Diabetes Management Clinic: Integrated Care for Patients with Diabetes

We have created this advanced diabetes management
clinic in the Pantops area of Charlottesville, where we are focusing initially on patients
with Type 1 diabetes who are on insulin therapy, whether with the insulin pump, or with insulin
injections. And also patients with Type 2 diabetes who
are on insulin therapy, and who can use technology to improve their diabetes with cloud-based
monitoring so that we can monitor patients with their glucose monitors through the cloud,
through the internet, and provide feedback without the patient having to come to the
clinic every few weeks, every few months, for better management of their diabetes. In the advanced diabetes management clinic,
when new patients are referred, we work with them, advise them as to the best possible
technology that they could use. My long-term goal, it’s a utopian goal maybe,
is that for people with diabetes to lead a normal, healthy, fruitful life while reducing
the burden of disease, so that their lifespan is not reduced in any way compared to a non-diabetic

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