Denver Health Winter Park Medical Center: “Top Shelf” Care

(lively music) – [Dr. Bortz] We’re capable
of dealing with everything. – When I came in and I met
Dr. Bortz and the folks here, it was like a no brainer, just feeling very, very comfortable, feeling like you come home. He’s one of those guys
you really connect with. It’s not just a
doctor-patient relationship. – I wanted to get to know the
people that I was treating. My kids grew up here. I have been here for 25 years. So I always wanted to
work in a small town. – He’s got a very
relaxed, laid-back style. (lively music) – [Dr.Bortz] Ski area
employees and visitor sprains and strains, small
lacerations, altitude symptoms. (lively music) If you’re hurt on the mountain, we’re the only facility
that’s here at the mountain. You’re brought down by the ski patrol. The moment we’re even aware that something serious has
happened on the mountain, we are in touch with the
ER down at Denver Health. – The folks are compassionate. To me, it’s top shelf. (lively music)

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  1. I have belonged to an over 50 ski group of several hundred people. Without exception everyone who has had to use the Clinic and Dr. Bortz has had excellent comments and experiences.

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