Despite Hurricane Damages, Hospital Serves Community

Last year we had Hurricane Irma come through and it deemed our hospital unusable. It was damaged beyond repair. Baptist came through and they put up a field hospital for the community which was in dire need need of health care services. This is a 6 bed ER that we treat everything from MI, strokes, trauma to simple lacerations. It’s been a big bonus for the community to have this facility here. Come the beginning of July we’re going to have a modular unit that will be on the other side of the parking lot while they get lined to rebuild our old facility that’s not usable. It’s going to have a lot more services and then once again the community’s going to have the resources of a health care facility that they can use. We are limited in our resources but we are able to treat what the community needs right now. This is going to be in use until our new hospital is rebuilt and Baptist Health is here once again providing health care to our community that needed it.

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