Diagnoses and Treatment of Lung Nodules – LewisGale Medical Center

– When you are found to have a lung nodule or lung mass, and many
times this is discovered by a routine chest x-ray, by
nature it’s a silent disease, and a lot of times these,
especially lung cancer, you don’t really pick up
on it until it’s too late. And if you start to have chest pain or you can’t breathe or
you’re coughing up blood or something, that’s very late. And so you wanna find these early. If you find a lung nodule,
the first thing you wanna do is coordinate that with a,
first your primary care. We all work together very
closely with each other. So after finding a lung
nodule on your x-ray, you will have certain
physicians that’ll start to get involved, such as pulmonary care. You may be discussing this
with a thoracic surgeon. Then you have other
specialties that get involved, such as interventional radiology, that may be doing the biopsy
or the initial biopsies, pathology, that’s gonna be reading this, and of course oncology if it’s
cancer, radiation oncology. It’s not a cookie-cutter that
you can turn around and say, well, you’re found with a lung
nodule, we need to do this. Everyone’s different, and so
every lung nodule’s different. There’s different causes for lung nodules, benign, cancer,
infectious, autoimmune, so. But we have a multidisciplinary team that can really start taking cares and finding answers for you. (upbeat music)

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