Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System – Unboxing & Application

So this is an unboxing and application…
new application of the new Dexcom 6. I’ve been using Libre Freestyle forever. This is the sensor, applicator, and then the transmitter. And what they
told me now is that with this new I think it’s with the new Dexcom 6, you
don’t have to buy the $300 receiver anymore. You just… you can put this on
your iPhone just like you can with the Libre fourteen-day in here. They’ve got
clear information on how to do it. I’ve already been through a couple of these
and it’s very similar to the Libre. Once you get inside the box,
they’ve got three applicators. This is an applicator here. One thing I would I
would ding them for is that they don’t have a… they don’t give you an alcohol
prep inside the applicator pack. I had to do that already with Milan applicator. I
mean my own alcohol prep so you take the applicator, turn this where you take this
off, you enter that number nine five five one into the system. I’ve already done an
alcohol prep, put that here, hold it down and there you go. That was it.
Oh no. I didn’t hurt, and you take this off, and you go around this three times to
make sure it’s stuck then. And I think these things last for
about a month the sensor. Now I’m going to take out the transmitter. They’ve got
some startup clarification information in here And this is the transmitter. So
basically, you’ve got a little tear-off thing there, and that’s it,
I think this lasts three months. I’ll provide more clarification as I get a
little bit more use and now I need to go and do an alcohol prep. Cover that
and then click that in here. Felt it, click in. Now I’ll enter that on my
iPhone that will be my reading device and then should last for a month and
hopefully it’ll be more accurate than the Libre. The Libre gets a lot of good a
lot of great for being not that accurate. We’ll see if the Dexcom is more accurate
I actually have a Libre on right now, so I plan to give you a few more videos on
this. Thank you very much for your interest. So I’m very excited to announce
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Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System – Unboxing & Application

  1. If you ketoadapt then suddenly fasting is not that difficult. That will restore your insulin sensitivity and eliminate the need for CGM.

  2. Thank you for the video. I have always wondered if blood glucose is actually distributed throughout the blood stream in exact proportions throughout. In other words if took a glucose reading from my little finger at the same exact time as from my big toe would they be the same?

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