Developmental Stages for Baby: 6-8 months – Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

– Hi, I’m Corwin Sutherin,
Pediatric Occupational Therapist at EIRMC and today we’re going
to look at baby development from the age of about six
months to eight months. And this little girl
right here, at this age, she is about seven months. And so balance has improved
to where she can reach and grasp and maintain her balance. But if I take her and tilt to
the side just a little bit, she still keeps her balance
and can come back up. On the early end, about six
months, often they may tip a little bit and need a little support. So she’s seven months. She’s got good balance. She’s playing with toys
and still staying upright. So I’m going to take this. So she should be able to roll. And she should be able to be interested in trying to get a toy. She may not be able to get it. But she knows that she needs to move and get over close to that toy. So she’s looking around. She’s moving. And when I put her right here,
on her side a little bit, She should easily be able to either roll to her tummy or to her back. So she rolls right to her tummy. So we’re rolling, should be able to roll to the right, to the left. And she’s pushing up with
her arm, getting ready for crawling which will
probably be the next large gross motor activity. So looking at large muscles, gross motor, we’re gonna look at one more. And then we’ll look at fine motor, what she does with her hands. So as I take her and
I put her on her back, I’m gonna look at her head control. She keeps her head right in
midline as I bring her up. So she’s developed good head control which is what she should be doing. Now we’re gonna look at hand skills. So easily she grabs this toy. Brings her right up to her mouth. Brings her right to midline. Using her right and left hands. If I bring another toy, and bring it right to her, she reaches. She’s got a grasp. It’s called gross grasp. Brings it right up to her mouth. And at this age, whenever a
lot of toys go to the mouth, so make sure you use age appropriate toys where she doesn’t choke on them. This is a once inch block, which
she is easily able to grab. So she’s got good hand skills. If I take this and show
her something else, she recognizes that I took that toy away. If I kind of show her the holes here in this little, she sees that. She does some finger isolation, which she should be doing
with her hand skills. Some other social things,
she should be able to at this age do some babbling. She may or may not say mama, dada. And the way she’ll recognize
is with the facial expressions. She’ll recognize mom and
dad and she may smile. So these are just a few
developmental activities that a baby should be doing between six to eight months of age. If you have any questions
or concerns regarding your baby’s development,
contact your pediatrician.

28 thoughts on “Developmental Stages for Baby: 6-8 months – Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

  1. if a 6 month old baby rolls and is able to come on to tummy but is not yet able to roll back to supine is it a concern?

  2. My son just turned 6 months hes already crawling standing up with aid of couch or other things. And if You hold his hands for support by his waist he will walk this normal?

  3. My Daughter 7 months Old
    She's Very Active play with toys Turn Up left right Crwling But 10 20 Sec She sitting up Its Normal……

  4. At 5 months my baby can sit on her own and crawl so fast at 6 months. 7 months she start stand alone and walk with support now she is 9 months she can walk alone

  5. My baby is 5 months going to 6 in 3 weeks she is able to roll and stand up for about 2 minutes with support she is still not able to sit on her own only with support she does play with toys and does alot of movements with hands and talks in her own laughed she also pulls her legs as if she wants to move forward should I be concerned?

  6. My son is 7months and one week and he can stand up and clap his hands without support. My first son could walk at 8months old and could run by 9months but he was a late speaker. Everybody and child will reach milestones at different points in their lives do not compare your children.

  7. My 7 Month old CRAWLS like crazy he doesn't want to be in arms anymore! He wants to crawl on the ground and he tries to stand up as if he is ready to walk…

  8. Hello my kid is 2 months 8 days and whenever I carry him or put him on the bed he pull himself as if he want to sit and I keep on putting him in a position a baby should be he doesn't want he cries then I put him that potion he want.

  9. How many months can i start to train my child to sit? Can you do a video on that please. Thank you for this awesome videoZ

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