[Diabetes] Testimonial by Nitinbhai for Dr. Pravin Patel Innovative Hospital

Doctor: What is your name? Patient: Nitin Shah Doctor: Where are you from? Patient: Sankheda (Gujarat) Doctor: What was your problem? Patient: I had a problem of diabetes and blood pressure Doctor: Did you take other doctor’s medicine? Patient: yes Doctor: You did not get any relief from there? Patient: No Doctor: What kind of medicine were you taking? Patient: allopathic Doctor: How did you know about our hospital? Patient: My friend Parimal Patel told me about the hospital Patient: He took treatment in your hospital and he was cured Doctor: How long have you been taking medicines? Patient: Since the last three months Doctor: Which treatment is going on? Patient: EBOO therapy and Oxygen therapy is going on here Doctor: How is it feeling now? Patient: Everything is good, diabetes is cured Doctor: How is it feeling now? Patient: I am good Doctor: what Would you like to say to other Patients? Patient: I recommended Dr Patel

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