Dental Hygiene – Oregon Tech Online

[MUSIC PLAYING] Our students are from
all over the world. We have students who are in
Japan, who’ve been in Germany. I have a student right
now who is in the Navy, and she does her classes
using Wi-Fi on the ship. These are real students
looking at real jobs, and trying to balance all
that with their life as well. I’m a full time faculty
here at Oregon Tech. I started my profession
with an associates degree, and while I was
working clinically, I was able to finish my
bachelor’s degree education completely 100% online. That’s the beauty
of our program. You can be anywhere, any place,
any time, and take your classes and continue to work and
have the rest of your life. It was a wonderful thing
to be able to accomplish that bachelor’s degree
while supporting my family. These students that come
back to degree completion, they have a real interest
and inner motivation to do better, to do
more, and they’re back at school for a good reason. And I think that’s why faculty
love teaching those students. It was really affecting
my patient outcomes in a very positive manner. And really advancing the
profession of dental hygiene, and that’s very heartwarming
to all of us as faculty that our students
are very successful. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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