[Diabetes] Testimonial by Ranjeet Singh for Dr. Pravin Patel’s Innovative Hospital

Doctor: Hello, good morning, what is your name? Patient: Ranjeet singh Doctor: Which illness did you get treated by Dr. Praveen Patel? Patient: I had diabetes Patient: I had treated from other doctors too (allopathic, ayurvedic) Patient: Then I got information about you Doctor: Please speak a little loud, What was your diabetes level? Patient: it was 7.4 Doctor: 7.4 means approx 250 Patient: it was approx 250 Doctor: You had diabetes around 250 Doctor: What treatment did Dr Pravin Patel give you? Patient: Diabetes kit Patient: I used it for three months Doctor: With dieting Patient: yes, followed dieting Doctor: Did it well? Patient: yes Doctor: Did you get your test done today after taking the medicine for three months? Patient: yes Doctor: What is the level of diabetes from 7.4 (~250)? Patient: it’s 5.4 Doctor: 5.4 that is very good Doctor: because below 6 means no diabetes, your diabetes is nill Doctor: How you feel now? Patient: Very good Doctor: When you came, you thought that your diabetes will cure? Patient: Yes Patient: After getting your information, I had hope Doctor: Are you happy? Patient: Yes

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