it’s gonna be very difficult to You know stop people from dying, but you can keep people from dying for the most part It’s healing them that that is the the tricky part now. I like to seem a lot Like I said, I like the way that your hospital looks I like the little workers moving around I like the idea of healing people. The only thing that’s off slightly thematically is You want to heal as many people possible in the same round? I would think it’d be more important to get people healed just quickly But there are some times where I won’t heal a few people so that the next round I can have eight people Discharged from the hospital at the same time and get a vocal amount of points. This is not a complex game I thought it might be one looking at it But it’s not you were simply putting your workers down trying to get cool combos deciding whether you want to take that first ambulance So you can get a better worker or better You know going first and getting that the better thing to add your hospital or taking the guys who? We’re gonna be a lot easier to heal and get them out. And so that concept that that Simplicity the taking an ambulance full of dice reminds me of older games like Colorado and Zoo Loretto and the everything just looks good It’s an easy theme This is a game that I could introduce to people who might not be heavy gamers and say hey we want to play this interesting fun little dice Hospital game there’s some symbology in it, but not too much and The game it talks about the part. We put your workers out You could do that one at a time, but the game’s so much faster. If you do it simultaneously The problem with doing it simultaneously is that you’re just hoping everyone’s doing it, right? I mean like look at all these people I healed not that people are cheating, but that it’s when people do things one at a time It’s a little easier to make sure people are doing them correctly. They might accidentally make a mistake, but that’s minor I I would prefer to do it simultaneously just to keep the game sped up so Fantastic game. Now I’m also doing a review today of the extra stuff so you can go take a look at that There’s a box of deluxe editions and add-ons. You do not need those for the game I do like the ambulances there and I’ll be keeping them in this copy But for the most part you don’t need them I think this game is fine as is although the rules for this game do mention the new cards for the stuff But, be that as it may, great base game. Lots of fun good theme good solid fun. I like it I wish there was more of this Way of games these medium games that are fun to get people to play that a great family games This is a good one. Dice Hospital. Dice Tower judgement – approved!

23 thoughts on “Dice Hospital Review – with Tom Vasel

  1. During the unboxing, I was afraid the round marker disk just sat on the board and it seems that it unfortunately does. However, the game looks great. Looking forward to trying this one out.

  2. I tried this at UKBGE and it was pretty good. Nice and puzzley but not too complex and it seemed to have a decent amount of customisation for each playthrough.

  3. A game that is based on a ton of dice and doesnt have dents to hold them in position, rookies mistake! Sagrada is fiddly enough WITH those but this is a nightmare

  4. IMO if you play a game together there should be more interaction between the players, looks more like a game to play on your own

  5. Interesting and unique. I like dice games like this. Sold! Now if I can only save up some more money. Great review as always Tom. I'll be getting my hands on Blueprints soon enough. I've been waiting eons to get it. So hard to find (in english) at a decent price.

  6. I like the look of this and the difficulty of the game. I like games that are easy to teach but get deep once you are rolling.

    Except that I have spent too much time visiting a hospital recently….

  7. Played this at UKGE and really liked it. The problem is, like others have asked, there's no player interaction. You just do your own thing. As Tom said, it's best if everyone does the turn simultaneously. However, theres a good chance players will make mistakes which will give them an advantage or disadvantage. Everyone would need to have played a couple of turns/games first to ensure they know the rules. Which won't work well if your gaming group consists of many.

    Really wanted to buy this and went into the demo game with the expectation I would. However seeing how it played and knowing how our gaming group works, I knew it wouldn't work for us.

  8. My favorite mechanism: if too many people show up at your hospital, your existing patients are killed to make room for them.

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