Department of Orthopaedics

the Department of Orthopedics at Brown University. I want to take a moment
to share with you why we feel we have developed
the premier department of orthopedics in
the United States, as well as a premier
orthopedic residency. Our department is one of
the four oldest fracture services in the United States. Our residency program has
been in existence since 1938. With this longstanding
history comes a tradition of training outstanding
academic and private practice orthopedic surgeons,
empathetic physicians, and well-regarded
musculoskeletal scientists. Our full-time
faculty here at Brown represent all the subspecialties
of orthopedic surgery, and as a result, our
orthopedic residents train with national leaders
in each subspecialty of orthopedics. Their passion for providing
excellent care, teaching, and state-of-the-art research
for the next generation of orthopedic surgeons
is beyond comparison. On campus, we have everything
an orthopedic surgeon needs to train. Our Level I trauma center is
one of the busiest in the United States, serving over
110,000 patients per year. It is the only Level I trauma
center in southern New England. On campus, our residents get to
train in pediatric orthopedics at the state-of-the-art
Hasbro Children’s Hospital, the only pediatric orthopedic
training center in southern New England. Our VA Hospital
Medical Center is located in Providence, a
short drive for our residents to work with attendings
who care for our veterans. As one of the three best-funded
NIH VA hospital orthopedic departments in the country,
our orthopedic residents have the opportunity
to participate in groundbreaking basic
science, biomechanical, and clinical
orthopedic research. We feel research is a very
important educational component of a residency, and
we have dedicated four months of protected
time for residents to design and implement research
projects during their time here. Most of this research results
in national presentation and peer-reviewed publications. I am sure that our
world-class facilities, our outstanding faculty,
and everything there is here to offer will provide you
with a strong foundation as an orthopedic surgeon. We look forward to meeting
you when you visit us here, in the Department of
Orthopedics at Brown. Thank you.

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